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  1. As much as I cannot wait until our coaching search begins, this roster is trash. It’s a 0-16 roster that a Bill Parcells and his 1998 coaching staff couldn’t win 4 games with. Beyond terrible. If our corners were SO bad, why did we completely ignore the position in FA and the draft? No one expected Hall to be healthy for the beginning of the season. And we have two healthy WRs, one of which was on our PS yesterday. I’m glad the OL looks improved. Every other unit is trash.
  2. What stage is it when you are running mock drafts at herald time?
  3. The unfortunate thing about this bottom up rebuild is that we are going to ruin the #1 asset this team has in Darnold.
  4. We need a HC that can develop talent. With all the draft capital we have, we have got to get production out of these picks. As much faith as I have in Douglass, how in the hell is our entire draft injured?
  5. The right hire would have been Matt Rhule. We blew that one. The next choice is PJ Fleck at the U of Minnesota.
  6. Have to consider all of the dead money owed to Adams, Mosley, Enunwa, and Trumaine Johnson played a roll in this. But I agree, 5here was a reason we didn’t throw around stupid money in free agency.
  7. Let’s add P. J Fleck from University of Minnesota. Similar to Matt Rhule, he is a program builder. with Joe Douglass obviously building through the draft with a lot of younger players, we need someone who is a teacher and team builder. This guy turned Minnesota into a relevant college football team. What we do not need is a retread coach who will try to win at all cost and thus sacrifice the development of these young players for Jags just to win an extra game. Darnold is going to be a super star. Joe is going to build the OL around him. We are going to need a coach that is going to be able to develop defensive talent without having to 10 straight years of 1st round picks. A coach that can develop mid round and I drafted players into contributors.
  8. I would add PJ Fleck from the University of Minnesota. He is a program builder, sort of in the same manner that Matt Rhule is. He’s rebuilt W. Mich and Minnesota. Was a WR with the Niners briefly, WR coach with Rutgers and then TB Bucs before taking over W. Mich.
  9. There are some scouts that warn those that are distracted by his athletism will miss the holes in his technique and his game. Said he is raw similar to the NYG’s recent top ten pick Erick Flowers. Becton may end up being the best OL of this group but how long do you have to wait for it. Sam Darnold doesn’t have three years to wait. We don’t have the roster to compensate for a top 11 pick not to step in immediately and contribute.
  10. Looking at what the scouts are saying about Judy and Ruggs, it depends on what type of player you want. Like Amari Cooper versus Tyreek Hill with better hands and no baggage. Jeudy lines up in the slot a lot. I think if Ruggs can overcome the press coverage at the next level, his ceiling is considerably higher. Jeudy is a safer risk though. But the entire defense is going to have to know where Ruggs is at the minute he breaks the huddle. He never drops passes and is lightning fast. You don’t win by not taking risks. I would take Ruggs at 11 and then do what you can to get Josh Jones, Ezra Cleveland, of Austin Jackson later on.
  11. If we needed to draft a back up QB, I like Cole McDonald as a late round flyer. Has a great deep ball and he is very athletic for a 6’4 220 QB. I would assume that t he FO would prefer Lynn Bowden, Kentucky’s Superman because of his versatility. WR, RB, QB.
  12. I am thinking LA makes a run with either Cam or Winston and are not locked into taking a QB at 6. At least not Herbert. Instead, the start the run on OTs. LAC, Car, AZ, and Cle. That will leave us taking Ruggs, which I can get behind.
  13. I don’t think the Eagles have the ammo (at least in this years draft) after trading for Slay.
  14. Great post. But it’s hard to think any of those three are going to be there at 48. Which means because of our desperation, we will be drafting for need over taking more talented players at WR like Ruggs, Lamb, or Jeudy.

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