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  1. Well, the H1N1 Pandemic did not originate in Spain. It is believed that it could originate from Kansas, or from China. In Europe, the first cases where in France. It was labelled spanish flu because at the time Spain was not at war and did not suffer wartime censorship, so the spanish newspapers where the only ones reporting about the pandemic and it´s effects. That lead to believe that it started in Spain, and thus became known as the spanish flu.
  2. The #Colts are signing Georgia kicker Rodrigo Blankenship, source said. A new home for Hot Rod
  3. Great, you see it online ... How about you keep the "yikes" and reactions to yourselves until the pick is announced on tv ???
  4. In this chart you can see the actual names of the players. Jets start at line 698. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NTVfzz6UV5Bd_GmRARk5dvw7YrpLBfd-awb0CoUSIac/edit#gid=0
  5. Taken from this twitter account, no idea if it is a good information, so take it for what it´s worth.
  6. Around 1985 ....Was living in London and the NFL started to get popular thanks to Channel 4. Everyone in my school were Bears, Dolphins or 49´ers fans, but i just didn´t like them. One day i bought a packet of chewing gums that included some nfl cards, and the first one i opened was one with the Jets logo ....so .....it also helped that i was in love with the city of New York, always buying magazines, maps and everything i could lay my hands on that had to do with the city. We then moved to Spain around 1989, and boy was that tough, there was absolutely no information whatsoeve
  7. Last 6 days here in Spain (deaths) : 391, 539, 680, 656, 718, 769. Difference between yesterday and today: Infected : + 14% Deaths : + 18% Recuperated: + 33%
  8. Best wishes to your aunt and uncle, hope they get better. And a huge thanks to all your family and friends that are fighting in the frontline. I´ve got a few friends of my own that work in hospitals, and it is hell what they are going through, but they keep fighting. We are over 700 deaths in one day here in Spain, over 4300 in total. On the other hand, in some hospitals in Barcelona they are trying a different mix of medications that seems to be working. Let´s hope ...
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