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  1. Any idea why not hearing anymore Mac interest in this guy-? Are we not serious about spending some available cash on the best available sack specialist in FA Signing Houston FA now gives us a lot more options in the draft- We could Pick Bosa/Allen have best bookend DEs football or gives us the flexibility to trade down for more OL picks . Not getting why we havent heard more especially with Barr shunning the team.
  2. Buffalo comeback win was a confidence builder-for sam and the franchise ....no doubt!
  3. Stupid post- "Lets lose out for draft spot again blah blah blah......" I was at that game in Buffalo It was great win for Jets psyche and our Bills rivals were crushed by it Fellas.....we got the franchise QB no more loser mentality no more SOJF moronic posts Its time to be excited Stone faced Todd is finally gone New coaches -Darnold!! Le'Veon Bell!!! we pick 3 in draft with Sam in our future Go Jets!!!!!
  4. Ink Houston tmr before Bears take him plus Draft DE-Bosa /J Allen Cmon Macc-make it happen!!
  5. With Flowers off the board we need to Sign him- Houston would be the Jet Best DE rusher since J. Abraham-Mac get this done soon
  6. No blazing speed but He’s shifty and can get open. He’s a good check down option for Sam too. One he’s comfortable with.
  7. I think he’s not signed for 2019 yet. we can sign him cheap now if the new CS sees the potential . I’d hate to see a SD favorite target get released.
  8. This guy has the potential to really explode if used properly next year. Bowles and Bates really never gave this kid enough opportunities. When they did at the end of the season the kid produced and executed for 14 yard tough catches. If you watched him play at USC he had over 1000 yards and was Sams favorite target. The kid can run different routes has very good hands and can outright play football. I hope Adam Gase and the new coaching give this kid the opportunity he deserves plus he’s cheap and has excellent chemistry w Sam . the one handed “OBJ like grab “against Greenbay last year past the end zone was a thing of beauty and may indicate more to come. What are board’s thoughts on his development as a slot WR under Gase ? I think there’s room to be excited here if the Jets brass dont blow it and count him out. You know he’d be a stud on NE w TB/BB. Just hope they give him a real chance to execute with Sam next year and not keep him on the bench and /or trade him . He’s a low risk very high reward kid. Can he earn a starting role under our new CS?
  9. Is that the only WR "suprise"move we make with the injuries to Q and Pryor cut? What about trades? Any news?
  10. awesome KRL Thanks as always -great job!!

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