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  1. There are some scouts that warn those that are distracted by his athletism will miss the holes in his technique and his game. Said he is raw similar to the NYG’s recent top ten pick Erick Flowers. Becton may end up being the best OL of this group but how long do you have to wait for it. Sam Darnold doesn’t have three years to wait. We don’t have the roster to compensate for a top 11 pick not to step in immediately and contribute.
  2. Looking at what the scouts are saying about Judy and Ruggs, it depends on what type of player you want. Like Amari Cooper versus Tyreek Hill with better hands and no baggage. Jeudy lines up in the slot a lot. I think if Ruggs can overcome the press coverage at the next level, his ceiling is considerably higher. Jeudy is a safer risk though. But the entire defense is going to have to know where Ruggs is at the minute he breaks the huddle. He never drops passes and is lightning fast. You don’t win by not taking risks. I would take Ruggs at 11 and then do what you can to get Josh Jones, Ezra Cleveland, of Austin Jackson later on.
  3. If we needed to draft a back up QB, I like Cole McDonald as a late round flyer. Has a great deep ball and he is very athletic for a 6’4 220 QB. I would assume that t he FO would prefer Lynn Bowden, Kentucky’s Superman because of his versatility. WR, RB, QB.
  4. I am thinking LA makes a run with either Cam or Winston and are not locked into taking a QB at 6. At least not Herbert. Instead, the start the run on OTs. LAC, Car, AZ, and Cle. That will leave us taking Ruggs, which I can get behind.
  5. I don’t think the Eagles have the ammo (at least in this years draft) after trading for Slay.
  6. Great post. But it’s hard to think any of those three are going to be there at 48. Which means because of our desperation, we will be drafting for need over taking more talented players at WR like Ruggs, Lamb, or Jeudy.
  7. Do you know how many “year 1” rebuilds we have had the past 50 years? Hell this is at least 4 in the past 9 years.
  8. I normally agree with this sentiment. But within 24 hours, we have seen Miami eclipse is in overall talent, draft stock, etc. and Brady is leaving. We (arguably) have the best QB in the division (potential wise) but we are the worst team in the division. we can’t wait for JD to draft enough players for Gase to develop into a playoff roster. We should be filling that gap with talent, not other teams back ups. Or no one at all.
  9. Unlike most fans who acknowledge everything a team does as being perfect, I like to hold organizations and front offices accountable. Every team in the league has the same salary cap to deal with. The Jets however are pinching pennies while at the same time, have a QB on a rookie deal, no pass rushers, and not a single legitimate starting quality OL. So go stick your head back into the sand if you are going to get offended when someone points out the obvious. The Jets are much further away from contending than anyone else in our division. And that pisses me off. We could have and should have done better. Miami depleted their entire roster last season and they are better than we are right now. And they have 3 first round picks.
  10. I agree, he is our best OL. But he is a swing tackle. Let that sink in.
  11. Add that he only started two games in college ...as a TE, he hasn’t been playing the position long.
  12. Literally a down grade from Beachum at $2M more per year. Let’s face it, our FO got their azz kicked today. There is no way that Fant was in their top 3 choices to sign today.
  13. You can’t fix this team’s issues in one or two drafts. We’ve been waiting a decade for the playoffs. How bad is it going to be when the NFL expands the playoffs but we still miss it because we only added 3 starters to a bottom 5 talent team. We can’t draft an entire OL, playmakers on offense, pass rushers, and corners in one or two drafts. A team this bad needs an infusion of talent.
  14. Flowers was deemed bad because of his draft status. Parlayed his play into a $10M per contract. PFF has Edoga ranked 79/81 tackles last year. And to be honest, he’s proabably over rated.
  15. Let’s face it... Conklin at $20M per > Edoga for free.

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