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  1. Forum and social media polls negatively rating what he has to say.
  2. Hadn't gotten to your post yet - was my exact thoughts.
  3. Have to be in Henna - Tom's rumored to be afraid of needles 😁
  4. 42 defensive packages - so roughly 40 more than Bowles had 🤣
  5. We didn't resign the JAG he is now the DC in TB.
  6. I agree , at least with Kotite we knew what we were getting. Bowles came in under the auspices of being some great defensive mastermind which was quickly and thoroughly proved wrong.
  7. Just coincidence or was it the games where the Jets were able to run the ball effectively and eat clock . Bowles is an old school DC which is a bad fit for today's NFL , his systems only work when you can effectively run the ball. Let's see how it works out in TB with their feared run game 😒
  8. Worse yet those sixpack fake fans sell to opposing fans adding more non Jets fans its the stadium.
  9. But talent evaluation to sell clicks and viewership is slightly different than talent evaluation for building a team and keeping a job.
  10. I didn't have season ticket's at Shea but did attend a fair number of games there as one of neighbors had tickets, I vaguely remember the green pom pom guy but I was referring to early on at the Meadowlands where different sections would alternate doing the chant .
  11. At least Metha and Francessa add some value once in a blue moon. Benigno adds absolutely nothing as all he does is whine about his teams and bitches about how bad everything is . Fireman Ed is a decent guy met him a few times, the problem with him is he's so polarizing to the fanbase - there are those who hate him and those that love him - personally I just view him as a decent Jets fan - who got sucked up into the "chant" -which for us old timers really used to be a battle between decks and sections.

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