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  1. I can see the Jets getting one more win against either the Dolphins or Bills, picking between 6-8 and drafting Wirfs. The big variable to me is Adam’s injury and if they decide to sit him.
  2. Completely agree. No way he doesn’t go OL in the first round, whether it be with their original pick or a trade down.
  3. From yesterday: Connor Hughes STAFF 8h ago @Daniel W. I talked to someone in the building who half-joked they wouldn't be surprised if Douglas used the first three picks on offensive linemen.
  4. WR is so tempting, but I can’t see Joe D addressing any position other than OL in the first round. Especially considers the supposed depth of the WR position in this draft.
  5. I asked where you heard it because I remember quite clearly how all the media outlets were reporting that Manning burned the Jets by deciding to go back to school.
  6. Would love to know where you’re getting your info from on this. First I’ve heard of this
  7. You can’t say that until seeing how their rookie QB plays the remainder of the season.
  8. Disagree on that. You can’t deny that the coach has had some extremely questionable play calls at key moments in at least two games - like that joke of a two point conversion attempt at the end of one game and that defense they called against Pitt at the end of the first half. For all anyone knows the owner or league told the coach to knock off that shady stuff because the optics were so bad.
  9. Yeah, but I bet they take Chase Young. So if Dolphins have the 2 or 3 pick they can still get a top QB.
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/ArmandoSalguero/status/1188997578312048641
  11. Yeah, that’s a blatant tank job. And now in the third quarter their best defensive player (Xavier Howard) is inexplicably out of the game
  12. That’s a blatant tank tactic. And now their best defensive player (Howard) is inexplicably out of the game
  13. Obviously Darnold and Adams were key, but I also think Crowder, Bell, QW and Leo (yes, he played good) deserve some recognition.
  14. My money is on the Jets taking an OT with their top ten first round draft pick. It's supposedly a position of strength in this draft.

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