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  1. Really smart play. I don’t remember a time in recent memory where a Jets QB was present enough to do that
  2. That’s my quarterback!!!!!!! Give me that rookie of the week again baby
  3. Wilson playing the short game for a few weeks had us forgetting that the dude has an absolute cannon
  4. Alrighty. Zach looks fantastic and Berrios needs to be resigned right now - call his agent JD
  5. Zach looks very good today. You gotta love it - kid is moving in the right direction
  6. Every time I think we’re going to get blown out the game is surprisingly close. I think we’re going to get smoked today
  7. Woody and Mekhi do seem to have a relationship on social, so hopefully this resonates with him
  8. Very much looking forward to watching Devin Lloyd play football today
  9. Nice to see our franchise QB keeping elite company
  10. Georgia wants that Alabama rematch... and where is Hutchinson? He can cement his place as the #1 prospect tonight and in the championship game if they make it
  11. He has been showing signs similar to what we saw with Jamal Adams over the last year or so... overly active on social, into self promotion (website, branding, his big ticket chain, etc.) well before that type of stuff was earned, and seems to take the heat he gets from some fans personally. He 'notices' the things that are said about him. I still have hope for him, he was outright dominant at times last year, but the signs are there and I'm not sure the relationship is heading in the right direction. Time will tell - in the end it's up to him. I am a fan of his game.
  12. Looks like he won the rep to me and 70 missed his block to spring the LB free, but to each their own… The focus is on Neal because he’s a top 5 pick in the draft. Definitely a nice play by the LB plugging the hole the Neal opened up
  13. I don’t know how I feel about taking an OL again so high, but Evan Neal is impossible to ignore. Dominant so far - he may not even make it to 4
  14. Watching the way Cincy is following him and doubling him despite having 2 CBs that will start in the NFL says a lot about Williams
  15. Jameson Williams and Sauce Gardner.. a must watch battle between two guys who could be Jets in a few months
  16. Despite a decade of garbage, the fanbase seems to be stronger than ever
  17. I haven’t stood them up side by side but when you read Karlaftis’ breakdown, it reminds me of Ryan Kerrigan. Sounds good to me - I would take that at the Seattle pick
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