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  1. Plenty of things to dislike about this team. No need to bring up foolish stuff like this.
  2. Bell looks better than Barkley this season. Is Saquon too old now too? Chill. Bad olines make the best skill players look bad. Good olines make mediocre skill players look great. Just fix the oline decently and Bell will be elite again.
  3. 1,000 minimum rep points before being allowed to start a thread. Or at least have mods approve threads. It'll help keep out this riffraff.
  4. My confidence in Sam is only limited by my trust the Jets will build at least an NFL caliber oline over the next 3 years. So 50/50.
  5. Cops should have ran on the field and arrested him immediately.
  6. He'd also being telling us we had the perfect team and to ignore the fake standings.
  7. Pretty sure he tried to buy a team. Owners didn't want him in the league.
  8. A TE isn't gonna help much. Sam needs an oline. Hell even great vets do. Did ya see Rivers last night? He was horrible because Oakland was getting a bunch of pressure. And their oline is much better than the Jets oline.
  9. Lol @ this oline creating holes. They only create holes for the defense to run through.

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