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  1. And Zach gets the job in spite of playing like sh*t and making the whole look like trash? Zach is not worth sacrificing the rest of the team. Zach should have to prove he's good before playing again. If there's hope for Zach, that's probably best for him before the fans and talking heads give up on him. He needs to learn how to play football.
  2. Um that game manager just let the rest of the team do their jobs. This team (players, coaches and GM) looked awesome today. Because the QB didn't kill them. If that's game managing... sign me up.
  3. Not a tough decision imo. Zach's ass stays glued to the bench until he proves he can run an NFL offense instead of playing hero ball. And if Mike keeps playing anything similar to how he just played, it doesn't matter what Zach does, the job should be White's. Hopefully Zach can sit for a season or two (or three+) and learn the game.
  4. So trade Zach for a 1st rounder? Next year have three 1st rounders, two 2nd rounders, two 4th rounders and ton of cap space to build around White.
  5. Wow. It's amazing how good this team looks with a competent QB. I think White has somehow even made the cheerleaders look better.
  6. So basically this is a good team with weaponz, so long as the QB is not named Zach Wlson. And wtf Mims?
  7. At least it has proven the team can compete with a competent QB.
  8. If White can keep this up, Zach needs to sit the rest of the year and learn. Crazy how much better this team looks now that they know they have a competent QB.
  9. This is great to hear. Enjoy the freedom. It's similar to finally deciding to get divorced. Your life is about to improve dramatically.
  10. I mean if you're lifting a guy above your head and he keeps crapping on your head, you likely stop lifting him. Zach keeps shi++ing on the team/fans with all the INTs and missing 3 yard throws.
  11. We should try to get Tua. Just in case Wilson really is as bad of a QB as he has looked like so far.
  12. In a division with Watson, Allen, Mac (who looks decent)... Wilson better be good.
  13. Remember way back a couple months ago when there were threads saying the Jets finally were on the right track? JD, Saleh, Wilson were all being praised even though they obviously hadn't done sh!+ yet. Let's not do that dumbsh!+ anymore.
  14. Get an inflatable pool. Weed gummies. Sex doll.
  15. I don't mind the move. Need to keep developing the rest of this team. And Flacco can run things well enough to let the young guys develop. Keep the trades coming. Ship out Crowder so Moore can get plenty of time in the slot.
  16. A few, including myself were saying that. If possible trade back a bit to add picks. Draft Pitts and a ton of oline. Draft a QB next year if Sam still sucked. At least then the rookie QB would hopefully walk into a team with some weapons and decent oline w/experience.
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