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  1. Mike135

    Bell is now an out of shape fatty

    I think so. It takes a special type to turn down 14 million and waste a year in the interest of the 2nd half of his career. Not many have the determination or balls to do what he did.
  2. Teams can't double team both Leonard and Qinnen. This would instantly upgrade everyone on D.
  3. So is there a date of the uniform revealing?
  4. Mike135

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    I won't be disappointed if we don't land him, given his issues. With that said, could you imagine giving Sam a top 3 WR and a top 3 RB with Brown and Bell? Assuming some oline upgrades as well of course.
  5. So, yeah... the Super Bowl sucked, and the pretty facade did nothing to make it better.
  6. This guy has to be on the team...
  7. Best halftime show ever!
  8. Mike135

    Hated It!

    All this talk of pretty stadiums and uniforms...
  9. It has parking, seats, beer, hot dogs and urinals. And it doesn't say "GIANTS" on top. I love it! Also has sweet luxury options if ya want. Should they plant fresh flowers weekly?
  10. Way too many variables. Plus I don't like cheaters.
  11. Now that we know it's just a dumb commercial... no. Anyway, here's a good interview with the three...
  12. Yup. Second time vs the midgets. I live and work with midget fans. They suck.

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