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  1. I think the Jets consider it based on Hewitt and McClellen’s injuries. McClellen is probably out. If Hewitt can’t go and Mosley is still out that leaves us with one healthy ILB. Another option would be to bring Burgess back from the PS.
  2. This problem goes back 30 years. Since the Al Toon injuries. Esiason with Coslet handcuffing him. To Kotite. Save from One year of a healthy VInny T, we endured several years of injury/limited Pennington, selfish Favre, limited Sanchez, Geno, one weird year of Fitz, McCown. After watching last year, I was optimistic but our offense is worse than Sanchez against the Ravens bad. From what I have seen the past three games, I am fearful for Darnold. Brady, Rodgers, and Mahomes couldn’t produce with our current combination of coaching, O line, and skill players.
  3. I think the bigger question for us fans...how the hell do we find 5 new starting OL in one offseason? Another curiosity of mine...3 of these OL played last season and were not this bad. So my guess is before today, the only change has been Kalil and Gase. Since we can only change one of them right now, Harrison needs to be playing.
  4. Watching the Jets post game, they said the Leo is double teamed more than any other defender in the league behind only Aaron Donald. So Leo has been doubled more than Khalil Mack.Leo’s only problem is that we have no one else on the Dline that warrants any game planning. Why don’t we wait until Q is healthy and see what they can manage before we end up cutting one of the very few assets this team has.
  5. First, this thread is entirely premature. Lamar Jackson played the two worst teams on the planet. Let’s see how he does against a real NFL team. Maybe go back and watch his playoff game last year.. Mayfield was trash last night. His stats at one point last night were 11-24-167-0-0. Against our corners and no Mosley, Q, or Jenkins (for most of the game,) with OBJ, Landry, Njoku, and a far superior OL, while getting the ball in great territory all night. It wasn’t until OBJ made another amazing play that his numbers improved. Put Mayfield on the Jets and he is a bust. I hate to say it but in two years, the only players on our O that are still here are Darnold, Bell, Herndon, and Crowder. Maybe Anderson. And that is a good thing. I fully expect a massive turnover this coming offseason.
  6. I tend to agree with you. Another aspect no one has looked into, how do you keep a TE you draft at #3? The 5th year guarantee will be close to $18M. He would have to be a transcending player at that position to be worth that. So you either lose a player taken #3 overall after 4 seasons, or you grossly overpay. And you can only afford that if you have a QB still on their rookie deal, which Darnold would not be.
  7. It started many years before this with Randy Moss. Over and over again, they play by different rules than the rest of the league.
  8. Polite is not going on our PS. Why the heck would he sign here where the CS and FO hate him. And for us, if he didn’t even warrant keeping him to develop AT ALL, why bother. He will go elsewhere for a new start.
  9. Judging by this thread, there has been no music to come out since the mid 80’s. Im old as hell but still stay on top of all new metal and see about 8 concerts a year. Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake Behemoth - Evangelion Gojira - Magma Slayer - Repentless YOB - Our Raw Heart Honorable Mention: Tool - Fear Inoculum (Just from the title track, the reviews, and anticipation.)
  10. Well Pro Football Focus had every single one our picks rated in their top 250 prospects. Even the Rutgers Kid. Chuma Edoba was rated #64 and Cashman was #59. I think the consensus is that Williams is a better, more talented prospect at this point of his career than Aaron Donald and Polite, had it not been for some immaturity and bad Agent advice, he would have been long gone before we got him. Brian Baldinger called Wesco a “Baby Gronk.” I think that despite not getting any immediate help on the OL or secondary, this draft will look good in three years.
  11. Chad Ford has said for a while the Jets are very high on Connor McGovern. Said he could start as a rookie. At this point, I’m hoping he is the pick.
  12. You’re right. And I was alive and had already invested almost 20 years of my life to the Jets when we traded out of that top pick. And there are plenty of worst case scenarios where we didn’t trade down. How many HoFers were selected after we took Dwayne Robertson? None of this will matter if MacC and Hiemerdinger don’t improve on their success rate on day 2 and 3 of the draft.
  13. Just think back a few years...if Houston, instead of taking Clowney, traded down accumulated a bunch of picks and then took Aaron Donald?
  14. I’m so glad we have a QB. What a train wreck this guy is.
  15. Yep. The only difference between the two was that there was only one person in the entire world that thought Ha k was going to be good - not counting his Mama. Oliver is going to be a top pick and with comparisons to Aaron Donald, could be elite, right away, in the right system.

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