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  1. When you read these breakdowns on Stingley, how in the world could we possibly consider him at 4? 2019 is a lifetime ago
  2. Nice to see veterans like being a Jet and want to be here. The times could be changing
  3. Carter is going to be a key player for us moving forward. I saw a graphic the other day that Carter is top 3 in broken tackle percentage in the league. I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s got as he and this OL continue to get better. Ironically enough Javonte Williams was also top 3 - that UNC backfield was special, I’m glad we got 1.
  4. Sign me up for a combination of Gesicki and any one of those WRs. I would also like to double up on TE - somebody like Schulz / Njoku or Trey McBride in the draft
  5. All you needed to do was watch Trevor play on Sunday to understand that it’s best off to just win football games. I feel like we are stuck in a never ending cycle of wanting to lose out the second the playoffs are out of reach or even when the second they feel like they are. It’s ok to go 7-10 and try to build off that… it doesn’t always have to be all or nothing
  6. I would love to see JD double dip at TE in free agency like the Pats did last year. Go add Shultz and Njoku and end this nightmare at the TE spot
  7. The Jets could certainly be a .500 team with a chance at a wildcard spot just like the Raiders, Dolphins, Browns of the world next year with an aggressive off-season. It’s going to be there for the taking for JD, it’s up to him to be willing and get it done
  8. It’s not going to be Adams but guys like Godwin, Mike Williams, Gallup, Allen Robinson all need to be strongly considered. JD needs to pour money into this team then pad the team in the draft with all the resources he has. The turnaround could be swift if he is willing to pony up some money - no more hard lines and losing players over a million dollars. Strictly building through the draft is not going to work… it will take years on top of years to get there and that’s if the picks actually hit. Got a sneaky feeling that the Jets will be involved in the Mike Williams market.
  9. I don’t think Payton coaches another team ever again
  10. Nice for Miami. Any 7 game win streak is tough but they’ve beaten some of the worst teams in football over that stretch - only the Ravens had a winning record. Titans and Patriots up next… win and they’re in. Let’s see what they’ve got, now is the real test
  11. I think that they will be very involved in the Watson market. Plug him on this team and they are a problem. With Tua I think this is as good as they get
  12. Miami has a lot of work to do on offense.. but they are showing that while it may not be exciting or win a Super Bowl, you can stay in it just by playing great defense and protecting the football
  13. Saints have no shot tonight. Dolphins got gift wrapped this one
  14. This has the feel of a 16-10 Miami win but they will get beat bad by Tennessee and New England to close the season
  15. Berrios is a perfect WR 4 that can step up and produce and he’s a great returner, one of the best in the NFL this year. Plus he comes across as a good locker room guy that actually likes being here. He should be resigned ASAP
  16. I still believe that Becton is a long term fixture on the OL as long as he can stay healthy - I’m just not sure what position
  17. Amazing how far this guy fell
  18. I’m upset that Zach had such a lackluster TD celebration. Can we get a little Harlem shake? Anything?
  19. I do like the tandem of JD and Saleh but I was certainly hoping for McCarthy over Gase and Pederson last year. If Saleh doesn’t work out, enough with the rookie head coaches please
  20. Him going down instead of driving for the TD along with him spiking the ball on third down lost the football game for JAX. He will learn from it but those were two back to back terrible decisions that gave up the game. Maybe Trevor was in on the tank
  21. Absolutely fantastic that TE will be a focus. I almost hope they double dip like the Pats did last year. JC Jackson stood out to me in your post because our of all the names mentioned, he is going to get paid a ton of money. I know you are plugged in - is JD prepared to pay for a lockdown CB like Jackson?
  22. I know we are scarred by the Adams pick but as a ND fan who’s watched all of his snaps, Hamilton is the real deal
  23. Have a feeling that Thibadeax falls to 4. Otherwise I think we take Neal
  24. Amazing that the golden boy couldn’t take advantage of the situation. JD did a great job this draft - a repeat performance in a few months would be huge in getting this team on the fast track
  25. Thank you Dallas - Seattle moves up to the 6th pick
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