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  1. Cimini said on his podcast from this week that he predicts Foley as the next resigning. His reasoning was that the coaches love him and he’s one of the locker room leaders.
  2. Matt Miller disagrees. Here’s his latest mock from earlier in the week: 1. Jacksonville Jaguars — OT Evan Neal, Alabama The Jaguars have one of the worst left tackles in the NFL in Cam Robinson. This is a no-brainer selection for whomever the general manager and head coach are. They must protect Trevor Lawrence and Neal is one of the best handful of prospects in the nation. 2. Detroit Lions — QB Malik Willis, Liberty Jared Goff isn’t the only problem in Detroit, but it sure feels like Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell will want to select their own guy at quarterback. Also, his
  3. I’ve never seen a defensive holding call on a running play until today. And it’s been called twice on the Jets.
  4. This has to be one of the worst broadcasts I’ve seen. Why aren’t they showing any replays?
  5. How about we keep winning so we can be confident that our previous draft picks turned out okay?
  6. Mike Sando’s weekly columns that include quotes from anonymous front office people (like his QB tiers) and Dane Brugler’s draft content are also great.
  7. Agree. I love The Athletic. It’s great having so many solid journalists in one place. I’d hate to see them all go open their own subscription websites (like Matt Miller or Greg Bedard).
  8. Sorry, I meant GVR — I can see why you thought I was referring to AVT.
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