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  1. After watching Mawae and Mangold handle this position for what seemed 20 years, we have really F’d the position up the past couple of seasons. Not of the Jags that we are bringing in for visits or signing should start a single game next year.
  2. Pcola

    Trading out making less sense

    I’m not so sure AZ it taking a QB. There is zero market for Rosen. Most teams in need of a QB appear to be waiting til 2020. AZ didn’t even attend Murray’s Pro Day yesterday. Doesn’t mean they are not interested but if you are taking a QB at 1, a year after taking a QB at 10, wouldn’t you want as much info on him as possible?
  3. Pcola

    Teams calling about CB Trae Waynes

    I would tell Minny to go F themselves. I hope they don’t trade him and are strapped tight up against the cap.
  4. Did you hear that he is coming here or was that a joke? I ask because he just opened a bar in Pensacola. A friend of mine literally just sent me a selfie with him and Jordy Nelson.
  5. As bad as our ST have been, I can’t imagine not bringing these guys back. It’s a mistake to have to find ANOTHER kicker and PR every single year. Let alone Roberts who has been very good his whole career. This is nitpicking but it would be nice when we actually start competing that we don’t get let down by our return or kicking game.
  6. We have a front office that consistently gets disrespected. They are not taken seriously. Why is it that Mac and his cronies are used to drive up contracts EVERY YEAR. We need a GM that isn’t desperate enough to throw out a contract and let it sit out there for days. I would have told Bell you have roughly 4 hours to agree or the deal is being pulled. I would have told Barr’s agent to fix him or I would n’t negotiate with any of his clients. Period. Acting like a puss and letting these divas think they are doing you a favor by coming to our facilities for a visit, has got to end.
  7. Well Buffalo, one of the worst places on Earth didn’t have any problems cleaning up the past two days. It’s not location. Its not Gase. We had $100M last year and couldn’t sign anyone. We have a GM that can’t recruit green agents by offering them millions more per year. That wouldn’t be a complete disaster if he knew what the hell he was doing on draft day. IMO, he and his entire staff need to go the day the draft ends.
  8. We just have to face it, players don’t want to come here. Last year we got spurned several times with players taking less money to go elsewhere. Barr didn’t want to come here. Mosley didn’t want to come here and only when we grossly over paid him did he (if he stays). Bell wants to go to Balt. Paradis wants to stay in Denver. Two years in a row with $100M to spend. Last year the only relevant signing was a replacement for Demario Davis. And this year it looks like it’s Lee’s replacement. Kind of hard to be a good team when the only hole you fill is one you create. I went into this offseason (unlike last year) with no expectations. Yet I am still disappointed.
  9. Looks like our new slot receiver is going to be Crowder. Hope this isn’t our big signing. Two years in a row with $100M+ and we walk away with meh free agents.
  10. Pcola

    Tannehill to Jets?

    The minute we signed Gase I figured this was going to happen. He would be a back up. Hopefully be good in the QB room.
  11. Ok so taking the pulse of the board, do we feel ok with giving Humphries $10M but not ok with giving Bell $15M? Who is going to have a bigger impact on Darnold? Who is easier to replace via a draft pick? Why is Humphries such a high priority?
  12. My hope is very high based on the cap space. But last year, we had the same cap situation and we were able to bring in Williamson but we lost Demario Davis. So in reality, the only thing we got out of FA last year was Trumaine Johnson and a 3rd round pick (for Bridgewater.). The only difference between this year and last is that we have a first year head coach. My hope is that we get Bell, Flowers, Barr, and Paradis. In addition to these, maybe we get Callahan and Saffold. In reality, we don’t land a RB. Bell is looking to go to a SB contender and get paid. Word on the street is that Philly is going hard after Coleman. I think Macc knows this and that is why we met with so many RBs at the Combine. We are going to have to use one of our 3rds on a RB to platoon with Crowell, McGuire, and Cannon. I think we strike out on the big interior OL. It’s never been a priority for this organization since the 2006 draft. I cannot see us all of a sudden throwing down $12M+ per season on the ones available let alone out bid everyone else. So we end up with Spain to replace Carpenter and Eaton to compete with Harrison at Center. Both are even less exciting than the Long signing last year. I think we completely over pay Dante Fowler as he is our current year Tru Johnson signing. And to round out our $100M spending spree...we sign Moncreif and bring back Sefarion-Jenkins.
  13. Pcola

    We need to sign Trent Brown

    Average OL are going to get $13M per year. Have to start over drafting OL. I would be happy with using every pick after #3 on OL. It’s apparent there are positions you have to draft, QB, Edge, and OL. No good ones hit Free Agency, and the average to below average players getting massive deals.
  14. Pcola

    Canton Ohio August 2019

    I’ll have to wait and see if the Jets are in the HoF game. Not since Browning Nagle back in 1992, have the Jets been picked to play in that game. They are over due.
  15. Not to mention that in addition to losing Tannehill for a god part of the past two seasons, the team traded the two best offensive players in Ajayi and Landry.

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