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  1. Team played better in the second half but you’re not gonna win anything playing 2/4 quarters
  2. Quincy Williams trending to become my new favorite Jet. That’s how you play football
  3. Everybody remember when he turned down the Jets interview request and Giant fans laughed about it? Graham should’ve taken it - maybe he gets lucky. Now he may not have a job in January
  4. Damn. Well I look forward to drafting him at 32 in 2023
  5. Is Bijan draft eligible this year? He can play
  6. WTF is with everybody ducking Bryce Hall? Time and time again... Revis 2.0
  7. Joe Douglas is rewarding effort and production, not draft position and names. This is an enormous culture shift
  8. Tag him again. Nobody is trading anything big for him. Just keep tagging him and then let him walk
  9. The Panthers hopped in and gave up a 6th for him? Really nicely done Carolina. That defense is scary good.
  10. This shouldn’t be close - Wilson was the best rookie this week, but Mac Jones will win it
  11. He’s a good player. GVR seems to be the primary culprit of the Jets OL issues, everybody else seems fine. McGovern could be better
  12. I’m a big fan, especially as a Notre Dame guy, but I honestly don’t think we should mess with the defense. We might actually have a good young nucleus building - sometimes you bring big names in and it throws the whole dynamic off
  13. I have no clue how anybody in JAX thought Urban was a good idea. This was doomed from the start. They got gifted a ‘generational QB’ and have proceeded to destroy his first season. They will change staffs sooner or later and TL will have to learn a new offense, etc… Wasted years, no doubt
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