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  1. I am pretty sure that if Mims was going to come in and break every game open, he’d be on the 53. Saleh isn't going to purposefully hurt the team like that… come on lol
  2. Is that why he was in a walking boot today?
  3. No worries, if Zach busts I am sure we will be in the veteran QB business. What are we thinking, Russell Wilson in 4 years?
  4. Anybody who said that was kidding themselves - of course the wins matter. Now I didn't need to see a winning record this year, but it would have been real nice to hove closer to .500. At the rate we're going, it's looking like we may not even be close. That's when we have a problem IMO
  5. No worries. Maybe we’ll finally land Brandon Scherff in March after all this time and send GVR packing
  6. Man… we’ve hit the point of the season where watching other fans enjoy their teams playing good football games is aggravating. And it’s still September
  7. I’d like to see Zach use his legs more often. He can do it really well - just not sure why he isn’t/why it’s not being designed into the play calling. I felt the same about Sam. Stop just sitting back there… we don’t have the horses, clearly
  8. This has a huge Zach win all over it. 500ish yards and 4ish TDs
  9. Once this comes out you know he’s getting traded. Only a matter of time now - this is a leak
  10. I expect us to run the ball down their throat. 200ish yards rushing setting up a huge day for Big Zach. 400ish yards passing
  11. Darnold is done and so is Carolina. Pack it up
  12. I see Mangold rising on social media and getting involved with Barstool. He’s becoming more and more popular - he will get in eventually
  13. It did look rock solid on Sunday. Against Carolina it was a whole other story
  14. It did look rock solid on Sunday. Against Carolina it was a whole other story
  15. I miss Rex Ryan, he was fun. The Jets haven't really been all that fun since he left
  16. Outside of Zach, this draft has shown up pretty well so far
  17. I did love me some Tee Higgins heading into the draft. He looks good over there in Cincy
  18. Vegas with the over/under at 6.5 Sam INTs. Does he suck?
  19. The Broncos and Teddy B have yet to go up against a top 10 defense. That changes on Sunday and I think they will struggle. It all comes down to Zach. This Jets team overall is good enough to go out and beat the Broncos, but is Zach ready to go win a game? Or will he throw the game away like he did on Sunday?
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