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  1. Ok the defense got their bad drive out of their system. Time for Fitz to shine. Let's get the ball rolling.
  2. Brandon Marshall is without a doubt a top 10 receiver in the NFL and anybody that doesn't see that is just in denial
  3. I think this is a tough game. Philly is going to come out guns blazing, this is a desperation game for them... but in the end they fall short. The Eagles just don't have the talent to keep up with the Jets. Jets win 24-20
  4. +1 I'd make a call to Seattle about Luke Willson as well. They just traded for Graham and Willson has made a lot of plays throughout his career in Seattle.
  5. He has a picture of his wife's feet on his desk in Buffalo
  6. That's all it will take to get this team to the playoffs
  7. Want to give a shoutout to Mo, who the majority of us don't want to see get paid (me included). He was a really dominant force tonight with constant pressure.
  8. This is an extremely winnable game. Bowles has this team firing on all phases of the game and it's working perfectly thus far. It's really conceivable to think this team can be 4-0 going into the bye week with Sheldon on his way back. So many positives right now. Tonight was a primetime game against an AFC powerhouse in their home opener... and the Jets embarrassed them. It's been a long time since the Jets brought it like this on the national stage. Onto Philly!!!
  9. The Jets are for real. They went into a perennial playoff teams house and absolutely manhandled them. They were fully loaded on offense, no excuses. We're rolling and I can't wait to see us handle the high octane Eagles next. The sky is the limit for this football team.
  10. The defense is exhausted. Time for Fitz to step up. Just put a drive together
  11. Unbelievable. Let's go D it seems this is a one sided team tonight
  12. Bad challenge. Everything about this drive is bad for the Jets. Offense better respons accordingly if we want this game. Luck has woken up.
  13. This is the Jets game to lose. Should be 17-0... A completely dominating performance thus far I just hope that we didn't leave Luck hanging on for too long
  14. Need to score on this drive... Can't leave Luck hanging around for too long
  15. "Vontae Davis hasn't allowed a touchdown since 2013" ..... Let's goooooooooooo!
  16. The best linebacker duo in the NFL? Come on my man. Vontae Davis is good but that's why the Jets have stacked their receiver position the way they have. Besides, Marshall owned Haden last week, is Davis that much better than Haden? I'm positive that the game lies clearly on whether the Jets can stop Luck. Beyond quarterback there isn't a position where the Colts are better than the Jets at. The Colts are a terribly put together team and ride solely on Luck. It's possible they lose because if Luck goes off he'll beat anybody... but I don't think that's very likely tonight It's also very important that Fitz limits the turnovers too, obviously.
  17. The line will have no problem. The Colts have nothing to offer on defense, they're terrible and incredibly soft. If the Jets stop Andrew Luck this game is ugly. Jets win 31-21
  18. What? The Jets are loaded at cornerback. They also have much better receivers than Indianapolis.
  19. The Jets a primed to annihilate the Colts in serious bully fashion.
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