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  1. I think that is my biggest grief with this FO and HC. Their actions don’t illustrate any long term vision. 38 yo QB with never any consideration to playing anyone else despite no chance at playoffs. Still giving Forte carries over a healthy Powell. Playing Kerley over getting Stewart and Hanson some game experience. The only reason Hanson has been on the field was because Kerley’s suspension. There is no long term plan. And it is apparent that they have two options at QB for 2018, Cousins or McCown. We all know who Bowles wants.
  2. Playoff team next year?

    Ok so a bunch of guards when we need a LT and a C. Trumaine Johnson isn’t worth any where near what he is getting paid. I assume that NE will franchise Butler. And WR is the one unit where we don’t need any help. So again, I don’t see a LT or Pass Rusher and that leaves the only FA that is going to be a difference maker for the Jets is Cousins. Without Cousins, this team is a 5-win team once again.
  3. This is just to prevent him from getting injured. If he gets injured playing this year, the Jets can’t release him in March.
  4. Playoff team next year?

    What free agents are out there that is going to improve this team enough to win 5 additional games next year? As depressing as this sounds, a majority of our cap space is going to be spent bringing back the same players that won 5 games this year. Ealy, ASJ, Claiborne, Enunwa, and basically every back up on the team. On the free agent market, there are just not a lot that stands out and there are plenty of teams with plenty of money to spend.
  5. Playoff team next year?

    You can’t rebuild with a 38 yo QB. Is our QB quandary any closer to getting resolved now than it was in May? And if you want to classify this season as rebuilding, what positions have we filled long term this season? Not At QB. LT, Pass rusher, #1CB, defensive playmaker? None to be found. Anderson is about the only player on this roster that has taken the next step and out performed expectations. So with this is mind, we sacrificed finding out what we had in Petty and Hack, thus preventing ourselves from getting in position to draft Darnold or Rosen so we could watch Anderson catch 52 balls and 7 TDS. Hate to break it to you, but the Pats could bring in someone out of Walmart that could duplicate these numbers, in any season. If you don’t have a QB, you basically doing what the Jets did last week in Denver. Just going through the motions and making billionaires richer and fans one year older and more frustrated.
  6. Playoff team next year?

    All three Vikings QBs are free agents. Since Keenum is only 29, they will probably re-sign to a cheap (for starting QBs) deal and let both Bradford and Bridgewater go. And we don’t want anything to do with either. At this point our starting QB for 2018 is one of: Darnold/Rosen/Mayfield - snowballs chance in hell. Cousins - we might be one of 3 or 4 teams that shows interest. McCown - most likely.
  7. Playoff team next year?

    Well since this team refuses to rebuild, playoffs should be mandated for both GM and HC. It’s not asking a lot since we have already beaten two teams going this year (KC and Jax), plus most of the league sucks.
  8. long time jet fans knew

    Take it a bit further, last year on the road: 3-5 Wins against Buffalo where Fitz played the game of his life (we won by 6) Cleveland, worst team in the league (we won by 3) And SF, where it took OT to beat the second worst team in the league.
  9. I think if Petty looked good it would question WTF he didn’t make the move much sooner. And be obvious that he doesn’t have a clue how to run a consistent offense.
  10. On Macc and Bowles, Ownership is giving them a second chance. For Bowles, a second chance to maintain control over the locker room. Improve his defense. And to at least to keep the offensive coaching in place. For Macc, a second chance to be a lot smarter with the free agents he brings in or current team members he resigns or extends. And most importantly, finding a QB. But based on how these two have run this team over the past three years, players will still miss or be late to meetings and practices, defensive ranking will be right around where it has been as we continue to see the same errors week after week. And with Macc, bowing to Bowles propensity to ignore inexperienced QBs, he won’t be drafting a QB this yeR and instead will sign yet another geriatric scrub to back McCown. Than after fours years of no playoffs, no QB, and limited growth potential in the rest of the roster, the Johnson’s won’t have a choice but to blow this whole thing up. Dont get me wrong, McCown has had a great year but is that because the expectations were so horrific? And how many years would a reasonable person assume a 39 yo QB not named Brady or Brees could play his best football? And when McCown falls back to his typical play, where do the Jets turn?
  11. Baker Mayfield

    Back to the QBs, we’re not getting a QB in RD1. Darnold and Rosen are completely out of reach and with Denver tanking and currently picking 4th, Mayfield appears to be the likeliest prospect for them. And if Macc picks Allen anywhere in this draft, he has to go. I understand people keep predicting him to go in the first round, no one believes this kid can play right now. If he is going to make it, and I in no way believe he will amount to anything more than Hack’s current level, he will need to sit behind a legit starting QB for several years. We are not that situation. What should happen, we draft Stidham, Ferguson, or even Mike White later in the draft after resigning McCown to a 2 year deal where year two he is paid like a back up ($4M). What could happen is they go after Cousins and go all in on draft day finding an edge rusher, legit CB2, OT, And C. What I think will happen because to my knowledge Macc hasn’t scouted any other QB other than Darnold, Rosen, and Allen, we resign McCown and don’t draft a QB at all. And go into 2018 with the three stooges we have now.
  12. At this point, what choice do the Jets have? They can go after Cousins, and bid against 2 or 3 teams, or they can resign McCown to a team friendly deal for a season or two. Either way, next year will be Year 4 of this FO/HC. If things go south, they both need to be gone. If they plan on extending both of them without either of them getting and developing a QB for the long haul, then I guess 6 or 7 wins is acceptable to ownership. And us fans need to adjust our expectations and hopes.
  13. Sounds like he needs to be the players rep. And how the hell does a guy lose four games for taking adderal yet the crap that POS up in Cheaterstown pulled last week only warrants 1 game?
  14. At this point in this season, he should start the rest of the games. Bowles and his offensive staff have said through their interviews and actions that neither Petty or Hack have a future with this team. Find another QB of the future this offseason.
  15. Cousins should be the target

    If they franchise him again it will cost them $32M. And he’ll still be a FA after next season. They are eventually going to lose him. And it’s not like they could “make one last run” because the team around him is terrible. The question for the Jets is simple. Do they want to go with Josh McCown for one year and hope he can duplicate what he’s done this year for a mid level deal, or go after Cousins and solve your QB issues for at least the next 5 - 10 years but pay him.