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  1. This screams at another NFL script. Give Cleveland two ga,es that they should get beat in and then schedule a game versus the Jets in prime time. I fully expect the refs and the NFL front office to dictate this game early on. I will be shocked if we get a single call. And when this happens, it will be obvious that the NFL is closer to reality TV, and scripting outcomes to build better ratings. Right now, we have the better run D, the better secondary, better QB, deeper WR Corp, and two legitimate starting RBs. They have a better pass rush and should have a better Oline. We should win, when we don’t I’m certain the officiating will have a lot to do with it.
  2. I think it will be Burris or Leggett. Burris barely played at all Week 1 and was inactive week 2. Same for Leggett. Burris being in his third season, he has had opportunities. With a Leggett, he has shown absolutely nothing. Herndon has jumped him on the depth chart. As has Sterling.
  3. Defilipo is barely experienced on how to be an OC. No telling if he has the connections to fill out his staff competently or not. Believe it or not, of the guys on that list that would be willing to coach in the NFL next year, Bowles is better than every one them. Shaw and Lincoln Riley are not coming to the NFL. And the Washington HC is too old to cut his teeth now. Losing happens in the NFL. Let the season play out and if we are no better a team than we were last year or if Darnold regresss, then we can consider it. But through 2 games, if you compare Darnold with every rookie QB to start since 2008, he is in the top 3 or 4 in completion percentage, yards passing, yards per attempt, and TD passes. So I think we are well on our way.
  4. While we didn’t record a sack, Stafford was rushed into throwing 5 (nearly 6) interceptions. If our defense can continue to play that way, QBs will be a little more hesitant to throw the ball and that will result in more sacks.
  5. This. We averaged less than 3 yards a carry through the entire preseason. Powell averaged 2.1 yards per carry and Crowell was even worse. If we have any reservations about this team, our OL’s run blocking could end up being the team’s biggest weakness.
  6. And McCrane will be about 1/5 the price of Bailey.
  7. Pcola

    Would you consider this...

    This. I’ve been saying this for the past two years thinking his time at Balt was coming to an end. With Lamar Jackson taking over for Flacco next season, if John Harbaugh makes it past this season (Flacco’s last) he will be probably stay in Balt a while.
  8. We would only receive the 3rd round pick if we don’t sign any free agents next year. With $90M in cap space, that would be impossible. So even if we kept Teddy, he would have walked and we wouldn’t have received any comp picks.
  9. The new customer pricing is definitely causing everyone to routinely switch. If you haven’t been paying $150 a month for the DTV, they are only going to charge you $80 and give you the ticket for free. Why the hell would anyone stay. Cell carriers are doing it now with the free phones.
  10. Two weeks ago, I literally called DTV and told them to cancel my service. I had assumed they would transfer me to the “right” people so I could negotiate a contract extension and then get the ticket for free. They did not. I had to scheduled the cancellation date two weeks later just to give me time to figure out what to do next. I went home furious that they let me cancel. Then around 8:00 that same night, they called me asking me to change my mind. I didn’t even have to ask for anything and they cut my rate back to the introductory rate, gave me the NFL ticket for free, and only asked me to agree to a 1 year extension. So I will plan on doing this again next August.
  11. Pcola

    Practice Updates

    Roberts has outplayed both Hanson, Stewart, and Johnson. Add the fact that he is an above average KR, he should get the nod over these guys any way. Punt Return is where we have issues. Another year of trying to teach a rookie who has never done it before and another fail. I think WR is going to look like Anderson, Kearse, Enunwa, Pryor, McBride, & Roberts. Stewart and even McBride to a certain extent are redundant because at best they are #5 or # WRs at best. So with out injury to one of the top guys, they won’t see much time.
  12. Not to not pick, but our roster will probably have 25 defensive players, yet we were only allowed to select 24. My last add would be Fatukasi or Middleton. In fact, I would probably only keep 7 LBs and add the extra roster spot to the DL.
  13. Pcola

    So were fans wrong about Josh Allen

    Also, as bad as our line played, none of the rookies would have looked good. Rosen, because of his lack of mobility would have been destroyed back there against Wash.
  14. Pcola

    So were fans wrong about Josh Allen

    To be a good QB in the NFL, you need to make incredible plays like that one as well as limiting turnovers. No one gives a crap about the one amazing TD throw when he throws 2 ints and his team loses by 10.
  15. First, let’s not over react in two or three drills. OL own even the best pass rushers most of the time. What makes a guy elite is when he can get by OL 4 or 5 times a game that may result in a sack or two. The fact that Trent Williams blocked Leo in the drills is the equivalent of one drive in a game. All Leo has to do is blow by him once to have a shot at a sack.

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