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  1. Is that like a code word for something
  2. 56mehl56

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    I guess it was adams or Johnson's fault when our HC didn't call his to's at the end of the first half , then had to settle for a fg as they ran out of time.
  3. Yeah just like the Bears can't find a spot for Khalil Mack , you people are nuts.
  4. I agree with many of your posts on here , but on this one your dislike for the player has clearly clouded your judgement.
  5. So blame that on the defensive scheme not on the player.
  6. 56mehl56

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    He could have asked Sam for a report on Barkley but of course Bowles doesn't talk to the offense 😘
  7. 56mehl56

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    Because he was from the Bloated Bill Parcells tree.
  8. Cmon, Td's through 6 or 7 games what kind of excrement is that Maybe we can create records for all players like most tackles within the first 7 minutes of a game. What is this Tee ball baseball and participation records.
  9. Unless, I missed what records did he break in the NFL ?
  10. Hmm what school did Keyshawn Johnson play for ?
  11. It doesn't matter who you are , if you don't demand respect and lead by example you won't get it. The players can talk all they want about the love for Bowles etc.... , their actions on the field either represent a leader who has failed or players who don't respect the leader.
  12. 56mehl56

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    Yes another Jet blitz that failed to get to the QB , coupled with a DB play 10 -15 yards off in coverage. Watch other teams blitz and see that they are bumping the wr's at the LOS .I think Bart Scott mentioned that in almost every game the first defensive play the Jets have blitzed. Opposing coaches pick up these tendencies on film . Johnson hasn't played worth his contract but the defensive scheme is doing him no favors as well.
  13. Then we'll agree to disagree on this .
  14. 56mehl56

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    I don't think its so much that he sucks , its just that he looked so much better on a Rams team that could actually generate a pass rush and allowed him to play man coverage. If the Jets ever improve the pass rush either by scheme or by adding talent , Johnson will look just fine at CB.

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