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  1. I disagree. Macc doesn't seem to care what fans and media believe. A great quality imo.
  2. I do. I'm surprised you believe Macc didn't want Sam the whole time since he was visting Darnold almost every other week.
  3. I actually don't think this is true. He spent all of last year obsessed with Darnold. Making many trips to go see him. I think he knew what would get the deal done with Cousins and did just enough to appear as though he was trying, without actually getting him. Remember, much of the foolish sports media/"experts" and most of our fan base wanted Cousins. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Thankfully Macc saw through the BS and just humored the fans and media. That's a sign of a great manager/leader. Might even come in handy when determining what to do with Bowles.
  4. Maybe Bowles would hire him as a LB coach.
  5. Macc went to watch Sam play like 5 or 6 times last season. Under the radar. Guy knows what he's doing. Our future looks bright...
  6. Yes, but only if Miami wins out and NE loses next week to Buffalo too. http://www.espn.com/nfl/playoffs/machine
  7. Mike135

    Grade the Jets Coordinators

    Bates: F Rodgers: B Boyer: B
  8. Mike135

    A Play That Stood Out To Me

    There's more than two. We're not a bad team. Especially considering a rookie QB and the current rebuild.
  9. Mike135

    A Play That Stood Out To Me

    Our future looks bright. Great young talent/leaders on offense and defense. 120 million in cap space next year. How is this possible with such bad management and coaching?
  10. Jets hanging with a playoff team. Good argument for Bowles being given another year.
  11. Mike135

    Tru Johnson

    Hopkins is that old?
  12. Mike135

    Tru Johnson

    No need to. Claiborne is great. No one is stopping Hopkins though. That'd be tough for prime-Revis.

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