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  1. I agree. If they polled only Jet fans, then you get a real assessment. I could give two craps for any other teams logo. I’ll never root for any other team and will certainly never own any other teams gear. I love the Jets current logo and uniform. I have a slight preference to the color rush green but I’m buying hats and jerseys with the current logo and color.
  2. You are right, he completely missed on Hack. But even if you replace the Hack pick, it gives us one more person from the list. Last year was a complete tear down. We as basically nothing left over from the previous regime. As the surrounding cast improves and as they gain experience, I think players like Shell, Jordan Jenkins, Adams, and Maye could vastly improve. If Darnold is anywhere near as good as he was his RS Freahman year at USC, it is conceivable that the entire offense (players) will be much better. And going forward, his draft picks may be able to come in and be successful when we are not asking them to immediately be the best player on their side of the ball.
  3. Also, the top 8 look pretty accurate with the exception of Ozzie Newsome. That is a legacy rank based on his history and longevity at his spot. But Baltimore is pretty irrelevant right now. Lamar Jackson may change that but if you want to give him credit for that then Macc needs more credit for getting Darnold. And Elway May be the most overrated person in the entire league. Not just GMs. He is the most overrated person in all of GMs, HCs, and players right now in the league.
  4. I think Macc is ranked way too low. Sure the 5 win seasons are hurting him but the work he did to turn a roster void of any talent into a contender in 2015 and potentially in 2018, he will move up. By the end of 2019, he could be top 5 if the Jets are a playoff team because of Darnold and his free agent crop from this year and next.
  5. The fact that in rookie minicamp Darnold was throwing passes in front of the media versus hiding Hack away on a field where reporters needed binoculars to even make out the jersey number during the entire preseason, I think we can lay this to rest.
  6. There is just no way I could have envisioned a draft where we took zero OL or Edge rushers. Of course, I couldn’t envision Darnold falling to 3 either. That said, the edge rushers I thought highly of, either fell really far in the draft (Okoronkwo) or went undrafted (Jeff Holland and Ola Adeniyi.) Perhaps the talent in this draft at those positions did not stack up to previous years. Either way, we currently have the most cap space again next year (close to $100M less Leo’s 2019 salary.) Perhaps we wait to upgrade the OL and Edge next March.
  7. Just to put tour 2nd rounders in perspective, does anyone remember the GB 2nd round picks when they took Aaron Rodgers? Don’t worry, neither do Packer fans. It was absolutely woth the risk to guarantee we get a FQB this draft. The fact that we got the unquestioned cleanest QB prospect, was icing on the cake. Going into last season knowing the Jets needed to be epically bad was really disheartening. While it softened the disappointment of the losses, it really dampened all the enthusiasm of the games where they player really well and beat some really good teams. I hope we are never in another situation like that again. And now that Sam Darnold is a Jet, I think we could be set for the next 15 years.
  8. I voted with how I think it will play out. He hasn’t even been to rookie minicamp and there are “leaks” that the team thinks he’ll be ready week 1. You cannot undo that. The fans are going to lose their **** waiting for him to come in. After reading Costello’s piece about how the Darnold and the Jets came about, understanding how much this CS love him. He will have every chance to play in preseason. As long as he doesn’t look really bad, they are going to go with him.
  9. Pcola

    Here we go

    We didn’t even pick in the top 5 last year when they said we have the worst roster in ten years. Now let’s add all of the subtractions both Buffalo and Miami have made the past two months. This makes up 4 games on our schedule.
  10. I think one of my biggest issues with Cousins was he was only committed for 3 years. Never made any sense for the Jets to take a short-term short cut just to be competitive. While Darnold is an unknown and has to take his lumps. By the time Cousins would have been taking his second FA tour, Darnold will be going into his 4th season and the Jets would be poised to take over the AFC East for good.
  11. Sam Darnold > Kirk Cousins, the best guard in the NFL, and 3 players like Hackenberg, Devin Smith, and Jace Amaro. Every day of the week. Darnold is 20 years younger than Brady. 16 years younger than Eli and Big Ben. He is also going for like 1/6 of Cousins rate. Plus, we have over $100M in cap space next season. With a blue chip star at QB, it will be a lot easier to attract talent next March.
  12. Pcola

    Word is Teddy's healthy...

    A majority of the preseason reps need to go to San Darnold. He has to be ready in case TB never gets healthy and McCown eventually gets hurt. As much as I would love to give TB a shot, it cannot be at the expense of Darnold. TB will have to light it up in mini camp and training camp to warrant getting McCown’s reps in pre season.
  13. By this logic, Baker Mayfield is better than every player in this draft. Judging Rosen’s ability because Cleveland and Buffalo passed on him for inferior prospects would be off base. Those two franchises haven’t had legit QBs since the very early 1990’s. I would almost guarantee that when Rosen starts playing, he will perform better than both Mayfield and Allen. He’s got David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald.
  14. The Jets didn’t avoid Rosen. Just took Darnold because he was the consensus best player. Rosen has better mechanics but Darnold is the bigger play maker. The Bills took Allen because of his arm. They figured the two games a year they play ona blizzard, they will have an advantage.
  15. Well thank you for your opinion that was completely absent of any assessment of your own.