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  1. I let 'em rotate back and forth until one seizes the job. But this week it'd be Zach. See if he has learned to take the short stuff while he watched White/Johnson do it well for a couple weeks.
  2. Crap. Time for Moore and Carter to go back to the fantasy bench.
  3. Is our D coordinator up top in the box or on the field? I've heard coordinator elevation plays a big role.
  4. Yeah, $1k dropped today, for that BS. Not as bad as dropping it every other week like I did when I had season tickets... but still sucked not really ever having a chance. Let's just hope Salah n JD know what they're doing.
  5. Given up? Na. He is no where close to the answer though. Kid has to earn it first. You can have blind faith if ya want. But he's played like sh*t.
  6. Lol @ either being the 'answer".
  7. Should be a "Mike" White Out in honor of our new FQB.
  8. 2 FQBs? Johnson looked good, but let's pump the brakes a bit.
  9. There's still hope he can develop into an NFL caliber QB. Has the arm talent for sure. But he has sucked big ol' donkey **** this season.
  10. 87 3-n-outs halfway through the season can have that effect. Now maybe some fans will show up Sunday?
  11. Whichever one gets traded away to another team first.
  12. I'll say Zach. But only for one game (or one half). If he hasn't learned to take the shorter stuff, bench him for White.
  13. White? He seems to be able to spread the ball around more. Letting Moore, Cole and Carter develop. Plus he makes it easier on the oline. Allowing Zach to learn from the sidelines. Or Zach? Let him learn by fire. Hopefully he has learned (from White and Johnson) that taking the shorter stuff can lead to success.
  14. Crazy. Listening to JJ speak now. We have 2 real good backups. Now if we can just get a starter. If Zach plays like sh*t next week, I'm happy to bench him (let him learn) and roll with White n Johnson.
  15. Question is if Zach has learned to not play hero-ball. Take the short stuff. If he has, maybe it's a game vs Buffalo.
  16. I'm not ready to tank. The D sucked ass tonight, but look ahead... Buffalo, ok likely a loss. Though I'm going to the game and will root like hell for the W. The next 4 after that are winnable.
  17. Even when taking a good hit. Cole >>> Mims.
  18. Elijah Moore. ... And our 2nd n 3rd string QBs are better than a 2nd overall pick.
  19. Yeah no more Mims talk please.
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