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  1. None. The nearest NFL team would be one of the teams that play in London. So i´ll have to go with soccer teams, the local ones are FC. Barcelona and RCD Espanyol, but i dont like any of them. I always root for Celta de Vigo, the team that occupies my heart ....... shared with the Jets, of course.
  2. Thank you. Tried it but it didn´t work. It´s got something to do with Google Chrome. I´ve just opened the website in Microsoft Edge and the videos work fine there.
  3. I have the same problem, i can´t watch any video on the Jets website.
  4. Bourbon - Fuente Vieja (2018). Killer album, one of the best to come out this year so far.
  5. Forgot about Cannon, i´d like to see him get some reps today.
  6. Of course, i also prefer for the Jets players to do well and win in real life, thats the main thing, fantasy is just a "side dish".
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