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  1. Just jokes guys. This Arod BS has become boring. We gotta entertain ourselves somehow.
  2. I don't see anyone discussing another very real possibility. What if Rodgers comes here, but Zach out plays him this summer? Does Zach start and do we bring back his best buddy Berrios?
  3. Was he referring to his football career? Or the 9/11 conspiracy?
  4. He's too small anyway. We need IK Enemkpali back.
  5. Try a bidet. A little squirt-squirt can get things moving along.
  6. I like the idea of players letting Arod know too much of his shi+ won't be tolerated. I mean if this is how it's starting... come preseason, maybe the oline lets a DE through untouched to teach Aaron how to behave. Great player. But damn he can be annoying.
  7. Good to hear players are starting to get tired of Rodgers' shi+. Tell the dumbass to crap or get off the pot.
  8. We need to sign IK Enemkpali. Just in case Rodgers tries some of this immature BS during the season.
  9. If Arod does end up here, we need some top notch veteran leadership/captains. Rodgers is an all time great for sure, but he's also pretty damn immature. He can't be what the young guys on this team look up to.
  10. This is so damn [insert the new PC term for gay here]. Someone find Arod and beat the answer out of him.
  11. Agreed. But to be fair, most, including most here, absolutely loved drafting Zach.
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