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  1. Fair point about Jamal, but outside of him it’s been a while.
  2. Some day I’d love to see a Jets player on a list like this.
  3. I feel like he’s more of a target at 34 because of durability concerns. And I’d love to grab him there, but 23 seems a little rich.
  4. It really is unfair and annoying that coaching searches and hiring is allowed to happen before the playoffs conclude. Seems like such a safer play to lock up Saleh now rather than wait until for other candidates like Bienemy or Daboll whose teams are still playing.
  5. Looked legit, especially when coupled with Alex Marvez’s tweet from around the same time.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/alexmarvez/status/1349045933468770312
  7. Why would the Jets need to “trade” for Pederson? So help me if that happens...
  8. Exactly. They could have their pick of any IOL at the 23rd spot. Bateman and Freiermuth could also be enticing there.
  9. I’ve been saying the same throughout this season. With Seattle’s lack of draft resources and cap space, I think that draft pick will only improve for us next year. And, yes, throw in an injury to Wilson and we could be looking at another Houston-Miami draft pick situation.
  10. He says in the article that Fields will not last that far and that it only happened in his mock because he wasn’t factoring in trades.
  11. They were teammates at University of Richmond. Douglas was also rumored to bring McShay on to his scouting staff.
  12. Smith and Harris also put on a show yesterday. I could see them being the first at their positions to get picked.
  13. I mean, to be fair, he has worse receiving options than the Jets. We’ll get a better read next season after they load up with weapons in the next draft.

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