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  1. Something is really wrong here. Unimportant Safeties making big plays. Our draft bust Quinnen coming through big time. The QB we want to replace with an early draft pick next year playing awesome! Our crap WRs destroying Dallas's secondary. Hopefully we get things corrected in the 2nd half. This just SUCKS.
  2. But you don't think these recent Jet games were trash?
  3. We should beat the Pats with Sam n Mosley back.
  4. What the sh#t Mosley? Freakin practice already! Gase said Mosley would have played last week if Sam did. Hopefully just resting even more because it's Wednesday.
  5. Gotta be better than this fun fact... The Jets are averaging 13.5 yards per drive this year. Christian McCaffrey is averaging 14.2 yards per drive this year.
  6. Sucks this happened and we're starting 0-4. But now I'm psyched again to actually start the season. Tike to kick Dallas's ass.
  7. I'm making all my nieces and nephews Jet fans. If I have to buy like 40 extra gifts a year for bdays n xmas... damn right imma make them suffer too.
  8. I remember reading it's almost like clockwork though with the spleen reducing in size after around a month or so for mono. So it would seem that should be right about now.
  9. Money. You see all the commercials running with that crap QB Mayfield? It should be Sam with that marketing deal. For that to happen, he has to play... well.
  10. Which team is in better shape? Jets at 0-4 with 3rd string QB. Sam coming back this week (hopefully). Or Cleveland 2-3 with their "star" young QB for all their games.
  11. Be happy the D looks solid and wait for Sam to get a few healthy games under his belt.

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