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  1. The trade up value has to be peanuts right now. Move up JD
  2. There was that weird report about a top edge with gang affiliations. Maybe that? Who knows. But I hope he falls to 35
  3. So much talent sitting there. Johnson, Devin Lloyd, Karlaftis, Linderbaum, Cine, Hill, Dean… I’d like to see JD be aggressive
  4. I would really like to see a little trade up for JJ or Linderbaum. Then hope one of the big safeties falls to our other 2
  5. Tennessee is weak now. Probably out of the wildcard race
  6. Ok I will admit I am low key upset that AJ Brown is going to the Eagles. That could’ve been us
  7. Great trade for Arizona. How many WRs do they need?
  8. Shocked that Jermaine Johnson is sliding. How much is a trade up? We wouldn’t have to give up both 2s to get to 15 right?
  9. I like the pick but I’m surprised they went WR. We need an EDGE
  10. Trade for Deebo or sprint the card up for Jermaine Johnson right now
  11. Drake London!!! Wow. Please please please let JJ slide to us
  12. Not the biggest fan of the Giants decisions but Thibs could be a stud. Hard to tell with him
  13. Trade the 10 pick for Deebo or let’s pray Jermaine Johnson falls to 10
  14. Don’t look now but the Jets are loading up in the secondary
  15. Sauce is an outright STAR. Cannot wait to see him play. Revis 2.0
  16. The Texans are insane with that pick. Derek Stingley???? Wow
  17. If Deebo is not a Jet by Sunday at this point it'll be a massive letdown. How many freaking people are going to talk about this trade being ready to go? Just pull the damn trigger
  18. The Jets are gonna be significantly better by this time tomorrow. Hutch and a pro bowl WR? Gimme that
  19. Not for nothing but if this goes down we gotta put some respect on TruJetsFans’ name. He’s been calling these steps days in advance
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