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  1. Mighty battle between the Jets and the Falcons to see who sucks more. Atlanta just took the lead. Jets, your turn.
  2. 2 points down at halftime .......... 2 points down at halftime ....... WOW. I´m i dreaming?
  3. Celta, because my favorite soccer team is Celta de Vigo. And snake because of ..... First ever band i saw live, when i was 12 years old, (actually it was MSG, which was the supporting act, but, yeah).
  4. Bad thing is that they just show the beginning, they cut off when the practice officially begins.
  5. ZZ TOP´S Dusty Hill has passed away, very sad news.
  6. YES !!!! VAMOS ESPAÑA !!!!
  7. Sorry for the momentary thumbs down, after all i´m from Spain. Anyway, not doing to bad with such a new and young squad. Let´s see how we do against the swiss.
  8. Wilson in that pic : Tom Cruise meets Cobra Kai.
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