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  1. The Jets defense is all over New England. Time for Zach to go win a football game
  2. Wilson will be fine but it’s so frustrating to always have a QB turning the football over
  3. The Jets have one of the better receiving corps in football right now *when all are healthy* but best is a stretch
  4. Ugh man the new Madden was brutal at launch
  5. I got a PS5 on launch and I'll be honest, you're not missing much. There hasn't been much coming out in the way of good games, but it should pick up this holiday season
  6. I’m just glad it’s not us that fell for the contract year effort
  7. The Giants are a mess. They will blow it up in 4 months
  8. Really a shame that he hasn’t been able to stay healthy. Hopefully he does play again this season
  9. I did expect a win but I am not unhappy with the performance. The way things turned around in the second half changed my entire perspective. Had we played all 4 quarters like we did the first 2, I'd be singing a different tune. Wilson dismissed all doubts about his toughness and put a rock solid game together. I felt pretty good about his ability to go get the W had he gotten the ball back with 4 minutes left. That is enough for me for game 1.
  10. What's going on with Mims doesn't make a ton of sense. He played like 3 snaps and put up 1 catch for 40+ yards. The only thing that would make any sense at all is if he's not a fit in the locker room or culture wise
  11. This game will be similar to the Panthers game, only instead of trying to stop CMC we are going to need to zero in on the tight ends. Defensively the Panthers are probably a better overall unit than the Patriots. This game is more evenly matched than we think. If Saleh and Wilson are going to change the tides of this franchise, a win against NE in our home opener would be a fantastic start.
  12. This game’s definitely gonna come up during Lamar’s contract negotiations
  13. We saw the good Sam yesterday. He still only put up 19 points on the youngest team in the NFL with a bunch of rookies in the secondary. Not exactly a defense filled with hall of famers. He also fumbled in the red zone and vanished in the second half. Wilson, a rookie in his first game, came very close to coming back and beating him. Jet fans would not be in love with Sam’s performance
  14. Jet fans are in for a treat. Davis is an animal and will put up pro bowl numbers in NY
  15. The Jets defense was what I was most worried about and they played well. They looked well coached and tackled well. For a team trotting out a bunch of nobodies at CB and 2 rookies at LB, they looked really good. The second half adjustments scream good coaching to me. I can’t remember a time when we went into halftime in a bad spot and that spot didn’t get worse after the half. Wilson played really well. The OL got their ass handed to them 100% of the game and he managed to not let the whole deal get to him. Sam used to fold by the third quarter and Wilson got much better as the game
  16. I thought he played pretty well, a couple of passes get caught and he’s well over 300 yards with a W
  17. All jokes aside Njoku is no joke. If he ever hits free agency or gets put on the block again JD better go get his ass
  18. The G-Men are gonna have to blow it up after this year
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