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  1. Another night, another city ...... same result.
  2. Cashman should be ready, just in time to get injured in the 5th play of the 1st quarter of the game against the Cardinals.
  3. And that is what happens when you kick that field goal instead of going for it on that 4th and 1. Gase, you coward.
  4. Great night ahead for me. First my team, Celta de Vigo, play against ........ FC. Barcelona. And then, the Jets ..... I have a feeling that i´m not going to go very happy to bed.
  5. The waterboy did a great job handling cups of gatorade in the sideline.
  6. I´m on a spanish board, only Jet fan over there ...... Quite a few 49´ers fans ...... at this stage they are even being very empathetic with me.
  7. Josh Allen each day looks more like Huey Morgan of the Fun Lovin Criminals.
  8. They have been doing this in La Liga matches .....and it was awful. Still remember one of our home matches ( Celta de Vigo) where our rivals scored a goal and the "crowd noise" roared in celebration ........
  9. Feliz cumpleaños !!! Que pases un gran día !!
  10. My dad didn´t even know that football existed.
  11. Aaah, on my first visit to New York i stayed in Bay Ridge, 5th Avenue with 76th Street. Good memories.
  12. Well, the H1N1 Pandemic did not originate in Spain. It is believed that it could originate from Kansas, or from China. In Europe, the first cases where in France. It was labelled spanish flu because at the time Spain was not at war and did not suffer wartime censorship, so the spanish newspapers where the only ones reporting about the pandemic and it´s effects. That lead to believe that it started in Spain, and thus became known as the spanish flu.
  13. The #Colts are signing Georgia kicker Rodrigo Blankenship, source said. A new home for Hot Rod
  14. Great, you see it online ... How about you keep the "yikes" and reactions to yourselves until the pick is announced on tv ???
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