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  1. The surprise is not seeing Blake Cashman on any injury list. Must be fake.
  2. YES !!!! VAMOS ESPAÑA !!!!
  3. Sorry for the momentary thumbs down, after all i´m from Spain. Anyway, not doing to bad with such a new and young squad. Let´s see how we do against the swiss.
  4. Wilson in that pic : Tom Cruise meets Cobra Kai.
  5. All fat, more cakes.
  6. Nice !!!! I´ll try to go to the game.
  7. Connor Hughes just said that the Jets minicamp will be next weekend, 7th to the 9th of May.
  8. Still time to trade down and get 2 db´s in the 7th round.
  9. That´s why Joe traded back. He also wants media exposure. Clever guy.
  10. Back in the saddle !!! I mean, on the clock.
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