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  1. "Want" to see? None of 'em. Want to play to lose as much as possible? Hack. (Though I'm sure Petty wouldn't win any either.)
  2. "Hey Petty looks good."

    Now these are the Jets that were supposed to get us the top draft pick! Why couldn't we have started Petty all season? This suckage is a thing of beauty.
  3. I wouldn't. Josh is the best talent on a football field imo. At any position. Sure he has to be on a field to be useful. But well worth the risk.
  4. Yup. Imo getting Gordon would almost make up for not tanking this year. Having Gordon is a legit game changer. Imagine Gordon, Aderson, Enunwa, Kearse and ASJ. They could bring back Geno and have a top 5 passing offense. Spend some of the 100 mil in cap space on the oline and this would be a dream situation for any QB. Even a later 1st round pick. It's not even a question in my mind. Call Cleveland now and tell 'em our 2nd round pick is theirs if they want it.
  5. No, it would not be crazy. Talent/skill wise, he's worth a 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Perhaps multiple 1sts. Not sure how ya factor in his off-field issues, but no way does it reduce him below a 2nd.
  6. God damn it... I really gotta get more into basketball and hockey.
  7. Agreed. But we're jet fans. We should be used to settling by now.
  8. Gotta make up your mind

    Mind was made up in August. LOSE as much as possible.
  9. Man if this was a normal year when I wanted the team to win, I would've been so freakin' pissed now. But because losses are better for us... I'm thankful for this joke of a team. Keep the losses coming.
  10. Chiefs sign Revis

    Sweet this saves us cap space! Anyone know contract details? Also looking forward to Anderson burning him.
  11. Idzik. Though it's missing sh*tzpatrick. And he would win this poll easily imo.
  12. Baker Mayfield

    With an organization this incompetent, levity can be an important tool to help us stay fans.
  13. Baker Mayfield

    I know you are, but what am I?
  14. No that'd be better. Not quite as good as 0-10, but being a playoff contender isn't a wasted season. 4-6 is no man's land and a complete failure.