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  1. Mahomes had a good qb ahead of him with an established coaching staff and established systems. It didn't make sense to start him as a rookie.
  2. Trust me he won't learn anything watching Joe Flacco play that he can't learn from playing himself. This whole mentor concept is way overblown.
  3. He just looked semi-good because Sam , Fales and Falk looked so bad.
  4. Zach has the physical tools he just needs to procees the game better. If you look at film he's missing easy check downs and safe options. This is not something he had to deal with at byu as he was able to choose among his first couple options and Had an oline that provided him more than ample time. He was starting to show the ability to make the simple plays the last few weeks. Once he starts making the simple plays it will open all the other stuff we saw regularly in his film from byu.
  5. No I think that title belongs to Jet fans.
  6. If Zach was holding back a playoff team sure by all means play a Vet qb. This team is full of young players learning and growing together its critical the reps they can all get together. The Jets for the first time in a long time are doing things right , unfortunately our fan base is hyper impatient and rightfully so. I hate losing at anything so I agree this is painful but I feel this time we will have brighter days ahead.
  7. The players on this team know the score. They know this is a team being built from the ground up. Those who don't will leave in Fa when they havre the opportunity. In addition for a handful this represents an opportunity to play when they'd be riding the pine with another team. If the team was a vet or a few pieces away your argument might hold water. But this certainly us not the case here. I'm also puzzled by the Mims situation. But there may be other circumstances at play here that we're just not privy to.
  8. Winning a handful of games with a vet qb does absolutely nothing as it pushes Zachs development further down the line. This whole rebuild is about the young qb and setting the team up with the resources to support him
  9. By whom. I don't know anyone who thought he'd succeed from day 1. That narrative was fabricated by the hype machine and Media talking heads to drive clicks and sales. Everyone fawns over his physical skills and they are real. He has the potential to be special but he still has to grow and learn and the best way for him to do that was by playing from day 1. We all hoped he'd show better early on but there are signs we just need dare I say it more patience.
  10. Darnold wasn't a rookie coming from a school like Byu . The Jets as a whole are in NFL 101 this season. Too many new parts and first timers. It's important they get as many reps together as possible. The offense will grow as Zach grows. Seeing a slightly better performance from Flacco would mean nothing.
  11. It was crazy the security guards were walking around with fire extinguishers.
  12. Umm - No. If Wilson is healthy he needs all the live reps he can get.
  13. My guess is he makes halftime of the Cincy game before Flacco reluctantly gets the reigns.
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