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  1. I think we'll split with the Dolphins and beat the Redskins.
  2. A young male adult watches porn??? Woah! In other shocking news, it turns out that water is wet.
  3. That gif in your signature....what a nasty hit. That must have hurt like hell. Thank you for the reminder
  4. I don't think so. When your spleen ain't great, you wait til week 8. Sorry...no actual significance to week 8. Was just looking at a rhyme less depressing than when there's a problem with your spleen, you sit til week 16. On a non-rhyming note, I predict that he will not play this week. I am no doctor, but opinions seem to currently diverge a bit too much. Some saying he could have played yesterday, others saying he should sit out the season. My money is on him sitting out this week....
  5. My prediction at the start was 7-9. I just voted 3-13. I was torn at 2 or 3 wins. I think 2.5 would be a great over/under.
  6. SAR, I love you (no homo (not that there's anything wrong with that)), but you are insane here. If you're saying as long as they win one of the next 3, they make the playoffs, I think that's fine. There is a 0% chance they win one of these next three. If they win one of the next three, I'll amputate one of my limbs and post it on youtube. This team is bad. Luke Falk is legendarily bad.
  7. I don't have receipts, but it was $31.20 and $37.20. 4 drinks total. Can see it on my Jets cash account. Yeesh!
  8. I was in the mezz clubs for the browns game. I think I have pics of receipts I can find, but I paid something like $37 for 2 drinks. I think $31 for a second round. Maybe a red wine and a vodka soda on one trip. 2 beers on the other (variety is the spice of life? Or maybe my friend and I are a couple of drunks?). Part of the challenge is the tip screen. Used to be I'd give a dollar each trip to get beers. Now, using Jets Cash on my app, I just hit 20%. I've given up, apparently like about half of americans (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/15/travel/ipad-tipping-gratuity.html). That was a few different tangentially related points in this rambling post. My apologies for that, and thanks for the hilarious comments above on the Fins' story!
  9. I think tanking is largely a media/fan created myth. That said, if you're thinking of tanking for tua, may as well hold off a year and lose for Lawrence... Again, though, when do people think these mythical payouts will come? Lose this year. Lose next year. But we'll totally nail it in 2022! Crazy to me that some folks seem to think a team can plan things so precisely when we see such huge swings and upsets and whackiness in the NFL from week to week.
  10. Saw this in the NYT yesterday. Talks about MLB attendance, this interesting low cost ticket "subscription" model adopted by some teams, and other live sports viewing topics I thought some here in this thread might enjoy. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/29/sports/baseball/mlb-attendance.html
  11. Sorry! Just realized the significance of my typo. Tail gate Joe, baby! I used to post on that other site but not for many years. JN is the best!!!
  12. Ha, sorry, I meant JN and TGJ folks. Meaning anyone from here or Tail Gate Joe
  13. I may be coming solo Monday. I actually moved out of the area but will be in town. Would love to meet up with the JN folks, the TGJ folks, anyone who'll have me for an hour. I don't arrive til a bit late but hope to sneak in an hour or so of tailgating before watching the Jets take on the Brownies.....

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