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  1. Sorry Bitonti Seattle got absolutely fleeced by this trade We unloaded a disgruntled overrated self aggrandized player who would not have added anything to our 2020 team He will be up for. a huge LT contract soon. Good riddance! Joe Douglas will utilize the 3 draft picks wisely
  2. Moderators should ban this misleading post and change as what if sar 1 the jig is up with this narrative buddy
  3. Perfect Sar- Perfect -to make sure the tank commander finishes his job without being stopped. Hopefully , after we are 0-16 ,Gase gets fired as HC and moves to an office job promised by JNJ on Black Monday and they let the Harbaugh/TL regime begin
  4. Make it happen Joe! Sign this beast! We're officially at the bottom of a dumpster fire.As an >50 years of following this sorry franchise fan, I can tell you brothers..... we need to ascend the ashes. We havent had. a legitimate HC since Bill Parcells left town Harbaugh will add instant credibility and hope I pray he listens
  5. Sorry Sar Gase has lost this team! Jets are an undisciplined team with stupid penalties and late hits Sam showed no improvement under Gase regime just the opposite jets have now regressed to worst team in NFL we are the bad news bears of NFL i hope Johnson’s aren’t stupid enough to keep him rest of season Fire Gase is only option
  6. Welcome home Jet Nut!! really glad to have you back posting !!.
  7. hope you're right JoJo I do think we are short a vet WR for Sam to get us to next level
  8. Fellow Jets fans : it seems that we are at least a wide receiver or two away from being competitive even with the addition of Denzel Mims to our wide receiver squad . All of us recognize that Sam needs some more targets even with our TE returning healthy . Enunwa is gone. JD rebuilt our entire OL. There’s still work to be done though .Are. there any FAs WR left that we could still snatch up to help this team?
  9. Good luck brother -you will beat it-!! Stay strong- Jet Nut! We need you back on the forum. Stay in touch regarding your recovery pal.
  10. Just say no to picking any d at #11 JD gets it OL or WR or trade down
  11. Nope how bout we see what we have in Sam with a decent O line and WR 1 after this FA and draft JD needs to make this happen!

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