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  1. I can't stop watching this. It's better than football or porn.
  2. Honestly seeing Jamal play great and win was pretty cool tonight. I wish I could leave this team. Dude is lucky and I'm happy for him. Hope he has a great long career. Love watching the dude play.
  3. The Jets are actually making 2020 worse. I can't wait for this game to end so I can then enjoy football the rest of the day.
  4. AJ Green would beg to differ. Dude just can't throw the ball well to AJ. Other than that, kid definitely looks pretty good.
  5. I'd say trade for him regardless. The pace we're on now leads to an off-season not knowing if Sam is worth building around. Would we draft a new QB? If we traded for Robinson, we'd have the season to know if Sam can play well with a decent squad around him. If he plays well, try to re-sign Robinson, or use the draft to go after a WR. If Sam still can't produce with Robinson, then reset and draft a new QB.
  6. Are we prepared to pay similar? His career statistics are close to those of Keenan Allen, who recently signed a four-year extension with the Chargers averaging more than $20 million per season. Allen has played one more season than Robinson has.
  7. Really? If so then hell yeah. Just lost Bell (possibly our best receiver) and Mims still out. Things are going to get messy real quick. Douglas has to go get AR.
  8. Who needs Bell and Mims? As long as we have Hogan, we're good.
  9. You don't think Chris Hogan keeps opposing defensive coordinators awake at night?
  10. Definitely. I just figure if he has any say on where he gets traded to, he'd prefer the Jets in NY who will undoubtedly make him the focus of the offense. It'd give him a big stage to raise his value for free agency.
  11. If you wanted out of your hometown and were in a contract year, wouldn't a team in NY that will definitely make you the focus of the offense be a good option?
  12. He has no choice in the trade. Signing will take the offense performing well this year once he shows up. Plus obviously a big pay day. But we'd get a guy in a contract year. See how he does and then decide whether to spend big on him or Juju. Or target a WR in the draft. Seems like a win to me regardless. Need to figure out if Sam is legit, so can then decide whether to draft a new QB.

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