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  1. The Coples pick still haunts me with M Ingram and C Jones there for the taking.
  2. I heard him somewhere last week say that Moore and Toney are perfect fits for the Jets new offense.
  3. Really hard to see Moore as the pick with Jenkins and AVT (and even Farley still on the board). I’d love to have him and the dimension he would add to the Jets’ offense, but I’d rather wait until round 2 to get him.
  4. This. People need to tap the brakes on expectations for next season. The Jets were a 2 win team last season and will be starting a rookie QB next year. There’s only so much Joe can do in one off-season. A 7-10 record in 2021-2022 would be a huge accomplishment.
  5. Horn, AVT and Newsome - in that order.
  6. Teams also give anonymous quotes like this to try to drive down the price so they can get the player cheaper or to keep a rival from getting max value in return for a player.
  7. Exactly. I’d take that trade package for Atlanta’s pick, but not to go all the way down to 8.
  8. That’s certainly a factor, but so will be the trade packages he’s offered for the second overall pick. Douglas could decide to stick with Darnold if he’s blown away by a trade offer for the number 2 pick — everyone has their price.
  9. Exactly - I’ve been reading his draft articles for many years. There always seems to be at least one very negative opinion about all of them.
  10. Does this put an end to the Hendrickson talk for the Jets?
  11. Now sign Samuel and Hendrickson and call it a night.
  12. I just said pretty much the same thing. Feels like Perriman 2.0. Hope I’m wrong.
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