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  1. Dean is sliding over a pec strain??? Doesn’t add up
  2. Joe Douglas is as good of a GM that we’ve ever had on paper. Time to win some games. The more you see this team coming together the more it feels like the wildcard is in play
  3. I would very much like to see Breece Hall at 38
  4. Health is everything here. This past season I felt the Jets could've won 7+ games if they could just stay on the field. That didn't happen in any capacity. Stay healthy and I think the same this year - the Jets could 100% be in the conversation for a wildcard spot
  5. No doubt about it. I have no idea how Garrett Wilson could’ve wore anything in the planet and picked that outfit though
  6. I would like Nakobe Dean or Breece Hall at 38. Forget safety now that Hill and Cine are gone and go after Mathieu as a free agent. In the third, that’s where we strike at tight end or maybe a guy like Pickens or Watson fell. Pickens could be a huge steal and eventual replacement for Davis
  7. The Jets certainly look like they’re on the way up. I hope a lot of people took the over on that Jets over/under
  8. My biggest question today is around Garrett Wilson. The Jets probably could’ve tossed 10 at Tennessee, gotten AJ Brown, and still came away with JJ in the trade up. I have no questions about Sauce and JJ. I just hope Wilson turns out great. Regardless, tonight is an A+
  9. If you drop Nakobe Dean at 38 and Mathieu on this defense, how good could this defense be? That’s a massive turnaround
  10. How do the Jets feel about a guy like Breece Hall at 38? Nakobe Dean?
  11. I would highly entertain RB in round 2 unless a guy like Nakobe Dean slides
  12. George Karlaftis looks like every white kid at John Adams HS in the 90s. Somebody put some jean shorts and a Dan Marino jersey on him
  13. The Patriots have had a brutal offseason. Almost no forward progress while us and Miami have made leaps forward
  14. Let’s not forget about our cap space too. Jets will revisit the free agent market after the draft now that we’re not moving 25+ mil for a receiver
  15. Damn there goes Lloyd. I’ll be honest, Breece Hall at 38 looks kinda nice right now
  16. This is not a game guys. The Jets absolutely smoked this first round
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