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  1. So much to love about today. Earlier in the thread I said we’d learn a lot about the Jets coaching staff today coming off a crushing loss….. A+
  2. No bullsh*t, Zach Wilson needs to be taking notes. Mike White isn’t playing spectacularly but he is finding the underneath guy every time he needs to. That is exactly what Wilson’s game is missing
  3. We’re gonna learn a lot about this coaching staff today - big test coming up
  4. Packers offense is putting on a ball control clinic tonight. Very smart gameplan. I hope Rodgers wins the Super Bowl this year
  5. If only we didn’t have to play the Patriots. Outside of those 2 games, the season has been ok
  6. I agree it would be a bad PR nightmare, but there’s players all over the league who have done bad things in their past. Joe Mixon was a PR nightmare - now he’s a pro bowl RB that will run for 150 yards on us next week and nobody talks about his past. Same with Big Ben who won 2 Super Bowls. Times may be different now but we’ll hit 2023, Watson will still be a franchise QB in his 20s, and everybody will have forgotten about this. It’s sad but true
  7. I wouldn’t say it’s Joe Douglas’ fault, but ultimately it falls back on him. It takes a little luck to be good
  8. I like Wilson and I’m a fan of his game, but the Jets will rue the day they didn’t roll the dice on Watson and let him go to Miami. We had the ammo and it’s been proven time and time again that this franchise cannot draft or develop quarterbacks. He was right there and if he goes to Miami he will light us the **** up twice this season
  9. He should be. It's not the time yet... if we are producing similar results next year, they are both fair game to be fired
  10. I was under the impression Jameis was playing better than this
  11. Are these the same people that made fun of JD for collecting 6th round picks as he cast off Mac’s warriors? Are they worthless picks or no?
  12. You could line up Doink the Clown out there and it makes no difference. The Jets are not winning the next 3 games and unless Zach plays well, all hope is lost. This is really not that worth getting upset about IMO
  13. Jets have a ******* Super Bowl winning QB now, let’s go!!!! Joey Paisan 🤌🤌🤌
  14. What’s the problem here? It’s a 6th round pick for gods sake. He should at least be able to hold the fort down. He did outperform Darnold last year
  15. This is the benefit to coaching a franchise that, while a successful one, isn't exactly a team that a lot of people pay attention. It takes a lot longer for people to realize this
  16. A bad team who has also been hit real hard with injuries... we're in for a tough rest of the season
  17. It's really not the worst thing in the world. We are going to get systematically destroyed by the Bengals, Colts, Bills over the next 3 weeks. Let Zach sit and come back against much more reasonably matched opponents in Miami, Houston, and Philly.
  18. This is the unfortunate truth, as much as I hate to admit it. Just like it made no sense to go out and win games with Josh McCown and Joe Flacco, the Jets as a whole gain nothing while winning with Mike White. I will be rooting to win every week, but it's one of those situations where if we lose.... I won't be that upset about it anymore.
  19. I'd argue that this is a good year for a team that just drafted a QB to pick #1. You get Myles Garrett feedback on Kayvon Thibodeaux..... a rotation of him, Carl Lawson, and JFM on the edge could be deadly. Couple that with the interior pressure from Quinnen and the defensive potential could go through the roof. If somehow we came away with Thibodeaux and Lindenbaum, the trenches could be well on their way.
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