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  1. Really nice what the Chargers have done.
  2. I´m the only one in my family that has watched more than 5 minutes of (american) football in their lives.
  3. If anyone wants to follow it live via the Pat McAfee show.
  4. As long as he does not cost much of his surname, yeah, would be a good option.
  5. "This former New York Jets scout explains why these 15 different prospects shouldn't be picked in the first round during the 2022 NFL draft." In other words, these should be the top 15 picks.
  6. Good, now Seattle has picks to trade for Ashtyn Davis.
  7. With our 4th pick we are definitely getting a Running Back, Breece Hall from Iowa State. Michael Carter and Breece Hall on offense. Michael Carter and Bryce Hall on defense.
  8. The best way to eat octupus is "Pulpo a feira" style. Boiled octopus served with coarse salt, paprika, and olive oil. Simple and stunning.
  9. Hoping for the best, for her to have a full recovery. Un abrazo.
  10. He was not a bust 4 weeks ago, he is not a franchise quarterback today. He is a 22 year old rookie learning to play at elite level in one of the hardest and demanding positions in sports. And doing so with not the best weapons and tools around him. He may be good, he may not, so let´s just enjoy the ride and see him getting better an progressing, which i think he is doing so in the last weeks.
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