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  1. Those are all good points, but in just 4 games, Wilson has already shown more upside. I love this QB. You can tell he will have lots of ups and downs, but we finally have someone who throws the ball around. Pushes the ball around the field. I love this QB!!!!
  2. Thank you, again. I'll tell him to get a pass. Also, htf does he not get parking along with that suite invitation? Every time I've ever been lucky enough to get a suite invitation via work....to whatever sport and venue....there was always some parking option included. Usually, a really good one. I'll also make sure he's just not missing that!
  3. Thank you! I have platinum parking, but can't go this week. Sold that few days ago. A friend just told me he was invited to a suite from a work thing, but he thinks he needs to pay his own parking. I was wondering if I should advise him to pay above face value on the aftermarket or pay when he gets there. I'd have given my pass to him had I known he was going (...though those passes sell for lots on stubhub, which softens the blow of not being able to go this week a bit...)
  4. I wish I was able to go this week. Love this thread. Enjoy, everyone!
  5. Also, is there now no ability to pay for parking at the stadium without a pass? I thought I read that somewhere but not sure.
  6. I wish I was going on Sunday. Hope to get to a few games this season. Difficult with travel and pandemic, but I am hopeful. Actually will probably attend the game in Houston, at a minimum. I hope everyone who's going has a blast! And I hope this is the beginning of an era! Should be a nice battle between promising looking rookie QBs. I hope ours does way better than theirs!
  7. I'm not a doctor, but I think that, while yelling "ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh" for extended periods of time spreads covid droplets, immediately chanting "J-E-T-S" right after neutralizes them.
  8. I am now considering minting my PSLs as NFTs. Why sell for face value when I can sell the NFTs for....
  9. Nice. Little bit of free money. Do this every time someone offers and it'll make a small difference over a lifetime if you're a person, or a huge one if you're a business!
  10. Thank you for all of this discussion. If I do nothing (I'm a fan of this option in life in general), I have 4 payments left. Little bit less than a game's worth each, it seems. So, by Oct 1, the problem space here will be really small. I'll either pay early or simply take no action and let this work itself out. For what it's worth, I feel zero guilt or remorse selling some tickets. I went to nearly every home game for nearly 20 years, then I flew back for a few more games after having moved. I've also given away far more tickets to friends and family than I've sold. That said, these ticke
  11. What is the PSL aftermarket like these days? Anyone know?
  12. Interesting. I'm in the same boat, having moved out of NJ a few years ago. I kept my tickets and made a few games per year before the pandemic. Still hoping to make a game or two this year, but we'll see. If I recall correctly, the Jets encouraged folks to get on the monthly plan. And it's just your total bill spread out over time; there's no interest. Maybe they did this to make managing cash flow easier for them? I took it since I've heard it said that, if someone is offering you free money, you take it. In other words, I hold on to the money longer with no penalty. This makes sens
  13. This would make a great tailgate rig. Just don't park near anyone with a nut allergy...
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