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  1. Jets Sign Pryor

    Some rumours say it could be a 1 year deal. 6 million.
  2. Oklahoma QB and top draft prospect bakermayfield is the subject of a new docu-series after cameras followed him for 3 months. And it’s gonna be epic:Shot over three months, the 8-episode series will premiere in April 2018 on a date and time to be announced. Trailer: www.BehindBaker.comhttp://behindbaker.com/press-release.php Behind Baker (2018)Baker Mayfield, top NFL quarterback prospect, has skyrocketed to stardom. He has drawn comparisons to perennial Pro-Bowlers like Russell Wilson and Drew Brees with his play, but Baker’s antics on and off the field have left questions about his maturity. A team of industry experts dig deep into the psyche of the quarterback beloved by his teammates and coaches in his journey to the NEXT LEVEL. Granted unprecedented access, viewers will witness all there is to see behind Baker Mayfield. The series explains the root of Baker's passion for the game, his drive to win and the razor edge he rides that has led to controversy. Over the course of the series, we learn about the man who is Baker Mayfield and how he has grown from his experiences and how those experiences prepared him to take on the NFL as a leader and champion.Episodes with never-before-seen access will premiere in April 2018. The series will be released in the weeks surrounding the pivotal moments of the NFL Draft on April 26. “Behind Baker” catalogs Baker's mental prep and his journey to the NFL Combine, his pro days and the media frenzy surrounding his heavily debated arrogance. Baker reveals his mental drive, expectations, and who is he is in his own voice; including what he has to offer scouts, critics, NFL owners, brands, fans and foes.
  3. Texted a friend of mine that is a Titans fan. And this is exactly what he said. Great against the run. And very poor in coverage, he normally never plays on third downs.
  4. Todays bowl games....

    Check your message box. I´ve sent you a link.
  5. Patriots-Dolphins MNF

    And the Patriots lose ...... feels so good.
  6. A Jets turnover , wow !!!
  7. Mc Cown not playing tonight. First half for Hack, second for Petty.