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  1. Brown and Kinlaw going inside the first 7 picks would be huge for the Jets.
  2. Thanks, Tony. Your coverage of the Senior Bowl is unrivaled.
  3. Would love it if a fourth OT gets into the Tier 1 mix.
  4. Same here. Matt Miller's article from Friday had a discussion of draft priorities for the teams in the top 10 and over half of them included O Line. I'm fully expecting all three Tier 1 OTs, as well as Jeudy and Lamb, to be off the board by the time we pick -- while Derrick Brown and Isaiah Simmons no doubt "drop" to 11 -- and Douglas just ends up settling for the next OT on his board. Let's hope Tua declares for the draft tomorrow.
  5. My worst case scenario, which just be some more acute after seeing that Leatherwood is staying in school. And, yes, first round trade downs are much easier said than done.
  6. They did not get a lot for Fitzpatrick. They got the 20th pick (which is lower then where they drafted him less then two years ago) and have to give the Steelers a late round pick. Most Dolphins fans I know are not happy at all with the trade - they assumed at the time of the trade it would be a top 10 pick. But regardless, I don’t evaluate GMs based on their ability to hit on top 15 draft picks. Everyone on this board knew Tunsil and Fitzpatrick were smart picks at the time. Just like Adams was a no brainer. Show me what they accomplished on the second and third days of the draft, and with very little exception both Miami and the Jets have sucked at that.
  7. I’m very intrigued by the LSU back. Loved watching him in the few LSU games I saw this year and look forward to following him throughout the draft process.
  8. This. I fully expect Douglas to use a mid round pick on a RB, just like Philly did last year. It’s time for some fresh legs.
  9. This is what bugs me lately with so many NFL analysts saying they were not tanking. Um, yes, they most certainly well at the beginning of the season. They just decided to change corse for some reason, whether it be Tua’s injury or pressure from the league.
  10. Why because they have a bunch of drafts picks? Lets see them hit on one or two first round picks for a change before crowning them. As the Cleveland Browns have shown, tearing things down and accumulating draft picks is not a guaranteed recipe for success.
  11. Good points. I just hope we come away with two OL and one WR after the first three rounds.
  12. I am no draft expert, but Dobbins in the fourth seems like a stretch.
  13. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2868979-2020-nfl-mock-draft-matt-millers-post-regular-season-predictions.amp.html?share=twitter&__twitter_impression=true Love the way the first round falls here, but would have preferred the Wisconsin center (or even Justin Jefferson) in round 2 and Etienne in round 3 instead of that UCF RB.
  14. I was thinking the same thing. Would love for the team to figure out a way to do this.
  15. The owners are more concerned with overall attendance numbers, not the percentage of Jets fans In attendance.
  16. https://mobile.twitter.com/ConnorJRogers/status/1209178816045821952
  17. Or you can try to sell to people you know who are Jets fans through old fashioned methods like sending an email around the office or a Facebook post, which is how I’ve purchased tickets on numerous occasions. But the point of my post was not to take a shot at season ticket holders. For once I actually enjoyed not having home field advantage because of how enjoyable it was to see the dejected faces of 30k visiting team fans who were expecting to see an easy, playoff-clinching win. So for that reason, I was happy with their decision and method to sell.
  18. This is my worst case scenario and may lead to the Jets going with a WR. But I definitely think Herbert and Tua go in front of us (Miami, SD, and Jax), which we should all be rooting for.
  19. ... for selling your tickets to Steelers fans. Seeing them experience such an unexpected loss was truly SWEET!!!
  20. I will be happy if we stay at 7 because I’m really worried that Buffalo rests it’s starters against us in week 17 and gives us an easy win (you also know Gase and Jamal will he giving it their all to end the season with a win). I also really hope that Miami does not get a top 2 pick so that we don’t have to worry about facing Chase Young twice a year.
  21. Dane Brugler’s latest mock actually had Thomas as the third OT taken (he prefers Wills). Take that for what it’s worth, but he said that Thomas is not the can’t miss prospect that a lot of people are making him out to be.
  22. Jax now has the same SOS as the Jets thanks to Indy’s loss last night. Hopefully Jax can get one more win this season (Falcons, Colts). Would also be nice to see Zona get another win but I’m less optimistic about that.

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