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  1. Those are great seats and just 1 level over from mine. I am now firmly planning on being in the area the week before for work and just seeing if I can stick around til Sunday/Monday. Gonna be a nice Jets win on a beautiful October Sunday!
  2. Hey, Max. I am so sorry for being slow to reply. I still want to go, but am coming from out of state. Will try to finalize and confirm I can be in town that Sunday. I have my tickets already which I'll use for the game. If it's OK, I'll try to confirm to being in town over the next couple days then sign up to tailgate. Looking really forward to meeting everyone, and thank you for doing this!
  3. Oh I think you're right. I remember a friend who does repair work locally telling me about the paypal/venmo/etc thing at the end of last year. I guess I should look this up. I'm just very turned off by the idea of giving stubhub my ssn and paying more fees/taxes when i sell a few tickets. I suppose this is a cop out but I may just give away the ones I don't use to friends and family. I used to do that back in the day when I went to almost all games. I'm currently out of state so will probably only make less than half of the games this season...
  4. That's what I was referring to. I remember stubhub asking for my SSN at the end of last year saying I couldn't sell this year without it. I had also heard someone else talk about some tax things related to selling. I have two tix at the top of 135 on around the 20 yard line. I'm going to make some, but not all, games this year. If anyone is interested in any games at face value, feel free to reach out.
  5. Hey, everyone. I have sold tickets I couldn't use the last few years on Stubhub. I vaguely recall that there are new rules this year with tax implications, I think, for selling tickets on StubHub. Has anyone dug into that and know what it's all about? Is it materially less beneficial to sell via StubHub now? Is Ticketmaster (or another site) better? Also, what's the best way to connect with folks here to sell tickets? Just a post? And all good as long as we sell for face value or less?
  6. It would be great if he either made the team and we could see if he can still play and at what level. Or, if he doesn’t and we can collectively put the discussion behind us while Kap continues to build his successful media business. I think we are finally done with the “Tebow should get another shot” discussion after last season’s signing. I feel like we’re all done with Antonio brown (can still play, but not worth the headache). Would be nice to see where Kap sits on the spectrum. Fwiw, to me, it’s no longer that interesting of a question. So much time has elapsed. I think if he wanted to play and still had it, something would have happened by now. But who knows. McDaniels won’t comment on his workout: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/33988929/josh-mcdaniels-colin-kaepernick-workout-derek-carr-knows-las-vegas-raiders-team%3Fplatform%3Damp This one says it was positive but not many details: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/33992256/source-colin-kaepernick-workout-las-vegas-raiders-positive-no-deal-imminent%3Fplatform%3Damp
  7. Over the last few years, each time I've noticed Kap making noise about playing again, it wound up preceding something he was doing with his media or other endeavors. That big workout he canceled last minute wound up being a few weeks before his shoe release. He posted workout videos a year or so later before his Netflix doc release. A few months ago, he posted another workout vid before his book release. He's been promoting himself as a Publisher and not an athlete for a few years now. My strong guess is that, after being out of the league for 6+ years, this attempt will look similar to how Tebow looked last year trying out. I hope he lights it up and has a Hall of Fame career! But I think it's way more likely he won't make it and that we'll see another media or product release from him before the season starts. I think it's really smart of him to leverage the spotlight while he still has it.
  8. I have to do this, too. I moved out of state. Was still getting to few games per year, but Covid killed that last two seasons. I know this is like me exhibiting addict-like behavior, but I loved watching Wilson get better, Elijah Moore, Berrios, Michael Carter, etc. Maybe next year I can travel more easily again and I make that my ultimatum year? Stubhub is making a killing on me. Those 15%s add up!
  9. You deserve a large cash prize for this. I lol'd!
  10. This was such a fun game. So much to love. Zach was great. Berrios was great. I guess it doesn't really matter that they lost? That said, this was the most enjoyment I've had watching a game so far this year by a lot. And it ends with a swift kick in the balls.
  11. Totally agree. I love Berrios!
  12. Very well said. I begrudgingly voted yes for the same reasons. I love Zach and he shows some crazy good flashes. Hope he works out well. That said, all things considered, straight up, right now, sure....
  13. Ooh, Breath mint! Our lips....are so close....
  14. Come on, man. Can ya let me slide just this one time? I'm dyin' here. I just need a break. I'm desperate. Can ya help me out?
  15. Yeah, there are some survey design issues at play here. Flacco starting has no bearing for me. At this point, if Zach is still hurt, start anyone. If he's healthy, start Zach.
  16. That must have been a great game to watch in person!
  17. I hear you. I'm still quite positive on Zach. The two throws he made right before getting hurt were two more examples of what he can do which, IMO, makes him special. That said, you can, of course, understand the frustration. It's basically every year. And when you're 1-4 and Mike White trots out onto the field.....that's not great. At 1-5 with Mike White at the helm and Wilson out for indeterminate amount of time, 1-16 looks obvious. Now with Wilson out 2-4 with Flacco to, I guess, fill the gap and then maybe be a good mentor, that feels a little better. Also, it's not like Zach Wilson at current abilities would mean a ton more wins, but at least he'd get a chance to develop, show more of those unique abilities, etc. I am now rambling. I think I'm with you in hoping Wilson is the one, and in seeing that he's shown us evidence and some reason for that hope. But I also totally get Jets fans being down in the dumps. It's every freaking year....
  18. Cornfed


    Tailgate Joe had an impressive setup and spread which seems like a good deal. Not sure if he's still doing it. I think that those who have tickets should just kick up the tailgate to another level. Find your inner chef. Buy that better beer. Please, park in one spot. Other than that, my advice would be to enjoy the beautiful thing that is spending time with friends outside talking sports and all kinds of nonsense with some drinks and good grub. And then I really have no comment on the game. Elijah Moore looks like a potential playmaker. Corey Davis seems legit. Michael Carter the RB looks really good. Other than that....yikes. Root for the laundry, those players, for nice weather, and good food and company before and after the game!
  19. I agree. Bowles > Gase, and too soon on Saleh. That said, I put him last since he has just 1 win. But he *must* be better than at least Gase.
  20. Those are all good points, but in just 4 games, Wilson has already shown more upside. I love this QB. You can tell he will have lots of ups and downs, but we finally have someone who throws the ball around. Pushes the ball around the field. I love this QB!!!!
  21. Thank you, again. I'll tell him to get a pass. Also, htf does he not get parking along with that suite invitation? Every time I've ever been lucky enough to get a suite invitation via work....to whatever sport and venue....there was always some parking option included. Usually, a really good one. I'll also make sure he's just not missing that!
  22. Thank you! I have platinum parking, but can't go this week. Sold that few days ago. A friend just told me he was invited to a suite from a work thing, but he thinks he needs to pay his own parking. I was wondering if I should advise him to pay above face value on the aftermarket or pay when he gets there. I'd have given my pass to him had I known he was going (...though those passes sell for lots on stubhub, which softens the blow of not being able to go this week a bit...)
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