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  1. Pcola

    Re-Sign Henry Anderson

    I was thinking if Anderson, who has proven to be a really good 3-4 end, wanted to maximize his earning potential, he will probably go elsewhere. Would it be smart to pay him for his production last year when going forward, he might play 30% of the snaps? We are all smart enough to realize that every team plays both fronts. It’s just utilizing our assets appropriately. Add that unless we move down in this draft, we are going to have a DL at 3.
  2. Pcola

    Re-Sign Henry Anderson

    I like Anderson but the Colts traded him for basically nothing because he doesn’t fit the 4-3. If Williams is going to implement his defense, then he will probably sign elsewhere.
  3. Pcola

    NFL = WWE?

    Been saying this for years. When a team like the Pats go a full season with only 5 pass interferences called against them is ridiculous. That’s about 1 game for Skrine. So a team with inferior players on their OL and secondary but never get flagged for holding or PI, it’s not hard to win in this league.
  4. Pcola

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    I think Manning spoke to C. Johnson.
  5. Pcola

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    He beat us quite a bit. Beat the Pats a hell of a lot more than we did. This last year, his FO traded away his #1 player on offense and his #1 player on defense and then gave him Bryce Petty and Osweiler to back up Tannehill who missed the entire previous season.
  6. Pcola

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Gase wasn’t my first choice but how the guy won anything with Tannehill, Osweiler, Cutler, Tebow tells you something. Darnold is better off with him than McCarthy.
  7. What’s the rush, McCarthy has no other options. Can’t wait till our new OC Ben McAdoo is the one we are empowering to develop the most important player the Jets have had in 50 years. This is why we suck. Continuously.
  8. But McCarthy, who’s priority was to stay close to spend time with his school age boys back in Wisconsin and who word around the league is no longer a “grinder” tells me he won’t be 100% in but will milk the Johnson’s out about $40M. No worries, in two seasons they can fire Mac and whichever failed retread they bring in and we can start the whole process over again.
  9. So a majority of Jets fans want McCarthy. What happens when Macadoo and Joe Philbin are the offensive innovators that are brought in to turn Darnold into a super star? Hard pass. The best HEAD COACH of these last four guys is Rhule. As long as we can get great coordinators, he is going to fix the Culture in our organization and win a ton of games sooner than later. Think long term and not about rewarding a recently fired coach for winning a SB a decade ago and then resting on that fact for the rest of his career.
  10. I read that Bosa and Quinnen are top picks in ANY draft. Apparently these are going to be elite players out of the gate. Also read where the WRs and OL are weak which really sucks for us. Read there are going to be a ton of busts at WR in this draft.
  11. My issue with Monken is that this is the first time (as an OC) that he has really stood out. The TB team was bad enough to fire their HC despite their offense really shining. Why didn’t he get a courtesy interview with them? Any, Albert Breer specualated that Monken is primarily viewed as an OC for what ever coach we hire. Said the same thing about Kingsbury if we hire McCarthy. Apparently Kingsbury worked under McCarthy and respects the hell out of him.
  12. If MCarthy is the choice, then we can assume he will have his own staff. By the volume of candidates we have already been linked to, in addition to who we are linked to, I doubt he’s the slam dunk many think he is.
  13. Apparently this is a league rule. WC teams coaches cannot interview this week. They have to wait until after their first game. Breer or Slater reported that we are interviewing Richard on Sunday. Breer also mentioned that Monken would be in consideration for the OC job more than HC. Perhaps CJ is covering his basis if they are serious about Richard, by bringing in a very talented OC. I wonder if Kingsbury would consider it if they made him one of the highest paid assistant coaches or gave him a longer than usual contract.
  14. Pcola

    Iowa State is a better job than the NYJ

    College coaches look at what the NFL did to Saban and would rather not hurt their potential. Matt Campbell will be in line for a power house school in another year or two. Somewhere he can make more than most NFL coaches yet not have the extreme pressure week to week with the likelihood of what will amount to a four year job.
  15. My thought is Monken would be a candidate for OC if we hire a a defensive HC or a college guy.

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