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  1. Tough to mess up here. Good options at DE, OL, WR, CB or S... just grab who they like best when it's their turn.
  2. Love the pickup. For him to produce 450+ yards on a team with those weapons is pretty impressive.
  3. I took crap for saying to wait 'til the criminal proceedings before passing judgment. So much BS can be in reports n news, but when it comes time to actually charge someone, much of it can suddenly disappear. Seems like a lot of the larger accusations didn't even make it to the criminal proceedings. Glad he's off the hook, the smear job ultimately failed. I mean this all came out right as he was pissing off some powerful rich dudes? Kinda suspicious no? And I'd take him as QB any day.
  4. The game will be some nice filler for the epic halftime show.
  5. Rooting: Bengals Think: Rams Though wouldn't be upset if Stafford gets a ring after suffering in Detroit so long.
  6. Probably wouldn't do it. I'd need to sit in good seats (1st or 2nd level, inside the 20s) because who wants a crap view when tv is better? And I'd need to buy at least 4 tickets to watch with fam. So what? $10k tickets × 4. $40k? Na. Gimme the couch and 70" TV.
  7. Awesome game. But the lack of defense in final 2 minutes was sickening.
  8. Eh. My family has been devastated for decades by the Jets.
  9. This is probably the happiest I've ever been the season is over. And that's saying a lot. Will be a real nice 4 month break 'til draft time.
  10. I mean the Center would likely play LT for us a bunch. So he could move the needle a bit.
  11. Top 4 WRs out. Top 2 LTs out. Could (should) be worse. Rob has got these guys playing with some heart.
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