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  1. Good to hear. There's the whole offseason to hate on the guy if needed. May as well try to support him during the season as he's doing well.
  2. There was no way to give a real assessment of things with those first 4 games and a rookie QB. 6 games in @ 3-3, Bowles gets a B+ from me. Well done Todd. Macc is up there as well with Lee and Adams playing great. Great time to be a Jet fan. We're set at GM, coach and qb for years.
  3. Mike135


    The NFL without defense really kinda sucks.
  4. Mike135

    Jets + 3 vs Vikings

    Really need Trumaine Johnson back for this one.
  5. Mike135

    Amari Cooper

  6. Sure. I'm just worried about missing our #1 and #3 CBs. Suppose it's not a bad matchup to get others work though.
  7. Mike135

    the circus is back in town

    Do you know any giant fans?
  8. Jets aren't much healthier. Sounds like Johnson and Skrine will be out. Leonard Williams didn't practice today. Crowell hasn't practiced all week.
  9. I thought that was nickname for years now.
  10. Sucks if Crow is out, but yeah seeing Cannon get some work would be cool.
  11. Crowell (ankle) wasn't wearing a helmet or pads and appeared to be a spectator for Thursday's practice, Ethan B. Greenberg of the Jets' official site reports. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/jets-isaiah-crowell-not-practicing-thursday/ Sucks. The guy killed it last week. The long runs were great of course, but tossing that dlineman to the ground was just sick. (0:47 mark)...
  12. This place lately... Enjoy life a bit. Chill, have a beer...
  13. Mike135

    Back Page NY Daily News

    Yup. Just like last month was JetNation's best month. Guys here LOVE to complain and tear the Jets down. If the Jets start winning... JetNation's #s will likely drop a bit.

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