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  1. Missed the NFL part. I'll still go with the longhorns with Dallas and Houston as distant seconds.
  2. If he was a fruit, what fruit would he be?
  3. That is so awesome. Thank you for the video, and way to go Sam!
  4. I think those two sentences are somewhat contradictory. A high ceiling with a good line? That's nice. A generational talent? That's someone so good, you see a player like him once in a generation.
  5. I don't think Bosa will be there at one. He'll be gobbled up with the 0th pick, for sure.
  6. PS - I like the police. The Jets security staff.....yeesh. Useless.
  7. Not defending the folks who let this happen but, seriously, those "security" staff are useless. Do nothing at all. Jets should fire half to send a message or something.

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