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  1. Seriously, C.J. Mosley has to be on this list until he decides to get back on the field.
  2. The only problem with these two, if Darnold is able to improve down the stretch, FO may see that as a sign to keep Gase. I honestly think that we are going to get one or the other. Darnold fails to improve, Gase gets fired. Darnold shines down the stretch, Gase is going to get all the credit. Pick your poison.
  3. We already have a terrible reputation around the league. Two years ago, we were trying to over pay Allen Robinson, Norwalk, and RB, McKinnon. This after Cousins refused to even visit. We were so desperate we paid Truman’s Johnson Revis money.
  4. The Falk issue and Osemele’s are very different. One player (Osemele) was wanting to have surgery so he could be fully healed and in top shape when free agency opens. Falk was nearly decapitated by atrocious OL/coaching. Instead Of putting Falk on IR and thus paying him his annual salary, they cut him. Say what you want about Falk sucking, you had an organization that threw him to the the wolves. He was completely unprepared and didn’t even get reps before one of his games. Cutting Osemele, I assume didn’t matter because his salary was guaranteed. Falk made basically a few game checks at nearly minimum salary and got the hell beat out of him to do it. He should and probably will win his case.
  5. Whether or not it’s fair to fire anyone after 8 games, the longer they keep him, the worse Darnold becomes. His INTs are absolutely mind numbing and he is regressing so noticeably that if Gase stays next season then Darnold is finished. We will be looking for a new HC and QB. Firing Gase tomorrow gives the Jets another 8 weeks to find the right guy. And for those of you thinking that they don’t want to have to pay 3 coaches and 2 GMs next year. What’s worse, paying 2/2 and getting beat by double digits every week or paying 3/2 and seeing some kind of progression throughout the season?
  6. Look, Bill Walsh, Bellichick, and Lombardi all on the same start couldn’t save this year. Im looking 2 or 3 years down the road. Matt Rhule grew up in NJ watching the Jets. His decision to not take the job was because we wanted him to have a specific OC. He wanted the guy from TB who is now in Cle. Going back to him with a blank check and a 5 year deal, could bring him in. The guy took over a winless Baylor team and is now undefeated in 3-4 seasons. He is an incredible leader and a real coach. Everything that Gase was supposed to be.
  7. I agree. No way I thought Gase was one and down. But regardless of what anyone thinks of Gase, this loss will cost him the locker room. There is no way guys are going to fight out there knowing it’s a lost cause. Adams and Bell probably go silent rest of the way. No one wants to get injured. Look at Osemele. The Winters and Darnold spat is probably something that’s been going on behind the scenes that because of today’s frustration just Blew up. I have followed this team since the 70’s, did Sports Radio for Carroll and Kotite years. And I have never been this frustrated with this team. The Dolphins traded everyone they had. They currently have zero stars healthy and on the roster. We have Adams, Q. Williams, Darnold. No difference makers. We have almost the same OL as last year. How can they be this bad?
  8. For those keeping score: Matt Rhule is 8-0 at Baylor. They are ranked #12. If they beat OK in a couple of weeks, will likely go undefeated. CJ needs to go back to him tail between his legs, and offer him whatever the hell he wants.
  9. Mac would have been here for free agency and the draft. Like he was with Gase. Hiring Rhule wouldn’t have saved Mac. After the way his OL was put together this year, it was only a matter of time that he got fired. The bigger question would be had we hired Rhule, would we have still been able to hire Douglass. And taking it even further, if Rhule turns out to be a coaching prodigy and Douglass turns out to be an exceptional front office guy, what could have been? If Gase isn’t the answer, we will have burned most likely Darnold’s first three years of his rookie deal. At this point, we all better freaking hope that Gase can turn this crap roster into something.
  10. If anything, the best long term option the Jets had was with Rhule.
  11. I think the Jets consider it based on Hewitt and McClellen’s injuries. McClellen is probably out. If Hewitt can’t go and Mosley is still out that leaves us with one healthy ILB. Another option would be to bring Burgess back from the PS.
  12. This problem goes back 30 years. Since the Al Toon injuries. Esiason with Coslet handcuffing him. To Kotite. Save from One year of a healthy VInny T, we endured several years of injury/limited Pennington, selfish Favre, limited Sanchez, Geno, one weird year of Fitz, McCown. After watching last year, I was optimistic but our offense is worse than Sanchez against the Ravens bad. From what I have seen the past three games, I am fearful for Darnold. Brady, Rodgers, and Mahomes couldn’t produce with our current combination of coaching, O line, and skill players.
  13. I think the bigger question for us fans...how the hell do we find 5 new starting OL in one offseason? Another curiosity of mine...3 of these OL played last season and were not this bad. So my guess is before today, the only change has been Kalil and Gase. Since we can only change one of them right now, Harrison needs to be playing.
  14. Watching the Jets post game, they said the Leo is double teamed more than any other defender in the league behind only Aaron Donald. So Leo has been doubled more than Khalil Mack.Leo’s only problem is that we have no one else on the Dline that warrants any game planning. Why don’t we wait until Q is healthy and see what they can manage before we end up cutting one of the very few assets this team has.
  15. First, this thread is entirely premature. Lamar Jackson played the two worst teams on the planet. Let’s see how he does against a real NFL team. Maybe go back and watch his playoff game last year.. Mayfield was trash last night. His stats at one point last night were 11-24-167-0-0. Against our corners and no Mosley, Q, or Jenkins (for most of the game,) with OBJ, Landry, Njoku, and a far superior OL, while getting the ball in great territory all night. It wasn’t until OBJ made another amazing play that his numbers improved. Put Mayfield on the Jets and he is a bust. I hate to say it but in two years, the only players on our O that are still here are Darnold, Bell, Herndon, and Crowder. Maybe Anderson. And that is a good thing. I fully expect a massive turnover this coming offseason.

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