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  1. What? The Jets are loaded at cornerback. They also have much better receivers than Indianapolis.
  2. The Jets a primed to annihilate the Colts in serious bully fashion.
  3. This is a classic Gang Green breakout game. Here come the Jets steamrolling the Colts on their turf. This team is for real and I can't wait for everybody to see it tonight.
  4. Fingers crossed that Sanchez laces up as the starting quarterback next Sunday. What the Jets will do to Sam Bradford is bad enough. With Sanchez at the helm it's going to be another blowout win for the Jets.
  5. BigRy56

    Not Good MIA

    Miami gets nothing right. Post Marino they are one of the worst franchises in sports.
  6. Indianapolis is the 0-2 team with the most to worry about
  7. Miami is nothing beyond a perennial 8-8 team and an embarrassment of a franchise
  8. The Dolphins are so average. No where near their preseason "expert predictions".
  9. Let's go!!! This game is setting up perfectly for the Jets
  10. The Jets offense hasn't looked that competent in almost a decade. It's amazing what a halfway intelligent quarterback can do for an offense.
  11. Thankfully Fitz is in the best situation of his career with the Jets. He has two stud wide outs to cover some of his errant throws and an elite running game to keep his attempts limited. Jets win this one handily. They're the better football team. Fitz remains the starter for the remainder of the season/playoffs.
  12. Great strategy. Edelman for 150 yards receiving...
  13. It doesn't matter if you are a bus boy or a CEO, if you instigate or participate in a fight in your place of work you are going to get canned. It doesn't matter if it was 1969, you break Joe Namath's jaw and you are gone. The solution is they should both go. Geno apparently instigated the fight and IK ended it. I don't particularly blame IK, the way Geno acted was completely insulting and it seems like he deserved what he got.. but you cannot start breaking your teammates jaws, never mind the starting quarterback! This is a professional football team and they are expected to act like professionals. IK is already gone and I really expect Geno to be finished as a Jet come the end of the season.
  14. He should be. IK essentially ended his career. Geno will never start another game for the Jets and I'd be surprised if he's on the team next season. Geno is bad for a locker room and I wouldn't be opposed to cutting him right now. Fitz is the man until Petty is ready to play.
  15. Miami barely squeaked by one of the worst teams in football. They're no lock to beat Jacksonville. I believe the Jets and Bills will both be 2-0 come next Tuesday.
  16. He really looked at home watching on the sidelines. It's almost as if he was always meant to be there.
  17. Let's see where Mariota is at in December.
  18. It is what it is. The Giants are the old guard of the NY NFL world. Their fans are old, boring, and dying off fast. They get the automatic respect due to their history since the 80s. The Jets are the passion of the NY NFL world. Young, energetic, and pissed off. The true heart and soul of New York football.
  19. +1 Powell not being on the roster made no sense to me. He did nothing but make plays as a returner during the preseason and didn't make the final roster while Jeremy Kerley is still dancing and getting tackled within 3 yards of the punt reception.
  20. So we're looking at Richardson and Cro coming back after the bye week... right as the Jets are ready to take off for their playoff run. Sounds good to me!
  21. 2-0 here we come. The Jets are going to move the football all over the Colts defense. Outside of Andrew Luck, Indy has nothing to offer us. Let's go!
  22. It was awesome having Ed back in the stadium. The crowd was the loudest it's been ever since he left. The fans were awesome today and the chant is alive again.
  23. Baseball is literally the worst sport on this planet
  24. This is the kind of team that the Jets are built to beat. A soft pass heavy team that cannot run the football or stop the run.
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