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  1. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about the three Day 2 picks, but it’s still very early and I’m very happy with Becton and Hall.
  2. Situations like this is why the Bears are holding onto Foles. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him end up on the Colts now.
  3. Tua and Daniel Jones both have bad years — despite having better skill position players to work with this season — and will force their teams to look for upgrades next offseason. I also see Josh Allen coming back down to earth a little bit. He’ll still be the best QB in the division, but not be in the MVP consideration.
  4. Becton was highest rated second-year OT.
  5. Exactly. I left lower Westchester for a couple years to live in Miami and the food experience was so much worse than I expected, not because SoFla food is bad but because the comfort foods I grew up with (Italian delis, authentic pizza, bagel shops, etc.) are such a rarity down there. Lack of seasonal change and higher crime rate (you get what you pay for with state income taxes) were other deal breakers for me. I’m happily back in Westchester now.
  6. Has to be DL. But OL and WR are improving quickly.
  7. I think he’s on his way to being at least a quality number 2 CB; which would be a huge building block for this team considering they haven’t used a first or second day draft pick on that position in years.
  8. I fully admit that I’m a Jets homer, but I can’t help but view Miami’s roster as vastly overrated. Sure, they have good “depth”, but besides Waddle - who could be the next Ted Ginn - who on their offense is scaring anybody? Mike Geisiki? They had zero playmakers last year and for a year reason just gave up two first rounders for Waddle (and my hunch is they thought Chase or Pitts would be there). And let’s not forget that it’s entirely likely that their GM whiffed on ALL three 2020 first rounders.
  9. Stingley would be a nice fit.
  10. They have SF’s 2022 first rounder and Philly has Miami’s.
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