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  1. Who's also a year away from moving to Del Boca Vista... I like Coughlin, but he's a grandpa. If they JETS want a proven head coach they need to land Harbaugh. He's one of the best coaches in football.
  2. Sanchez I can agree he was completely mishandled. Pennington was a good quarterback for the Jets. Tebow and Favre don't count. Geno is just a terrible quarterback. Jets did what they had to do to cover him up... until they couldn't cover him up anymore.
  3. The JETS are here to play ball tonight. I'm proud to be a Jet fan right now
  4. I have to think that Woody is thinking that he's got to make major moves this season to get things turned around. Winning sells and he is all about making money. He is going to do everything necessary to make sure that the Jets are back in the headlines and back in the winning column come next September.
  5. Here come the JETS tonight. Miami can't play big in the spots that they need to win. This is a setup for a typical Dolphin let down as they ruin their season with a loss to our beloved JETS. MIAMI SUCKS. LET'S GO JETS!
  6. Been to Miami a few times. Never see anybody in Dolphins gear, never see any Dolphins items around town. Last time I was there (last year) it was all Miami Heat all year round. Nobody cares about the Miami Dolphins in Miami and nobody cares about the Miami Dolphins outside of Miami. Awful fanbase.
  7. Glad you're here! One of the best posters from JI. I think that the dream scenario for a Jets offseason is Jim Harbaugh at head coach and Mariota in the first round. Also I couldn't agree more about Amari Cooper. I think he's the real deal and will be a real force in the league. He's the 1B option for me in the first and probably the more likely pick because I don't know if the Jets will pick high enough in the first to get Mariota.
  8. Couldn't agree more. That was the nightmare season that set us down the path where we are right now. Possibly the worst signing in Jets history.
  9. I'd say that if the Jets think that Mariota is for real then I'd offer a third and fifth on top of our first to move up.
  10. Yeah. I'm not too worried about Oakland or Jacksonville picking before us. As long as we pick before Tampa and Tennessee, Mariota will be there to pick.
  11. Not sure who owns it, probably either Tennessee or Jacksonville. I do know that the Jets are in last place when it comes to S.O.S. They've played a very tough schedule this season.
  12. Un-*******-believable. Bucs just screwed us up royally
  13. This could be a HUGE week. Jags and Bucs could win? Wow
  14. Of course, he's one of the most exciting things to happen to the Jets in their history. It's a shame things didn't work out. I'll absolutely root for him in either Chicago or Atlanta, or wherever he becomes head coach next season.
  15. Tampa playing the Jets into Mariota contention. The big game will be Jets at TEN. Loser will get the 3rd pick and Mariota.
  16. This is the BEST case scenario if the Jets can land Harbaugh. He's the real deal at head coach and I've always felt he is one of the best in the league. Plus, if the Jets can land Mariota: look at what he's done with Kaepernick? Mariota is a better prospect and that combo would be extremely exciting.
  17. Kid is a straight dope. The Jets can't afford the take the chance on Winston.
  18. I'd be completely cool with that. Signing one of those quarterbacks and drafting a developmental guy may be the best course of action here. With the amount of money that the Jets have at their disposal this off-season and the high draft pick, it's safe to say that the Jets can make a major jump in competitiveness if they make the right moves. Make free agency all about the o-line and defensive backfield and then go out in the draft and take the best offensive weapon (Amari Cooper in my opinion). If the veteran qb route doesn't pay off and the Jets suffer another bad season at the hands of their qb, next year seems to be a much better draft class for quarterbacks. I personally like Connor Cook.
  19. Mariota looks like the real deal tonight. His accuracy is off the charts. You have to love the way the kid can run with the football as well. On a side note, did anybody notice how he ran over to the ref and handed him the ball after his long TD run? I haven't noticed a player do that since Barry Sanders. Respect! The Jets could use some of that. I'm sure it's done more commonly than that but I loved what I saw there.
  20. Size is what separates them the most. Evans is a much bigger receiver but Cooper is more of a precise route runner, which can make up for a lack of size a lot of times. By the way, I think that Cooper is a few notches above Marquise Lee. I'd put him as a notch below the Sammy Watkins/Julio Jones references that I've said earlier. I do think that Cooper is one of the safer choices in the draft though. He's gonna be a really good player.
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