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  1. I just donated. Get better soon, Lauren! Thinking of you and sending prayers, Max, and thanks for all you do! Thanks for setting this up, TeddEY, and for the tag!
  2. Best time to take young kids to Jets games is the last home preseason game of the year. I think that trend started, the Jets noticed, and they started branding it as a feature - kids' day, or something similar. You can get tickets for near free, stadium won't be packed, and there will be lots of kids. One is really young, though. I have to think back when I first started taking my son, but it definitely wasn't one. I used to take my son, get him a hot dog and a water while I had a beer. We'd watch the first half in my seats, then go down for halftime, buy a $20 Jets football and a cookie
  3. There's a far more clever version of my bad joke rattling around somewhere in the universe. Something about old chants asking to see bare parts of bodies and new chants asking to see antibodies. I got nuthin....
  4. "Show us your antibodies! Show us your antibodies!"
  5. I moved out of the state. Pre pandemic, I was back in NJ a few times per month. So, I'd go to a few games and sell or give away the rest. What should I do this year? Not sure about travel opportunities. I think they'll be there but not quite as frequent. My current plan is to hope to get to 1-2 games and sell or give away the rest. Just don't know if that's insane whilst living in Texas. I love my seats and they are close to my ideal. That said, does anyone have a good contact to ask about moving within sections or possibly to a new section? Can't wait for live football! Wi
  6. Another good side of Tebow's resurrection - we can listen to this clip again!
  7. Apologies for my Capt Obvious post. There's just something about that gal...dang! My full thoughts on Tebow: Love that dude. A true gamer. Seems to also do great things for community, etc. Great college QB. NFL...not so much. Had a nice run in Denver with a stout D and strong running game. Had that nice winning TD pass in the playoffs. Even for casual NFL observer, he has that big windup. Doesn't pass the eye test for an NFL QB. Wobbly ball, etc. On the Jets, he'd jog in, high five Sanchez, run up the middle for 0-2 yard gain, then jog off. It was really no
  8. I am just here to point out that Tebow's wife is absurdly attractive. This is all I have to say on this matter at this time.
  9. I remember we tailgated by sitting in my friend's car, watching Spaceballs on DVD with his kids. I also remember being so absurdly overdressed that I actually didn't mind the cold that much. I had those handwarmer things everywhere. In my gloves, pants, boots, etc. Great memory - thanks for posting!
  10. There's an objectively correct ordering here. Sanchez had 4 road playoff wins and some exciting come backs. Darnold had a couple good games and that nice run. Geno is third.
  11. "That ain't how money works! Money is a golden rock that we dig out of the ground. Then we hope no one kills us before we trade it for pieces of green paper. It's a perfect system!!"
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