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  1. As bad as Zach has been at times, he’s been better than the other QBs that were in the conversation at #2 in Fields and Lance. He’s been arguably better than Trevor as well. He started off OK but has been miserable for the last couple of months
  2. I would love to have been a fly on the wall for that meeting. A medium soda? What?
  3. It’s amazing how underwhelming all of the QBs in this highly touted class have been. Typically there’s at least one that bursts onto the scene
  4. If JD is a believer in him, offer him what he would’ve made without the ACL tear. They seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays anyway and he’s not going to get that type of offer from other less desperate teams
  5. McDermott starting and AVT getting banged up did not help. Even if Zach was making online adjustments, we may not have known because they are that bad
  6. Well the bright side is that the last time we ‘ruined our draft pick’, we missed out on the very QB who we would be ‘ruining our draft pick’ against this year by beating his ass as he ironically leads to the #1 pick on his own
  7. I can’t believe anybody goes to games in that stadium. Anxiously waiting for the stadium opt out in a few years
  8. The Jets are a lot closer than they’re being given credit for. When you lose as many starters as the Jets have this year and were an average at best team to begin with, you get the output we’ve seen. Getting healthy is the first major step. The next step is to go all in on free agency in March and then try to repeat the 2021 draft in April. Do that and this team is turning around in a hurry
  9. Time to admit Zach is better than Brady
  10. It may seem like an excuse to some but if healthy, this team is hovering near .500. This is an average team that got demolished by injuries, reverting the team back to a bottom of the league roster. Hopefully we have better luck next year and have a better roster that can handle some injuries. We weren’t there after 1 offseason post-teardown
  11. Free agency - JC Jackson, Gesicki, Mike Williams, Marcus Williams Draft - Hutchinson or Thibadeaux, Linderbaum, trade both 2s to move back into the first for Nakobe Dean Let’s push our chips into the table, Joe Douglas… it’s been a while since it looked like we were trying to win now
  12. This defense is beyond dreadful. It’s unbelievable considering we spent the last sh*tty decade drafting defense
  13. Negative this is the game where Zach needs to go for 300 and 3 TDs. Outshine Trevor
  14. Jesus Christ I hope the Jets do not go with a rookie again if Zach busts. The QB debates are so tired
  15. They might be playing well this year but they certainly can’t stand to lose George Fant
  16. Looks like we’ve got the good Zach today. After a week of nonsense it is nice to see Zach come out swinging. A good sign and a big statement
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