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  1. I do. It’s just a few bucks a month and the content is great.
  2. And is a LOT cheaper to a team that doesn't have much cap flexibility
  3. And most of those 108 carries were towards the end of the season (when Jones was gassed) and in big moments.
  4. Shonn Green was a lot of fun to watch during his rookie year. He had some big runs and was a great 1-2 punch with T Jones that helped get us into the playoffs.
  5. Definitely Kyle Wilson for CB. I’m surprised no one remembers how bad Caleb Schlauderaff was at center. Wayne Hunter has to be included with him on the OL. How can anyone dispute that Hackenberg was the worst QB this franchise ever had? He was a mid second rounder and never saw the field — that’s unheard of!
  6. Yup - exactly. I was just going to point out thats where he claims the Jets had an affinity for Hennessy. He said it during other radio interviews as well. He’s a tool for misinformation.
  7. Pittman/Shenault in round 2; Van Jefferson in round 3
  8. It would be nice if we didn’t have to log in every time we access the site.
  9. You’re basically trading a Pro Bowler for, what, a 30% chance of landing a future pro bowler at a more premium position? No thanks -- I’ll hang on to our face of the franchise/culture setter/top 50 player. You’re by no means assured of coming out on top when you trade proven players in their prime for draft picks, especially draft picks in the back half of the round like Dallas’.
  10. I could see CJ Henderson sneaking into the top 10 and Jax being able he team that takes him. For the Jets’ sake, I’m really hoping Kinlaw and/or Love go top 10.

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