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  1. An MCL strain? My parents would’ve just given me tussin
  2. The defense is playing well. Time for the offense to step up. There’s a lot of football left - this game is moving at a snails pace
  3. Elijah Moore not living up to his hype that drive. What a bad drop
  4. One thing is brutally clear and that’s that the defense will tackle this year. Great stand
  5. One thing that we know is an absolute truth is that Sam Darnold is a SAWFT Cali boy. If / when the Jets put paws on him, he will melt into a puddle. Hit Sam early, hit him often, hit him hard. On behalf of the Jets fan base who he embarrassed with his play for 3 years #AllGas
  6. Giddy up war daddies, big things are on the way! Jets pick up a big W today
  7. The Jets are coming off a 2 win season and the Giants are one of the least interesting teams in the league
  8. How is he still out? I thought he was vaccinated and that cut his window down with the NFL policies considerably? Maybe it's something else
  9. Of course the first game of the season would end with a Brady walk off win
  10. The Bucs wide out crew is letting Brady down this game. Mr. Big Chest is the only guy that’s brought it
  11. I know the Jets scarred us last year but the Panthers are not a great team. The idea that they are so much more talented than us is wild. They are marginally better, if at all. Having a great fantasy football running back doesn’t make you a great team
  12. Fortunately this schedule is not littered with great QBs. They will be fine
  13. The Panthers have one of the leagues worst OLs and Darnold is a bottom tier QB. This game is either close or the Jets are winning it. They aren’t blowing anybody out
  14. I really think the Jets are victims of last years disaster in the projections here. Rightfully so, but I think they are going to surprise a lot - they are upgraded across the board and the 'Gase effect' cannot be understated. Our schedule is not hard. In the first 7 games, we can beat the Panthers, Patriots x2, Broncos, Falcons, Bengals, and Colts. The Titans are a long shot, but they are not the Chiefs. Those 6 games are all 50/50 toss ups, with some being a lot more winnable than others (Bengals, Falcons, Broncos). If this team doesn't win 2-3 of those 6 games, at least, this is a
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