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  1. Yeah. I truly hope JAX takes Walker at 1
  2. It's really silly at this point. Spend a lot, it's wreckless... don't spend like JAX, nobody wants to come here. No matter the circumstances, it will always end up in an article to get those Jet fan clicks
  3. In the end, this Thibs talk is all for nothing. I am pretty sure at this point that he will go top 3
  4. I look at Fant as more of a long term question than Becton. Fant will be 31 next offseason when his contract is up… is he really a part of the long term plans? Becton will be fine as long as he can stay on the field
  5. He’s an awesome player and single handedly beat us last year, but that’s a pass from me based on injuries
  6. Miami is just an outright disgusting organization. Move them to London
  7. Oh no doubt. Gives us something to fantasize about over the next 3 weeks though. I doubt any of these other WRs get moved when it’s all said and done
  8. Take both 2s and don’t look back. There’s very few players in the NFL who play with the effort Deebo does - he is as all gas as it gets. Culture setter, no doubt
  9. Deebo is my favorite offensive player in the league. Somehow getting him on the Jets would be spectacular
  10. Yes. I think when all is said and done, Sauce will be the best pick of the draft
  11. This would be the makeup move for passing on Cooper. I think we got spoiled by the idea of Hill coming here. Cooks can produce just as much as Cooper would have here
  12. I’m glad we moved on, but good for him for showing a little bit of life and having a voice. I think he would’ve faired better in NY if he would’ve spoke up a little bit every now and then. He barely had a pulse while he was here
  13. I like it. Cooks is like top 10 in yards since being drafted and has done well with a bunch of different QBs. It also would allow us to keep all 4 picks in the top 38, which I think JD is looking to go everywhere but WR
  14. This is the blowback of them making the type of trade they did for Jamal. How could they accept anything less for 20x the impact player?
  15. When DK forces his way out of Seattle, we know why
  16. Cannot wait to see the US take on the Japanese in flag football
  17. T Rex baby- apex predator in the defensive backfield
  18. This report has been disputed multiple times. Teams haven’t made offers, Seattle is not at that point yet. They likely will be soon
  19. Ugh forgot about him. I guess we can expect him to go off on Twitter and get flipped for multiple picks. We can only fit so many WRs
  20. Diggs gets paid a massive extension and you have to figure all 4 of these guys can hit that number. I don’t know if all of them will get it from their current teams
  21. Man if Linderbaum dropped to 35 that would be some luck
  22. Thank god. Gonna need the room to fit in DK, AJ Brown and Scary Terry’s new deals
  23. The Jets won this one running away, no matter what happens with the picks
  24. I would swap later round picks for Cooks but still take a WR in the top 2 rounds. Perhaps trade for Cooks, go CB/EDGE in round 1, then go for Watson in round 2 or try to package both 2s for a Jameson Williams trade up
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