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  1. Darnold looks like he's got the stuff. He threw a few darts last week. A couple drops hurt him, and that escape and throw on the run was really nice. I am sure this is an oversimplification, but I swear I can see him go the way of the Sanchez. Sanchez also showed some flashes early on with comebacks, gritty plays, etc. Also a pretty raw talent coming out. I think he was ruined by mismanagement. Not saying he was going to be Mahomes or Rodgers or whatever, but I think from a support and management perspective, it could have been better. I think Darnold has better stuff than Sanchez and, with the right support, I still think he could be good. I guess we'll see. Certainly if we don't see more improvement this year, it will definitely be time to worry. It's not like he's going to magically get a better line, WRs, and RBs, but hopefully we keep seeing better throws, decision making, etc.
  2. Didn't TO just race someone and he looked pretty fast? Or what about that WR who caught balls from Kap during that workout last year? Or Santonio Holmes? Always loved his game.
  3. I got that, too. Weird that it came after start of season but, for some reason, it brought me some joy. Great post above, btw. You said it perfectly!
  4. All we'd need is a time machine, and then we'd be all set in the backfield!
  5. We should try some kind of Zoom or similar thing for the first game. Maybe even for a tailgate. It will likely be weird and maybe a dumpster fire, but also might be fun.
  6. What do you all think about the no crown noise topic? I think letting us hear the pads and helmets pop, grunting/trash talking, etc would be really awesome.
  7. I have so many questions on things like this. My family and I used to go out to eat relatively often. How much of a thing will that be when this is behind us? I used to travel a ton for work. Will I ever want that back? Not sure. We shall see. I'm certain I still want to watch football. I swear that Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest was literally appointment television this July 4. I'm loosely following Nascar and even Cornhole (I love the analysis as they scribble on the cornhole boxes (?)). A Jets game - even just one on TV - would be glorious right about now.
  8. This thread has been super helpful for me. I really appreciate it. Also, this is the first thread on the internet in which you can call someone "a C" and mean it as a compliment....
  9. I think that could be for some folks. Let's say you are curious and interested but then the jets open up at full capacity with inadequate safety protocols. Maybe you're at risk or have an underlying condition and now don't want to go. Now you're stuck unloading the tickets vs never having bought in? Note that I am totally making that up just to further explore this topic. My intuition and observation is that the jets seem to be handling this well. I'm picking C.
  10. Yeah, I think B or C for me. I think we're supposed to choose by tomorrow. If I'm not going, I'd rather hold on to my own money vs. giving it to the Jets as a zero interest loan from me. C looks like you can kick it down the road just a little more vs. deciding we're out right now. If I am reading this right, if you need the cash you've already paid now, B is a pretty good choice since it's highly unlikely we'll be able to attend games this season. If you can hold off another few weeks or a month, C now with a likely refund a month for now assuming this plays out like we think it will may be best choice. Seems like that keeps the option to attend this year open just a little longer just in case. All of this said, I bet if we choose B and games DO happen, we'll be able to get back in. Who is buying my seats right now in these circumstances??
  11. I received an email from the Jets on June 29 with a link to do this. Not sure if it is personalized (I can look). Go to gmail.com and search "jets psl" and it should be your top search result (...unless you're talking about PSLs a lot in email...)
  12. My apologies if this has already been discussed, but what are folks doing with their 2020 season tickets? I believe we have until Friday to decide if we want to opt out of 2020 and either apply any payments to date towards 2021 or just get a refund. In either case, it seems it won't affect our standing for 2021 and that we'll retain the same seats. Can't predict the future, but I know there is lots of talk about no fans or limited capacity seating. What are folks doing? I'm leaning towards sitting out and taking a refund and getting back to it in 2021. I love going to games but I think it's likely (maybe not most likely, but likely) that there will be limitations on in person attendance, etc.
  13. Awesome. Gonna be great to watch games down there!
  14. They will become the Washington Dreamers. Write it down. I thought about this for a few minutes. It's a perfect name. They can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on consulting and branding strategy, etc. It's the Washington Dreamers. Start work on colors, logo, etc right now.
  15. 4 road playoff wins. Gave us a ton to cheer for!

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