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  1. Oh, man. I was so excited there for a second. My interest level genuinely doubled or tripled. Then he's gone. And then a bad INT. Back to passively watching as I work from the couch.
  2. That's the point. The best coach picks the players, and doesn't need top 10s each year to be great like 15 years in a row.
  3. Interesting post and discussion by the OP. Reminds me of this article I remember reading way back (apparently almost 14 years ago): Ideas & Trends: Super Bowl Economics; Incremental Analysis, With Two Yards to Go Talks of an academic paper that summarized some analysis suggesting that teams don't go for it often enough. Bill Belichick is mentioned all around.
  4. I hear ya. I just think it's no where near as simple as fans....or at least the vocal minority on message boards like this one....make it out to be. Good teams win. Big Ben was the 11th pick. Cindy Brady was a 6th rounder. Tanking games for draft order is a myth perpetuated by fans and, fortunately, not something good teams do.
  5. If only we got the top pick each year. We could be as AWESOME as the team that gets that every year. Man, we could be as amazing as the Browns if we got a top 5 pick each year. I wish the Jets management was as crafty as the fanbase so we could be as AWESOME as the Browns! And look at the Pats. They SUCK each year with no top picks. Just like the Steelers.
  6. There is no one on planet Earth who thinks McCown is the long term future for this team. If you encounter anyone who claims this, he or she is either insane or dishonest. Two interesting points. First, given the above, Petty and Hack getting no chances probably means they SUCK. Second, McCown is having the year of his freaking life!!! Dude is 38 and has SUCKED forever! What a year! System? PEDs? Random happening? There are interesting points around the Jets and McCown. Repeating how he is not the long term future is not one of them. No one on Earth disagrees with that assertion.
  7. I'm going. Hope it's nice out.
  8. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    At 4-6, they have won 40% of their games. That would mean, if the difficulty of their schedule was perfectly distributed, which it's not, a decent estimate is they'd win 2-3 of their remaining 6 games. So, 6-10 or 7-9. I personally think it will be 5 or 6 wins, which is WAY WAY WAY better than I thought entering this season.
  9. The browns

    I am sure this tank will work for the browns. they'll get another high pick, and they'll become perennial winners. Bwahahaha
  10. You gotta keep Bowles, though, right? He's really gotten more out of this roster than could have been reasonably expected. Love it!
  11. This is a great game, and I am loving it. Don't want to be negative. But they'd have to go 6-1 for 10 wins. You think that's possible? I do not. Again - AMAZING week. Awesome game!! The chant is back!!!!!! Just not 10 this year. http://www.newyorkjets.com/schedule/season-schedule.html
  12. This is amazing. I truly was out of it this year. No playoffs, but what a fun little ride. I literally thought 1-15 with zero hope. This is a scrappy little squad. Maybe 6-7 wins? If I had to pick now I might actually say 7, which I would have said was impossible before season started.
  13. Weather for Sunday

    Anyone want my seats for today? 2 in 135 plus green parking. Shoot me a PM or reply here and hopefully I'll be notified. Free.
  14. Yeah, I thought about 60-40 Jets fans-Pats fans. Tons of Gronks, Bradys, and Edelmans all over the place.