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  1. Bronxville Jets Fan

    Mel and Todd

    I don't disagree with you, i just don't see a team helping a division rival acquire a potential franchise QB. When was the last time an AFC East team has done a trade with another AFC East team? I can't recall any, but may be forgetting some.
  2. Bronxville Jets Fan

    Mel and Todd

    I'm thinking that Washington will be the team that tries aggressively to move up and get a QB. Miami also comes to mind but we will not trade with them.
  3. Bronxville Jets Fan

    Josh Allen PLEASE

    Couldn’t agree more with this post.
  4. Bronxville Jets Fan

    Where is Rich Cimini?

    I agree. He knows more about the team than most reporters
  5. Bronxville Jets Fan

    Where is Rich Cimini?

    No tweets or articles all week. Another espn layoff?
  6. Bronxville Jets Fan

    How much does Blake Bortles suck?

    Bortles is terrible. The Jags will be very active in the QB market this offseason. And that troubles me.
  7. Bronxville Jets Fan

    Albert Breer on the Jets

    He wrote a couple weeks ago a favorable review of the Jets rookie safeties.
  8. Bronxville Jets Fan

    Albert Breer on the Jets

    Pretty much sums up how I was thinking walking out of Metlife after the Dolphins game.
  9. Bronxville Jets Fan

    Albert Breer on the Jets

    From his 9/29 article: Jets on the upswing. Who thought we’d be talking about the Jets in more glowing terms than the Giants before the end of September? Sure, there may be a little recency bias going here, since the Jets just whacked the Dolphins. But if you look closely, you’ll see their offseason moves are actually sort of working out. Start with initial bloodletting, and look at those jettisoned. Brandon Marshall has 10 catches for 93 yards in three games with the Giants. Eric Decker has 10 catches for 91 yards with the Titans. David Harris has played seven total snaps for the Patriots. Ryan Fitzpatrick is backing up Jameis Winston in Tampa. Ryan Clady retired. And Nick Mangold and Darrelle Revis are without jobs. So two of those six guys are actually on the field for their new teams, and both are on the wrong side of 30 and not producing close to the level they once did. And yes, Sheldon Richardson’s been good in Seattle, but the Jets got a second-round pick and a receiver, in Jermaine Kearse, who’s been more productive than Marshall or Decker have been back for him. Meanwhile, second-round pick Marcus Maye played every snap at safety against Miami, and next to him was sixth overall pick Jamal Adams, who had a sack, two tackles for losses, a pass defensed, and was all over the field in serving as the emotional hub for the defense. Second-year right tackle Brandon Shell has held up well against Khalil Mack and Cam Wake the past two weeks, and Shell’s classmate Leonard Williams has lived up to an already lofty rep. And young wideouts Robbie Anderson and ArDarius Stewart are taking some of those snaps vacated by Decker and Marshall, and made big plays against Miami. Now the Jets are still a ways off from truly competing, and their record still is going to be really bad. But with an expected $80 million to spend in free agency next year, a likely high pick to get a quarterback, plus extra 2018 draft picks and a decent start on young talent, it’s not that hard to envision a way out of the hole they (intentionally) dug for themselves this season. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/09/28/dallas-cowboys-nfl-week-4-ezekiel-elliott-dak-prescott-anthem-protest
  10. Bronxville Jets Fan

    Mayock's rankings

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000785722/article/mike-mayocks-2017-nfl-draft-position-rankings Interesting that he has Cook as the number one RB, Fournette second. Also, Kizer has number one QB.
  11. Bronxville Jets Fan

    A quick crack at a 1st round mock...come at me brohs

    I could see Jax taking Fournette to help take some pressure off Bortles.
  12. Bronxville Jets Fan

    What is the Jets draft philosophy?

    I'm pretty sure they will be placing a premium on character and leadership traits this draft given the locker room issues they had this year. It's why I think J Adams could be the pick at 6.
  13. Bronxville Jets Fan


    I think the Jets' decision to take a QB in round 1 will be one of the more talked about story lines leading up to this draft, especially given how closely Cags keeps his cards to his vest when it comes to his approach to the draft.
  14. Bronxville Jets Fan


    With the Jets so invested in Hack and Petty, do you really think he's going to use a potential top 5 pick on a QB this year? I don't mean this to be a rhetorical question. I'm genuinely curious and think it'll pose a big dilemma for Cags.
  15. Bronxville Jets Fan

    Last Jets Pick 6

    I've been saying for a couple years that no team seems to have more turnovers returned for TDs against them than the Jets.

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