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  1. Cornfed

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    I think this is all great advice. That he has to give it makes me think Mayfield might be a disaster.
  2. I wondered the same thing about Jordan. Where's Lebron's sig?
  3. Cornfed

    Get Well Soon Tailgate Joe

    Damn, Joe. I am so happy to hear that you are on the mend. Also, the way you face this stuff down is truly impressive and inspirational! Hope to meet this season.
  4. Was this said above? Samwise Gamgee? Seriously, let's stick with Sam or Dick Hammer.
  5. I like No nickname. Just Sam. If we must, I like Dick Hammer’s grandson. Or anything with Dick Hammer in it. Or how about Leno-chin or Leno-jaw? That thing is impressive.
  6. Many thanks to the OP for putting this together and posting. Love the color coding!
  7. Cornfed

    Jets Seasoj Tickets Question

    The stability of prices since the new stadium opened is pretty impressive. I want to say mine were $135 each in year one. Now the pricing is variable but I think it’s like $150. I will check later today. Given that, I want to say maybe psls were a cash flow management thing for the Jets. As in, get cash up front and enjoy npv benefits vs getting it little by little with ticket price increases. However, I know many folks financed psls, so it’s not all cash up front. On the third hand, that’s still more cash up front than via ticket price increases, so maybe it was a cash flow thing. In case my words haven’t made this clear, I am at best a business/finance hack Go Jets!
  8. Cornfed

    Jets Seasoj Tickets Question

    That is fantastic! I don't go that far back, but I do have fond memories of driving with my friend to the guy we'd buy season tickets from back in the day before I had them in my name, going home, and having a little ripping ceremony. Now is more convenient, but I do have some nostalgia for those days. Meanwhile, $10 bucks? Good Lord. Are beers still $12 these days? Is a hot do $6, or $9? Maybe the jumbo ones are $9? I know that's 1973 so a billion years ago, and inflation probably explains it all. That said, it is cool to see a ticket with a $10 face value
  9. Now can everyone please apologize? Just kidding. But seriously, I had a traffic incident many years ago which I decided to pursue in court. Seemingly randomly one week, I received like 5 "failure to appear" summons or whatever. Was also a clerical error. I agree with the person above who remarked how amazing it is that the court system runs as well as it does given the level of disorganization. Regarding Mr. Anderson, I hope he keeps it together and busts out more this season. Can be a nice deep threat for Darnold at some point!
  10. Cornfed

    Jets Seasoj Tickets Question

    Jets cash is worth it. 15% cash back, I think, when funded via auto-reloaded mastercard. Concessions are still pricey, but 15% off is 15% off. Free money if you are going to buy food/beer/merch in the stadium.
  11. Cornfed

    Suck for Sam in 17

    Good to bring this back. People were actually hoping to lose so we could get the number 1 pick for Darnold, the inevitable number 1. Of course, one can't see the future. We won some games and traded down. Darnold threw some picks and fell to 3. One never knows. You play to win the games. And make the best decisions when it's time to make them based on the most current data. Projecting things a year or more into the future is a hazardous exercise.
  12. Cornfed

    Draft Party Tailgate

    I now have to be in f#$&ing Texas til Thursday afternoon. Should be landing before the pick. Let me see when. May go from airport to stadium.
  13. Cornfed

    McShay on Macc

    21 of 22 still on the roster. I wonder what is considered good. Or, if there is a number that's considered good. Or, if this is just an anecdotal observation with some related speculation, what is the number for all of the other GMs in the league, just for some context. Of course, intuitively, that sounds good. Always good to have a little context, though. Also, as noted above, picks like Hack seem to make the quoted metric sound good despite all indications suggesting the Hack pick is very likely a major bust.
  14. Cornfed

    Draft Party at Metlife Stadium

    I swear I thought I saw that in this thread or in materials linked here. But now I don't see that. I am open, but a nice tailgate, then maybe go in like 5 min before the draft stars, then back to the lots for an hour or so after they pick so we could all do our monday morning qb'ing would be perfect
  15. Cornfed

    Draft Party at Metlife Stadium

    More importantly, tailgate still on?