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  1. I know we are scarred by the Adams pick but as a ND fan who’s watched all of his snaps, Hamilton is the real deal
  2. Have a feeling that Thibadeax falls to 4. Otherwise I think we take Neal
  3. Amazing that the golden boy couldn’t take advantage of the situation. JD did a great job this draft - a repeat performance in a few months would be huge in getting this team on the fast track
  4. Thank you Dallas - Seattle moves up to the 6th pick
  5. A Dallas win tonight pushes the Seahawks up to #6 based on SOS if I am not mistaken
  6. First 6 games pre-injury - 4 TDs, 9 INTs Last 5 games post-injury - 7 TDs, 2 INTs He’s not bursting onto the scene like Justin Herbert but clear progress is what we wanted and that’s what we’re getting
  7. I dunno - when Mac Jones does that he’s the next Tom Brady. Zach was also very effective running
  8. Wilson pre and post injury numbers are exact opposites. Zach is trending in the right direction to close the year
  9. Not for nothing but we do know that Zach’s taking home his third rookie of the week right?
  10. Zach’s been in the gym hitting the squat rack that might have been a 4.17
  11. Joe D summoned the COVID to support the tank. He needs himself a pass rusher
  12. A win today is great for Zach’s resume. He’s on a team of second through fourth string starters this week… he’s gonna have to carry the water if this game is going to be competitive
  13. I admittedly don’t watch a lot of Cardinals football but I was under the impression Murray was a lot better than what we’re seeing tonight
  14. Sure feels like Baker is on his way out of Cleveland
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