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  1. Mike135

    Spam Redirects

    No problem. Thanks for looking into it. Samsung Galaxy S8. Using Chrome. Just ran a Malwarebytes scan, and all clean. Only happens here. I get random redirects to this... No way to back out of it. Need to close the tab, revisit JetNation and just hope it doesn't happen again. Almost seems like it's a script on a delayed/random timer. Cause it let's you hang for a while before redirecting you. If it keeps up, I'll dig through the scripts and try to find the culprit when I get the time.
  2. Mike135

    Spam Redirects

    Anyone else getting randomly redirected while on this site? Only happens here and is happening roughly 25% of the time. Click on a thread, read a couple posts, and then redirect to... Can't back out either. Need to close the window and try again. Android, Chrome, Samsung S8.
  3. I didn't say it was sexy time with someone else.
  4. BS. Leave bars at 3am. Diner til 4:30. 4:45 = sexy time
  5. They should beat Chicago. Which Game will the Jets win this year? It's a very suggestive thread title.
  6. Oline is our main weakness. And LT is still top dog, so Whitworth.
  7. Mike135

    Jets OTA’s - 5/29

    Last week... This week...
  8. Mike135

    Jets OTA’s Day 2

  9. With a rookie QB now, Bowles should be safe for at least three years. Barring something out of the ordinary. Nothing worse for a young QB than instability. If Bowles was on thin ice, he should have been fired before the draft.
  10. They can beat the Pats, but no way can they win enough games this season to out-pace them for the division.
  11. God damn it. Does this mean more endless sports betting commercials like Draft Kings?
  12. Mike135

    chris is happy

    If Chris is right and things do get better from now on, I will sell out and support Woody's boss. In hopes of keeping Woody away from the team.
  13. This is why we should have taken The Chosen Rosen.
  14. We can't use his grandfather's nickname? Dick Hammer is hard to beat.