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  1. Nah, Wildcat formation with direct snap to Gore.
  2. Jags on the board with a field goal.
  3. Keep calm, we still have to go by that black hole for the Jets called ...... second half.
  4. Jets are The A Team.... if you have a problem, call the Jets and they will solve it for you.
  5. Teams not wasting time, moving the chains and scoring ...... looks like another sport at what the Jets play.
  6. I sense a safety is coming ......
  7. And so did the Bengals, both in the final seconds, damn.
  8. Dalton to the locker room ...... Dallas becoming a contender for Trevor.
  9. Well, at least i have Tyler Bass on my fantasy team.
  10. Well, at least the Falcons and the Reds Football Team are winning.
  11. One quarter of competent football ..... wow ....
  12. Most first downs in the first quarter this year?
  13. We win, for once, the toss ...... and we choose to receive .....
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