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  1. Bowles want Petty to fail?

    I predict a blindsight hit to force a fumble because none of our QBs have pocket awareness, for some reason.
  2. Patriots-Dolphins MNF

    Cameron Wake has been the only one trying.
  3. Forget the Jets

    Some crazy ish goin on in Jax.
  4. OK, so now why risk injury? Just kneel then punt.
  5. Run plays ...plus hurry up/no huddle. lolwut.
  6. I think he's already left the game so he can board the plane before they get the chance to leave him.
  7. Ol' Trent doesn't seem to understand Jets logic.
  8. Run on 3rd and 7, down twenty ...oh, we've quit.
  9. It feels like we need to waste another timeout right now...
  10. He completed a pass tho.
  11. Srsly, where is the tipping point with this guy?