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  1. I have the same problem, i can´t watch any video on the Jets website.
  2. Bourbon - Fuente Vieja (2018). Killer album, one of the best to come out this year so far.
  3. And all of this with Enunwa having a bad day.
  4. Forgot about Cannon, i´d like to see him get some reps today.
  5. Of course, i also prefer for the Jets players to do well and win in real life, thats the main thing, fantasy is just a "side dish".
  6. He could have gone to the sideline, order a hotdog, get back to the field and still get the touchdown untouched.
  7. Even worse ...... Why am i watching this at 2 am in the morning?
  8. We should have a 4th QB to play the rest of the game, or at least the 4th quarter.
  9. Like we say over here ..... las venas como espárragos trigueros.
  10. So sorry to hear such sad news. She was a beautiful dog. Just about 2 months ago i lost my dear cat Brooklyn, she was only 4 years old, got struck by cancer, in 4 days it was all over. I miss her so much.
  11. Rooting for Uruguay in the next match. It´s not going to happen, but i hope they leave Cavani in the bench and they start with Maxi Gomez.
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