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  1. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    That last point is a good one. You set a precedence and call dibs on 8-10 outings per year. Those who know the perpetual social negotiation process with families know that to be priceless.
  2. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    I'm in 135. I love my seats and the game day experience. You will love it!
  3. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    Congrats to Kevinc855! I've been going for more than 20 years. It's been a major part of my life. Welcome!
  4. Thanks, Dcat! I have thought that, since I like the top row (again, I am not a perpetual stander at all, but I love the view, and I love that I can stand or lean all game if I want and bother no one), like the shade side, the West entrance, etc, that there are literally 3 seats in 135 I might rather have, and 3 seats in 142 I might rather have. I would love the Clubs, but probably don't want to spend more at this point. So, yeah, probably not worth much effort. Side note - I may need to pick your brain shortly on a related topic. PM probably coming soon....
  5. Does anyone have a good sales rep they're recommend and an email address/phone number? I've been out of touch the last couple years, but want to see what else is available. Note I'm very happy with my seats, and think there are literally a handful of locations I'd prefer. I'm last row in the lower level, which is cool since it's the view I like the best (basically the same as the Green Room/some suites), I'm a few seats off the aisle, I can stand or lean all game without getting in anyone's way (I don't usually do that, but like the option), I'm on the shade side, and I'm a few seats away from the clubs, which were much more expensive. That said, I'd like to check. Note that for my seats in 135, Jets are offering to lock in the price for next 2 seasons and giving $100 per ticket in Jets cash. So, my discount is not as big as the ones discussed above. But I will use that Jets cash (kid likes cookies, hot dogs, and water, and I usually get a beer or two). $200 off my effective bill is a nice little surprise.
  6. Play Hack....

    Petty is terrible. Consistently misses by more than 5 yards. No accuracy. I am pretty sure this means that Hack is atrocious. Hack hadn't even been dressing. That said, I have definitely seen enough of Petty. I'd be in favor of putting in Hack for 1 game. Unless this is some kind of "don't let the rest of the league know what we (don't) got" kind of thing. But again, if the team thinks Petty is way better than Hack, and we now know Petty is dogsh*t, we must draft and/or sign someone this offseason.
  7. Bucs/ATL

  8. Playoff team next year?

    You can't reasonably/honestly predict playoffs without knowing the QB situation. If McCown, Petty, and Hack, I would predict no playoffs. With a guy like Cousins, maybe. With a high draft pick rookie, I'd be back to no. OK I guess you can reasonably predict playoffs making assumptions about the QB spot....
  9. Oh, man. I was so excited there for a second. My interest level genuinely doubled or tripled. Then he's gone. And then a bad INT. Back to passively watching as I work from the couch.
  10. That's the point. The best coach picks the players, and doesn't need top 10s each year to be great like 15 years in a row.
  11. Interesting post and discussion by the OP. Reminds me of this article I remember reading way back (apparently almost 14 years ago): Ideas & Trends: Super Bowl Economics; Incremental Analysis, With Two Yards to Go Talks of an academic paper that summarized some analysis suggesting that teams don't go for it often enough. Bill Belichick is mentioned all around.
  12. I hear ya. I just think it's no where near as simple as fans....or at least the vocal minority on message boards like this one....make it out to be. Good teams win. Big Ben was the 11th pick. Cindy Brady was a 6th rounder. Tanking games for draft order is a myth perpetuated by fans and, fortunately, not something good teams do.
  13. If only we got the top pick each year. We could be as AWESOME as the team that gets that every year. Man, we could be as amazing as the Browns if we got a top 5 pick each year. I wish the Jets management was as crafty as the fanbase so we could be as AWESOME as the Browns! And look at the Pats. They SUCK each year with no top picks. Just like the Steelers.
  14. There is no one on planet Earth who thinks McCown is the long term future for this team. If you encounter anyone who claims this, he or she is either insane or dishonest. Two interesting points. First, given the above, Petty and Hack getting no chances probably means they SUCK. Second, McCown is having the year of his freaking life!!! Dude is 38 and has SUCKED forever! What a year! System? PEDs? Random happening? There are interesting points around the Jets and McCown. Repeating how he is not the long term future is not one of them. No one on Earth disagrees with that assertion.