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  1. Atlantic City has great massage parlors. Or so I hear. Just sayin'...
  2. Absolutely. Though I'm just hoping to see accurate passes on wide open 2 yard passes to the flat. If Zach can't do that, he doesn't belong on a football field.
  3. Goal for today... Make accurate passes under 5 yards. Don't place the ball at the receivers feet, 2 yards behind, or 4 feet overhead. C'mon Zach, baby steps.
  4. Zach's name should not be mentioned with Mahomes. Zach sucks big ol donkey d*** so far. Patrick is a great QB.
  5. All the gambling ads are ridiculous. I hope eventually they get the cigarette treatment. As in no more commercials and ads literally EVERYWHERE. Any kids watching now will assume you drink beer, eat pizza n wings (cool), and gamble every week (bad). But the product on the field is awesome. Excluding Jersey teams of course. This Monday Nighter was great.
  6. Titans beat Bills. Jets beat Titans. Jets better than Bills. Probably the best we're gonna get all season.
  7. Zach will find a way to throw an interception today.
  8. Same here. And I have Kittle chilling in the IR spot. Not sure who to trade.
  9. To be fair, it seems like most of the players don't know what scheme they're playing either.
  10. He-he... well I'd hope so. If by week 8 or 9 Zach can't make simple passes... it'd be time to bench him. Disagree on the D. Zach has good WRs and a better oline than Sam ever had. Kid needs to play better or team needs to move forward w/o him this year. Kid suck ass so far.
  11. I'd love it. Let Zach know he has a couple weeks to get better, or Josh will start once he's ready. If that hurts Zach's feelings too much, F him. I mean doubt it would, but many claim young QBs need to be coddled.
  12. Jets score 10? 2 FGs and 2 safties?
  13. This level of failure is actually really quite an accomplishment.
  14. It think it's groundbreaking. It's where football is going. We've all seen Rodgers pull off the hail Mary 55 yard bombs with WRs grouped together. Why not do it 3 yards downfield? Genius.
  15. Sure. Whatever it takes to make Zach look good. A bad Tennessee defense. An offense possibly missing their 1 n 2 WRs. Hopefully plenty of opportunity for Zach to get into a rhythm.
  16. If Zach plays similar vs a depleted Tennessee team this week, I'll be as happy as Watson at a masseuse convention.
  17. It's amazing how entertaining football can be when the Jets aren't playing.
  18. Now the fantasy community is piling on too. Saw this blurb under Julio Jones' status... Brown was never considered likely to suit up against the Jets, but the Julio news did not break until Wednesday. Jones is the sort who could barely practice then suit up, but he is definitely on the wrong side of questionable after back-to-back DNPs. 32-year-old Jones also has a history of performing poorly when he is at less than full health. The Titans could be forced to get weird with Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, Josh Reynolds and Chester Rogers, and perhaps leave an opening for the awful Jets to steal a victory at home. Jones' status will be updated no later than Friday afternoon
  19. Think I'd be okay with it. So long as they weren't jumping off vans backflipping onto tailgating tables.
  20. It should be like smoking. My father smoked, but parents constantly said don't smoke. If they caught me w/smokes, I got my ass whooped. Same should go for the Jets. If you catch your children watching them, whoop 'em with a belt, big ass spoon, or broomstick.
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