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  1. Dilfer on Rosen

    Potentially, it’s only a short term disaster. Quite often, teams that draft QBs high in the first round are changing coaches before the next draft. TB and Ten fired their HCs during or at the end of Winston and Mariota’s rookie year. The Rams fires their HC at the end of Goff’s rookie year. Same with Chi and Trubisky this offseason. When you make an investment in a QB by taking him at 3, in addition to trading 3 2nd round picks to do so, chances are it’s only a matter of time before we hire an offensive minded HC to do everything possible to maximize the QB’s potential.
  2. True, But you can also say that Kizer was one of the main reasons they were 0-16.
  3. USC Pro Day on now

    You are right. The Jets are 100% taking a QB at 3. I just think it warrants at least minimal consideration of taking Barkley and using our 3rd on a QB. 5 year’s from now, will the two QBs that were available to us at 3 be better than all the second tier QBs? And if not, in hindsight, it would have been better to draft Barkley and another QB. Allen’s Pro Day on Friday is going to be worth watching.
  4. Mayock also had Keizer as the best QB in last year’s draft.
  5. USC Pro Day on now

    I’m with you on Allen’s film. I have been very harsh on him all year. My hope was that we would move up in order to get Rosen or Darnold. With the NYG’s taking a QB a real possibility, we need to figure out who the best pick would be going forward between Allen, Mayfield, Barkley, or Chubb. I’ve rewatched the Senior Bowl and Allen’s bowl game again this week. Based on those two games alone, he is streaky. He was VERY good during a couple of drives. Other drives not so much. It’s maddening that the WY coaching staff did him no favors this year. He can avoid sacks better than the other top 3. If the Jets take Allen and allow 2018 to be about McCown and Bridgewater, it’s possible they can make it work. On his pro day, the Jets brass need to see his accuracy on all his short and intermediate throws. His arm strength allows him to throw the ball up high enough for good receivers to run under it. We need to see him complete the 8-yard passes and such. If he bombs out on Friday then Macc really needs to consider whether a Lauletta, Mike White, or Luke Falk would be better teamed up with Barkley over teaming Allen or Mayfield with our current skill players.
  6. Rosen too much a risk?

    So if our choice comes down to selecting a super star that “may” have durability concerns or take a QB that will be a top 20 or 25 QB (below average) but will be healthy enough “maybe.” No one can predict injuries. Deciding to draft an inferior QB because the best QB available sat out two games due to being cautious, begs the question: are we trying to be average or are we trying to get to and with SBs? There were a ton of posters on this site that are all over drafting Watson last year. Watson’s injury risk is and was exponentially greater than Josh Rosen’s. Which proved accurate this year. So the Jets messed up not taking Watson, but will mess up taking Rosen? Just trying to figure the rationale.
  7. Josh Allen

    And I am not convinced we have the right coaching and system in place for Allen to be successful. Bates, for all his smarts, is light in the experience department and what little experience he does have calling plays, was a very long time ago. I think Allen might do well in Cle with Todd Haley’s offense. Where ever he goes, the organization and fans will need a ton of patience. Does that sound like the Jets? Specially after waiting for two years of being patient with Hack?
  8. Josh Allen

    McShay, Kiper, And Mayock project busts high in the draft each year. The difference is they aren’t getting fired for being wrong. FWIW Mayock’s top QB last year was Kizer. Over Trubisky, Watson, and Mahomes.
  9. Josh Allen

    He was the third best QB in that game. If you go by the Senior Bowl, Lauletta and Mike White are first rounders.
  10. Jeremiah just wrote a piece on the top 10 QB prospects over the past three years. Spoiler alert: Darnold and Rosen were in the top 3, with Wentz at 2. So Rosen, according to Jeremiah, is a better prospect than Goff, Mayfield, Allen, and all the QBs drafted last year.
  11. Will giants take Barkley?

    While I don’t agree that this will happen, it probably should at least be an option. Darnold and Rosen are the prizes of the draft. If they go 1-2, than you have to ask yourself, what kind of Pros are Mayfield and Allen going to be? What is the chances that they don’t fulfill their potential? Is it possible that they will be top 5 QB in the league? Top half? If not, then would you rather have the 20th or 25th rated QB or a top 3 offensive player in the league, in Barkley? Or a guy that is basically guaranteed to have double digit sacks? It’s pretty much guaranteed Darnold and Rosen are going to 3. But most mocks have Allen and Mayfield falling. It’s actually possible that the trade up was for Rosen but Barkley or Chubb may be a better back up plan that reaching for Mayfield or Allen.
  12. You ccouls probably say that about anybody. I dont remember anyone questioning Bridgewater’s durability at Louisville. Rosen isn’t going to run around like RGIII. He’s a big guy. It’s up to the organization to put him in a position to remain upright and healthy. Most college players don’t admit that they have had concussions. Because UCLA was cautious shouldn’t be a red flag.
  13. He’s limited physically because he’s barely 6’0 tall. Say what you want about Russell Wilson but Wilson’s athletism >>> Mayfield’s. And for the record, Rosen weighed more than Darnold at the combine.
  14. I watched Allen’s bowl game again on Saturday. This time trying to find something I could love about him. Basically trying to convince myself that if he’s the pick, it could work. During the first quarter, he was great. He avoided pressure and threw well on the run. His 3 TD passes we’re all impressive throws. The problem I have is that the rest of the game he disappeared. Why would a HC with a legitimate QB like him, not allow him to take over the game. The first quarter, CMI turned it over several times so Allen had a very short field. After the first quarter, it was tough to get first downs. Mia that a problem with the HC? Was he trying to be ultra conservative because of Allen’s accuracy or decision making? Unlike Mayfield, where Lincoln Riley basically allowed Mayfield to get in a shootout week in and week out. The OK/OK St game was just unreal. But the guy is limited physically. Too early to say he could be the next Drew Brees. We just don’t know how well he can absorb an NFL playbook or how he deals with adversity. The NY media love to go after the Jets. How will he respond? There is also the issue with his hand size. Darnold hasn’t been playing QB very long. This is why he is being touted as the clear consensus beat of the bunch guy. They are all projecting him to get much better with experience. He is careless with the ball and with the hand size, he is going to fumble. Rosen is mechanically flawless. When you watch him throw, it appears to be very easy for him. He is flaws are durability and trying to do too much. Out if the four, I can live with Rosen’s flaws more than all the others.
  15. I know we will draft Josh Allen because God hates the Jets.