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  1. We don't need defense now. We have Darnold.
  2. Was thinking about posting a poll asking Cousins supporters if they still prefer Cousins to Darnold, but no need to live in the past.
  3. I understand the sentiment, but perhaps boobs would be better.
  4. Mike135

    OT: Sunday Night Baseball Crew

    The announcers imo: Chick is great. Arod pretty good. Other dude... not so much.
  5. Yup, i thought it was funny too. But ya gotta know his schtick ti find it funny.
  6. Look for an old white guy in a Bmw tshirt.
  7. They gotta be more clear. Missed him how? Bad throw or didn't see it? Edit: Cimini clarified.
  8. They didn't even sign off and say it was ending. Just cut the feed mid-interview with Coles. I'd expect better production from high school audio/video class.
  9. If they keep ruining the game, spectators will drop at a faster pace.
  10. If helmets come off, I'd imagine cleats would have to as well. I had plenty of cleat marks on helmets. Heck, and hard surface would have to be removed. Even with that you'd still have an increase in concussions. Helemts help absord even hard ground hits.
  11. Makes sense. Don't really see a problem with it. Instead of high schools having four rosters (fresh/soph/jv/var) maybe just have two. Or even one. Hell, maybe only larger schools field teams. Better than changing the sport completely.
  12. It's why i had to wait until HS. My mother was one of those overprotective types. An RN to make matters worse. Anyone who didn't know brain damage could occur bashing your head around didn't really have much to lose anyway. Those first few times you take hits are a rude awakening. It's your choice whether you continue or not. Or at least it used to be a choice.
  13. Ugh... at least we got to experience the game when it was still great.
  14. Definitely seems like it's part of it. We also can't deny the pussification of millenials. Pretty sure they're injecting estrogen into the water.
  15. This sucks. I remember making the decision to switch from soccer to football in high school. The violence aspect was a big consideration. It's something myself and others chose to do. I can understand removing things like head hunting, but this is just sad. No one forced people to play the game.