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  1. Hoping for the best, for her to have a full recovery. Un abrazo.
  2. He was not a bust 4 weeks ago, he is not a franchise quarterback today. He is a 22 year old rookie learning to play at elite level in one of the hardest and demanding positions in sports. And doing so with not the best weapons and tools around him. He may be good, he may not, so let´s just enjoy the ride and see him getting better an progressing, which i think he is doing so in the last weeks.
  3. Jets and Celta score in the same minute. And scored by Berrios, number 10, and Aspas, number 10. Great way to start my Sunday night.
  4. Damn ...... The Dolphins and the Bears over here ........
  5. Mighty battle between the Jets and the Falcons to see who sucks more. Atlanta just took the lead. Jets, your turn.
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