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  1. Had 2 options today. Go and see Alice Cooper live or stay home and watch the Jets. Wrong decision. Thank you Jets .... thank you.
  2. Nothing good. They are used that afternoon in the bullfight that takes place. The actual point of the running in the streets is taking the bulls from the barn to the bullring. That´s how the tradition started.
  3. Well, he is jumping over "vaquillas", young cows with the end of their horns covered, not bulls.
  4. None. The nearest NFL team would be one of the teams that play in London. So i´ll have to go with soccer teams, the local ones are FC. Barcelona and RCD Espanyol, but i dont like any of them. I always root for Celta de Vigo, the team that occupies my heart ....... shared with the Jets, of course.
  5. Thank you. Tried it but it didn´t work. It´s got something to do with Google Chrome. I´ve just opened the website in Microsoft Edge and the videos work fine there.
  6. I have the same problem, i can´t watch any video on the Jets website.

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