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  1. Well Pro Football Focus had every single one our picks rated in their top 250 prospects. Even the Rutgers Kid. Chuma Edoba was rated #64 and Cashman was #59. I think the consensus is that Williams is a better, more talented prospect at this point of his career than Aaron Donald and Polite, had it not been for some immaturity and bad Agent advice, he would have been long gone before we got him. Brian Baldinger called Wesco a “Baby Gronk.” I think that despite not getting any immediate help on the OL or secondary, this draft will look good in three years.
  2. Chad Ford has said for a while the Jets are very high on Connor McGovern. Said he could start as a rookie. At this point, I’m hoping he is the pick.
  3. You’re right. And I was alive and had already invested almost 20 years of my life to the Jets when we traded out of that top pick. And there are plenty of worst case scenarios where we didn’t trade down. How many HoFers were selected after we took Dwayne Robertson? None of this will matter if MacC and Hiemerdinger don’t improve on their success rate on day 2 and 3 of the draft.
  4. Just think back a few years...if Houston, instead of taking Clowney, traded down accumulated a bunch of picks and then took Aaron Donald?
  5. I’m so glad we have a QB. What a train wreck this guy is.
  6. Yep. The only difference between the two was that there was only one person in the entire world that thought Ha k was going to be good - not counting his Mama. Oliver is going to be a top pick and with comparisons to Aaron Donald, could be elite, right away, in the right system.
  7. Intend to agree. The though is that the Raiders want Oliver and may swap picks with the Jets.
  8. Oliver was the #1 rated HS prospect in the country. So him being elite is not just something that he developed this year. Watching this guys combine workout, especially the 3-cone was insane. My only issue is that his arm length is in the 5% of interior d lineman. I realize that none of the college OL could stop him but my guess is that elite tackles would be able to get their hands on him.
  9. Look, I can’t help that you don’t understand how an organization’s hierarchy works. When the HC reports to the GM, there is a clear line. Yes, both HC and GM want to work together, but BOTH know who the boss is. When neither one of them report to each other, I can see them (especially the GM) going out of his way to make sure they are working together. I didn’t bother reading your whole post because it didn’t make any damn sense. Either re-read my original post or, if this topic is above your competency level, then don’t post in the thread.
  10. In a traditional organizational structure, yes. This would be correct. When the GM is the boss, he is the primary decision maker. When the GM and HC both report to the same person and act independ, the GM is more of a consensus builder between the scouting department and the the coaching staff. If Macc went against what the CS really wanted, the coach could go over his head to their boss, he could refuse to play the young player, etc. We saw a coach and a GM trying to make the other a scape goat back in 2014. Possibly 2012 as well.
  11. But possibly having Dareus and Suh influenced a few of those drafts. Not saying that we don’t have competent starters there but if they feel that Williams or Oliver will have an Aaron Donald like impact, MacC is going to take BAP. Taking Josh Allen is a huge risk. He is not as talented as the three other defenders. If he ends up like Fowler and Williams and Oliver dominate, it is going to be devastating. Still think Atlanta May want to move up for Oliver. We’ll see.
  12. Enunwa pulled a woman off his bed. She fell and hurt her finger and her head. She never filed charges. What did Frank do to get kicked out of Michigan? Probably something much worse. Enunwa has been a model citizen since then. And his 2019 cap hit is $2.8M. The Jets will never bring in players like Hunt or Clark. When things go bad, the Jets never get the benefit of the doubt. The Giants can get away with signing trash like that. We can’t.
  13. Bringing in a prospect like Clark as an UDFA is one thing. Bringing in a guy with that type of history, paying him $100M, and giving up essentially what’s left of our 2018 draft, is entirely another.
  14. I think they take Allen/ Q. Williams at the top and then take a corner (perhaps Lonnie Johnson from KY) with the first 3rd. Would it REALLY be shocking if they took a WR with their second 3rd and waited to the 4th and 6th to get McGovern and a tackle prospect? Do I agree, no. I would do what ever it took to come out of this draft with Andre Dillard and Garrett Bradbury. But OL has never been a priority. And Gase, while in Miami took Tunsil in 2016,, a guard in the 5th round in 2017, and no OL in 2018.
  15. I couldn’t make up my mind which one to buy. Ordered a green #33. As soon as I ordered it, I started wishing I had ordered the black. Probably gonna have to get all three by XMas.

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