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  1. Obviously Darnold and Adams were key, but I also think Crowder, Bell, QW and Leo (yes, he played good) deserve some recognition.
  2. My money is on the Jets taking an OT with their top ten first round draft pick. It's supposedly a position of strength in this draft.
  3. It really is. He looks God awful so far in this game.
  4. Feels really premature — I’d like to watch QW for more then 20 snaps. But in general I don’t agree with a rebuilding team taking a RB high. As it is, I feel like Le’veon is completely wasted on this team.
  5. He hasn’t even declared for the draft yet. Why is everyone assuming he’s definitely going to the Dolphins? If the kid was smart he would pull an Eli and announce that he won’t play for that dumpster fire of a franchise.
  6. We have one of the worst CB groups in the league and no outside pass rushers. We are not a measuring stick for opposing QBs. And yet we managed four turnovers and gave away two more against Allen. Count me among those who aren’t yet sold on Allen. He’s played low quality defenses and still looks pretty inaccurate.
  7. Same here. He also seemed like a real leader and solid locker room guy - always seemed to be leading the team in chants and pep talks.
  8. Mike Lombardi was saying today that Mincah looks like a total bust.
  9. That’s how I feel about Calvin Pace’s hard hit on Brady in the playoffs.
  10. The league should absolutely step in and make them forfeit their first draft pick. It’s one thing to rebuild, but this is blatant tanking and it should not be tolerated. It completely hurts the brand and will he copied by other teams going forward unless the league starts penalizing teams for intentionally being uncompetitive or implements an NBA style lottery system that disincentives teams from doing it. I hate the Dolphins and have enjoyed their impressive streak of irrelevance, so I hope this completely blows up on them.
  11. What I don’t understand is why the Texans were so desperate for an LT after just drafting one. Has Titus Howard been that bad?
  12. My thoughts exactly. Really hoping Miami doesn’t finish as one of the three worst teams and that the Texans advance far in the playoffs these next two years.
  13. For me it's Herndon. He's an ascending player with top 5 ability for his position . . . and he is rare, recent third day draft pick that's looking like a homerun.

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