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  1. Just say no to picking any d at #11 JD gets it OL or WR or trade down
  2. Nope how bout we see what we have in Sam with a decent O line and WR 1 after this FA and draft JD needs to make this happen!
  3. Happy and healthy New Year to all our Jet brothers and sisters May 2020 be the year of Sam and Jets returning to the playoffs! J-E-T-S
  4. Sam is fine. Mono ran its course. his spleen will be just fine too.
  5. Always on point KRL ! I really look forward to your post game and practice analysis You are heads above the media jackals by a mile Ty for showing us how special Sam is I wonder if you could post how we beat the Pats next week!
  6. In KRL we trust!!!! Ty brother no better feel for jets camp than JN w KRL reporting
  7. Thanks KRL..... you are always a class act and very knowledgeable!!!

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