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  1. Remember Ratliff? He had a couple nice throws in the 3rd or 4th quarter of a preseason game. Then anointed a would-be hall of famer by a non-trivial amount of folks on Jets message boards. Good stuff.
  2. Here is the detailed 2019 ticket pricing - https://static.clubs.nfl.com/image/upload/v1555967296/jets/e7fj4omxfknavdazonfa.pdf Here is the PSL pricing - https://www.newyorkjets.com/tickets/seating-information/pricing-chart As mentioned above, there are sites like pslsource.com for "used PSLs" (love that!) pricing. Finally, add in $25 per car per game for Yellow Parking or $35/car/game for Green Parking (not sure about Orange). Parking map here - https://static.clubs.nfl.com/image/upload/v1558537050/jets/wlxxmmeprg0jrhcms02w.pdf If you like beer, I think they're like $14 or something insane now. Cocktails and wine are like a million each. Is this what you needed?
  3. pslsource has listings from about $5k-10k for most PSLs in 135 and 142 (equivalent Lower Sideline sections on visitor side). PSLs there were originally $10k each. I hadn't looking in ages but I know a few years ago it was harder to find actual sales data (for instance, is there *any* chance that seller will get $15k each). Regardless, I interpret the above to mean you can get good seats with PSLs up to 50% off original list prices. Also, as an original buyer, it's nice to know I could probably get at least half of my original sunk cost back if I wanted. All of that said, I think there are way more significant bargains to be had if looking at other sections.
  4. I mentioned that I moved out of the area. Still get back East reasonably often and made a couple games, each of the last two seasons. Who knows what the future will bring. Currently, there's a not insignificant chance I'll move back. We shall see. I sold all of my unused tix and parking this year. Wasn't very strategic about it but wasn't completely thoughtless, either. I came out like $150 ahead on the year. Side note - looking at the StubHub fees makes me want to cry. Yes, they provide a great market place and tools, but sheesh. I hadn't looked in ages, but I just checked psl source. Looks like PSLs in my section are priced ~$5-10k each. In the mirror section on the other side of the 50, it's $5-15k. Hard to tell without sales data, but that's somewhat encouraging this many years in that you can still get something decent for them or even break even (paid $10k each from the Jets in year 1). All things considered, unless things materially change for me, I plan to continue with a passive strategy. Keep the PSLs, go when I can, sell or gift the rest. I'm also hoping this team gets hot and that there are some home playoff games in the 2020s. I love following this team and the Jets community and fans, and love the live Jets football experience. I'd like to now acknowledge that this post doesn't at all directly address any questions at hand. Sharing in case my thinking/situation is at all interesting/helpful to Max or others. Go Jets!!
  5. Love this! I still have my STs though I moved out of area so only made a couple games each of last two seasons. That said, the in-person take from folks who go to games is sometimes a nice complement to the overall final record. If they miss the playoffs but you have a bunch of great in-person games, it can still be a great time for folks like me who love the live football experience.
  6. Jets are going to be good next year. Legit contenders. Darnold will take that next step. I'm holding off on a number for now, but they will be good. Better than 500 and a playoff hopeful if not a playoff team.
  7. Can we unblind this? I'm 99% sure I said 7-9. Maybe Max can verify. Note that when we hit bottom earlier this year and Luke Falk was in, I said something like 3 wins. SAR tried talking me off the ledge, to his credit. But that dark moment aside, I did say 7-9 and, therefore, deserve a cookie.
  8. Let's pull up that prediction thread (say the guy who predicted 7-9)!
  9. A young male adult watches porn??? Woah! In other shocking news, it turns out that water is wet.
  10. That gif in your signature....what a nasty hit. That must have hurt like hell. Thank you for the reminder
  11. I don't think so. When your spleen ain't great, you wait til week 8. Sorry...no actual significance to week 8. Was just looking at a rhyme less depressing than when there's a problem with your spleen, you sit til week 16. On a non-rhyming note, I predict that he will not play this week. I am no doctor, but opinions seem to currently diverge a bit too much. Some saying he could have played yesterday, others saying he should sit out the season. My money is on him sitting out this week....

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