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  1. SPCPA - My daughter and I live near Raleigh and just got our tickets. Probably not gonna be able to make it Saturday night, as she just had a baby less than a month ago and I don’t think she is ready for an overnight without her. What time will things start Sunday morning? Thanks!!
  2. Think: Roman, Martindale, Daboll Want: Dabo Swinney, A. Smith, Joe Brady, Bieniemy
  3. In an interview yesterday, Dabo Swinney compared TL with Deshawn Watson, only with a bigger stature and stronger arm. He loaded about TL’s character. I love Sam Darnold, more than any other QB prospect the Jets have ever had, but let another organization pay him the $30M annually while he figures it out. We need a QB rookie deal to rebuild this pathetic excuse of a roster.
  4. Of course with the 20 pounds I’ve gained since working remotely, this one won’t fit as well as the others. 🐷
  5. Same here. Bout a Darnold rookie jersey and an Adams Color Rush in 2018. 2019 bought the new Gotham Green Adams and the Stealth Black Darnold. Last off-season I bought the white Darnold. Its gonna be a while before I buy another jersey.
  6. I honestly doubt that Trevor Lawrence stays in school. All he has to do is rewatch Dak’s injury. Dak cost himself at least $40M and could miss more than an entire year. He’ll declare and Joe Douglass’s reputation around the league will help him feel good about going to NY.
  7. This wasn’t a knock on either candidate, just that at least in Roman’s case, the culture that Harbaugh has created in Baltimore could be taken for granted. For any first time head coach coming in here is a hard enough learning curve, having to deal with the NY media, but also having to break the losing, tanking culture this team has had For most of the past 10 years, can they handle it? Daboll has seen disfunction before. But no matter how much he has learned from McDermott, McDermott doesn’t have to deal with the NY media. He was able to build that Buffalo roster with little to no scrutiny. It’s much easier to have a great culture in Buffalo. In NY everything that a player or assistant says is overanalyzed and looks poorly on the head coach. Matt Rhule turned over Temple and Baylor. Fleck turned over E. Mich and Minnesota. We need an organizer who can bring in talented coaches that can develop all of the draft picks we have the next couple of years. We screwed up Darnold. If we don’t turn this around soon, the Johnsons are going to run off a good portion of the fan base.
  8. Well let’s assume that his X’s and O’s could take precedent over how he motivates his current student athletes. And just maybe he could come up with different methods of motivating his professional athletes. While we are not talking about the Jets bringing in Lou Holtz to write a Jets fight song, whoever we bring in is going to have to bring out the most of a very young roster.
  9. A couple of things to keep in mind, the only teams picking ahead of us right now (Giants and Falcons) have more talent and are better coached. They also play much easier schedules. Atl could win their next two games. The Giants still play Was and Phi twice each this season. The Jets schedule is absolutely brutal. Our only chances for victory are Miami where we are 9.5 point underdogs and at LAC. As far as rooting for losses, look at it this way. The only players on this team that will be part of the rebuild are guys we drafted this year and very few others. Maybe Quinnen, Fatukasi, Phillips, and F. Myers. So are we to root for Flacco, Perriman, and Gore to play lights out and win an upset so we can lose out on the best QB prospect in 38 years?
  10. PJ Fleck from the U. Of Minnesota is sort of in the Matt Rhule mood. He has turned MN into a national power and has developed several Gophers into NFL players. Hiring Roman or Daboll because of their offensive experience will be short sighted. We need someone that will reset the culture in our organization. Right now the only defensive starter guaranteed to return is Q and he may be traded. We are going to need a HC who knows how to teach. Not another coordinator that is going to want to sign and play jag players that have played for them before. We are going to need to play most of our draft picks. Turn around our culture so we can start using all of our cap space on free agents who would be willing to come here.
  11. Sam Darnold has JuJu and Michael Pittman to throw to at USC. So it’s safe to say his supporting cast was better at USC than his tenure with the Jets is easy. But for any QB to throw 43 TDs without an INT is unreal. Scouts are calling TL the best QB prospect since Elway. Said Luck was an elite prospect but didn’t play in the spot light much at Stanford. Lawrence has been playing in the spotlight since he was 13 yo. Manning couldn’t beat FL. He leaves TN and Tee Martin wins the national championship the next year. And you know what, for all of Manning’s accolades, he got beat quite a bit in the playoffs. Darnold year 5 at $25M+ <<<<<<<<<<<TL year 2 on a rookie deal.
  12. Look, I love Darnold more than anybody. I watched every single game of his during his last season at USC. But... Lawrence hasn’t thrown an interception since last October 19. Since then he has thrown for nearly 4,000 yards and 43 TDs. If Darnold ever reaches his ceiling, it still will he no where near what Lawrence’s is. Plus Darnold is getting paid in two years. We have time to rebuild with a QB on a rookie deal. Lus there is no way you could trade that top pick and get what it is worth. Best QB prospect since Elway.
  13. If memory serves me correctly, Campbell’s name came up early on during the last coaching search but he declined to interview. Hopefully he is ready for a move now.
  14. So more safeties than WR. This roster is criminal to the fans.
  15. My thoughts would be 2021: 1, 2, & 4 2022: 1, & 3 2023: 1 & 3 This would also have to mean that we are convinced that Sam Darnold can have a Tannehill resurgence AND has signed a team friendly extension. This would give the Jets in the next three drafts: 2021: Two picks in the first 5 rounds 2022: 3 first and rounders and 2 thirds 2023: 2 first rounders and 2 thirds. The thought is this, this deal is gonna have to seen like both teams got screwed in order to be fair. My fear is that Jets are not even in year 1 of our rebuild. The only long term blue chip players we have are Becton and Darnold. We still need to find 3 starters on our OL, a pass catching, TE, a RB to team with Perine, and basically at least a #1 and #2 WR. And as bad as that sounds, the defense is Where the biggest problem is. The only starters we have signed beyond this season are Q, Anderson (who will likely be cut) and Mosley, who will be out of football for two years by then. We can’t have a QB making $30M while we are trying to turn this roster completely over. So to recap, I love Darnold, but at this point you decline his 5 year option, draft Lawrence (or if we don’t end up picking first, Fields or Lance and go from there.
  16. As much as I cannot wait until our coaching search begins, this roster is trash. It’s a 0-16 roster that a Bill Parcells and his 1998 coaching staff couldn’t win 4 games with. Beyond terrible. If our corners were SO bad, why did we completely ignore the position in FA and the draft? No one expected Hall to be healthy for the beginning of the season. And we have two healthy WRs, one of which was on our PS yesterday. I’m glad the OL looks improved. Every other unit is trash.
  17. What stage is it when you are running mock drafts at herald time?
  18. The unfortunate thing about this bottom up rebuild is that we are going to ruin the #1 asset this team has in Darnold.
  19. We need a HC that can develop talent. With all the draft capital we have, we have got to get production out of these picks. As much faith as I have in Douglass, how in the hell is our entire draft injured?
  20. The right hire would have been Matt Rhule. We blew that one. The next choice is PJ Fleck at the U of Minnesota.
  21. Have to consider all of the dead money owed to Adams, Mosley, Enunwa, and Trumaine Johnson played a roll in this. But I agree, 5here was a reason we didn’t throw around stupid money in free agency.
  22. Let’s add P. J Fleck from University of Minnesota. Similar to Matt Rhule, he is a program builder. with Joe Douglass obviously building through the draft with a lot of younger players, we need someone who is a teacher and team builder. This guy turned Minnesota into a relevant college football team. What we do not need is a retread coach who will try to win at all cost and thus sacrifice the development of these young players for Jags just to win an extra game. Darnold is going to be a super star. Joe is going to build the OL around him. We are going to need a coach that is going to be able to develop defensive talent without having to 10 straight years of 1st round picks. A coach that can develop mid round and I drafted players into contributors.
  23. I would add PJ Fleck from the University of Minnesota. He is a program builder, sort of in the same manner that Matt Rhule is. He’s rebuilt W. Mich and Minnesota. Was a WR with the Niners briefly, WR coach with Rutgers and then TB Bucs before taking over W. Mich.
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