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  1. Just on the shore. That rain/snow line kicks ass.
  2. Actually I think the NYC region has officially become subtropical now. Thank you global warming! I haven't had to shovel my driveway in years.
  3. Congrats to Tampa. Took a while for them to gel n become good (covid probably didn't help), but well earned.
  4. Since he has the ability to approve of where he's traded to, wouldn't it make sense for him to tell the team he wants not to offer too much. Say he does actually want to come to the Jets. Couldn't he get a message to Douglas saying don't worry about matching Miami. Just offer 2 #1s and that'll be the best offer Houston will receive from a team he'd approve of.
  5. I read this as him saying screw Houston, he wants to be a Jet...
  6. Ha, cause others have done so well. Just look at our history though. I'd argue that draft we got Brick n Nick was what gave us our few years of playoff runs. QB may be the most important position. But oline as a whole is the most important position group in the game.
  7. I am all for keeping Sam and building the "boring" way. For example I'd be thrilled using our 1st 3 picks on oline and get Thuney in free agency. Basically trying to build the best oline known to man. But Watson is just too good to ignore. I think he's a top 4 QB... on a crap team while the other 3 are on good teams. And he's only 25. If we can get him for 3 firsts, I'm all for it. Especially considering we have Seattle's firsts and decent compensation from trading Sam.

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