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  1. Still some growing pains, but hopefully more TDs than INTs and some signatures wins.
  2. Our QB is still a question mark, and a big one, but I would still take the Jets roster over the Patriots all day long.
  3. Bill Simmons went off on Belichick’s drafting on his podcast with Schragger on Monday. Went through his drafts for the past five years and went off on how they have no blue chip players (he thinks Mac Jones and Barrimore are Bill’s best picks recently but stopped short of saying they are elite). Actually said he’s worried the Jets might be turning the tables on the Patriots. It was enjoyable and interesting to hear the ultimate Pats homer vent about something I’ve been thinking for a few years now.
  4. Exactly. So much depends on Zach‘s and Becton’s growth.
  5. It would have been unfathomable. And it still is. Well done, Joe. Well done.
  6. I can’t see if now that they have only one second-rounder and still some big needs on defense (DL, LB and safety).
  7. Feels like Travis Jones, who they coached at the Senior Bowl, could be the kick at 38. Fills a big need.
  8. Here goes to JJ to the Chiefs. At least it’s not the Pats.
  9. Having been to the draft in Radio City, I thought it was the perfect location and being in NYC seemed to add to the experience for the players. Now it’s in places like Detroit and Indy has managed to hold onto the Combine. Hopefully the draft will come back to NYC.
  10. And Douglas was starting the second year of a six-year contract. I don't think even Woody would be that dumb to fire a GM after his second draft because no good GM candidates would want to come here.
  11. I think if we don't draft a WR with the first two picks that Douglas will trade back into the bottom of round 1 to get one (Dotson, Burks).
  12. I think it would be hard for Douglas to pass on Thibs at 10 unless he really doesn’t like him.
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