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  1. If Zach was traded to Houston for DW... would you be pissed? I wouldn't.
  2. Big checks are nice and all, but does anyone work for a company that can supply nurses like that for the JetNation tailgate? Jokes aside (though it would be nice)... Best wishes to Lauren!
  3. Not sign Tebow. That proved we were a joke of a franchise. Also showed how ownership/management thinks of us fans. They think we're idiots who prefer BS over quality football.
  4. Don't sleep on AC. It's going through a bit of a resurgence now. Imo, mainly due to the Hard Rock. It's definitely a fun getaway for a few days... https://www.gettysburgtimes.com/news/business/article_19edf15f-5283-5a18-b370-2c489ffc0427.html
  5. Great to see. But physique doesn't mean **** in the NFL...
  6. Wish I could plan that far out. Good chance I'd buy in, but not 'til August at the earliest. I don't even know what my plan is for this weekend yet. Regardless, good to see things returning to normal.
  7. Black, or the old school one. I love the 80s, but let's not over do it. The 80s logo can be the throwback in 20 years.
  8. All I know is, if it turns out to be the oline, we'll be in playoff contention.
  9. That seems really cheap for a Tackle that was rated something like 18th overall. What am I missing?
  10. Granted I started watching this at 1am... but it was putting me to sleep. Listening to 5 people congratulate every draft pick with the same comments every time was painful.
  11. Well someone better be lighting a fire under their asses in that locker room right now...
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