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  1. What younger players? Forte? Kearse and Kerley? McCown is very limited with what he brings to the table. While he did stabilize the position, he can’t win games. Once the team falls behind, they are done. McCown wins when our running game goes off. When teams stop our running game (like TB did) we are getting beat. And I noticed everyone is all over McCown now, but let’s see how everyone is feeling after the next 4 games, when the meat of our schedule comes.
  2. The way I am looking at it, this was Macc and Bowles mulligan. Either they draft a QB very high next year Or there needs to be a playoff mandate on both HC and FO. If they continue to refuse to build for the future and insist on winning now, then they better win now. Next year will be year 4 for them and the 8th consecutive year we have been out of the playoffs. That’s our longest drought since the 70s. Im sick of the short cut remedy and lack of urgency for the QB position. Playoffs or they are done.
  3. When Allen started being mentioned as a first round QB prospect, it was based on the projection of him elevating his play to another level. He has not done that. He has had multiple games where he has passed for less than 100 yards. He also has more games this year with under 50% completion than he has over 60%. Carr and Kaep were statistically in another league than Allen is currently. Now I am not saying completion percentage is the be all end all, but with a QB like Drew Lock who has one of the highest YPA, you can tell he throws deep a lot hence hurting his completion percentage. Allen is just an inaccurate QB. He should stay for his senior year. But if he declares, He needs to be drafted on the third day and stashed as a 3rd stringer for multiple seasons where he can learn to be a QB. He isn’t going to step in and help an NFL team win games any time soon. The Jets do not have that luxury. They are going to need someone to be ready at some point next season. I know we are desperate for an solution but reaching for Allen because Macc failed to move up for Darnold or Rosen, or even Mayfield, would make matters worse. Because similar to why we (allegedly) passed on Mahomes and Watson, because we had just drafted Hack. Taking Allen in the top 64 next year will keep us without a QB for another 2 seasons unless we clean house next year.
  4. I hope you’re right about the misdirection. It was known well before the draft that the Jets really liked Hack. Anyone paying attention, knew when we were on the clock that Hack was going to be the pick. My fear is that Macc signs McCown/T. Taylor, makes them the 2018 starter so he won’t have to go all in on a QB in the first. That would allow him to make the same mistake by taking Allen in the second round.
  5. I think there was an obvious case of groupthink in our draft room. You know for a fact that Bowles loves Adams and Maye. So when Macc brought it up, Bowles was ecstatic. They’ve been patting each other on the back ever since.
  6. He doesn’t exactly have an upper tier WR Corp to throw to yet. Richard Mathews is their leading WR right now. Yes they have Decker but 1st rounder Cory Davis is going to need some time to develop. Plus their offensive philosophy is to run the ball similar to what Rex’s mantra was.
  7. I’ve tried to like Jackson. But IMO, the offense gives him just about every play call to pad his stats. He gets the most carries so he leads his team in rushing and passing. Yes he is a freakish athlete. And he goes off against teams like Kent St and Murray St. What happens when he plays legit schools? Clemson and NC St handled him pretty good. would he be fun to watch, sure. But I don’t see him as a QB that can make annual playoff runs with the pass blocking OL that we have.
  8. I think the Marriota haters are off base. He missed one game and most of another. Boss losses. So in games that he finishes he’s 6-2. And that includes the Pitt game. He went to a team that was annually one of the worst teams in the league, and had it not been for his broken leg last year, would have taken them to the playoffs in year 2. They are going to the playoffs this year. Anyone comparing Mariota’s and McCown doesn’t know anything about NFL QBs. One is severely limited so you have to cater an offense around him which results in a high completion % which artificially inflates the QB rating. The other one makes plays with his arm and feet. Before Thursday’s game, Mariota was one of the highest rated red zone QBs ever. I would take him over Winston and at least 22 QBs. He is easily a top 10 QB now and only going to get better. Fans of teams that play McCown, Fitz, Geno, and Sanchez at QB should refrain from bashing other teams QBs.
  9. I agree that is going to cost more this year. Fist, teams like SF & Ind will lose out on Barkley, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Chubb, or McGlinchey if they move down. Now let’s add Buffalo with 2 1st rounders, Wash when they lose Cousins, AZ who don’t have the cap space for any of the FA QBs and must find one in the draft, Minn who with Keemun, Bridgewater, and Bradford have no QBs and are still one of the best teams in the NFC. With Cle definitely taking one, the supply doesn’t meet the demand meaning that a bunch of teams are gonna go into next season resting their hope on McCown, Taylor, and Keemum, and a bunch of teams are going to draft QB busts in the first round. I just hope this isn’t a replay of the 2011 draft where teams bet the future of their franchises on Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbart, and Christian Ponder based on nothing more than desperation. IMO Darnold is the only day one starter. Rosen and Mayfield could develop quickly. The rest are huge question marks.
  10. What’s awesome is of those 9 defensive first rounders, we only have 4 on our roster.
  11. I know this is meant as hyperbole but Macc paid $6M for a jag QB that went 2-22 the past three seasons. Whats it gonna cost for a QB breaking completion % records and winning 4 games with a roster that was supposed to win zero? Probably a hell of lot more than $6M. Plus Bowles obviously loves him.
  12. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    The problem with most of these QBs is that there is no track record. Stidham has started 13 games. Three were with Baylor in 2015, 10 with Auburn. Now he isn’t lighting up defenses and that may be due to Auburn’s offense. But look at the difference between Darnold’s first and second year. There is just not enough film on him yet to feel good about. Making him a high pick. The Alabama game next week will go a long way in determining what he brings to the table.
  13. QB's...

    If I’m Macc why even have Petty or Hack on the roster? Bowles just refuses to play either of them, with or without cause. My latest fear is that we sign Tyron Taylor after he’s cut and we skip QB altogether this draft. That’s a fireable offense and indicates that we don’t want to win, we want to be average. Everybody needs to go if that is the case.
  14. QB's...

    Thanks for posting. I’ve followed both all year. Tanner Lee has been terrible. His interception % is significantly higher than every other QB prospect that I can find. Completion % is terrible, 57%, Nebraska vs Northern IL: Tanner Lee was 25-47 (53%) 0 TDs and 3 Ints. Thorson’s stats are marginally better but NW is winning in spite of Thorson. Their RB is carrying that offense. I cant imagine why either of these guys wants to go pro other than looking forward to being a practice squad QB. I have at least 12 QBs ranked higher than both of these guys. Many GM taking either of these QBs won’t be taking them based on what they accomplished this year.
  15. He’s a junior. The only seniors that are highly ranked QBs are Mayfield, Rudolph, Falk, and Riley Ferguson.