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  1. I'm not sure Rex was even a little better, he had the benefit of a good OLine and consistent run game otherwise he was nothing to write home about. Bottom line they both suck .
  2. Its possible but I think coming out of college Geno was a better prospect than some of those including Jacoby Brissett who looked pretty good under the Pats system. Also I want to see what Jimmy G looks like after teams have some real game film on him now.
  3. And 3 more the Vernon Gholston . Comparinf a CB to a safety 😲
  4. You can thank Rex for that he wanted his Louisville slugger.
  5. And again flip the scenarios , put Geno in Foxboro and Jimmy G in Florham Park. Who knows how that pans out for either QB. Players that get drafted into the NFL have obvious talent , there are many factors that go into whether or not that player takes the next step. The coaching , environment and system that a player is in certainly plays a large part.
  6. And I agree "missing" on 12 picks is pretty hard to do, but maybe just maybe there is some weight in Idzik's or Mehta's words in that you would think an NFL coaching staff could help develop at least one of them.
  7. Its kind of ironic you have Namath as your icon and say this about Adams. Before Namath won the SB he was a trash talker as well , he backeed it up after the fact , let's give Adams a chance to do that before we crucify him.
  8. Do you think Garoppolo would have been developed by Rex/Bowles . He'd probably be cleaning pools with Hack this summer.
  9. But you can do that for any team in the league , the draft outside of a few bluechippers is always a crapshoot.
  10. How are we dead wrong so far, Hack got lots of offseason and preseason reps but Bowles never committed to develop him, blame it on the CBA, his talent level etc , but when the chips were down Bowles took the safe route. Bowles is already saying McCown is 1, Teddy is 2 and Sam will be given a chance to win the job. Its what defensive minded coaches do , take the safe route on O and bank on their D units. I'd be happy seeing Sam sit on the bench early on if i felt the team was developing him, the problem is he'll sit the bench because Bowles is too scared of coming out of the gates 0-3.
  11. Will you feel the same when Darnold is handing off with the Jets down multiple scores in the 4th quarter , you know field position and all.
  12. Wait you can fix mechanics, I thought we heard here incessantly that either you have it or you don't .
  13. McCown was constantly hurt when he played for the Browns, injury is the great equalizer. But he had some decent games for them when they were forced to throw. Bottom line he's a mediocre QB , so having a career year means relatively nothing.
  14. Not sure if you play fantasy football. But if you do do , ask yourself this question: why do QB's on losing teams have decent value. Because they are often playing from behind and forced to pass to play catch-up, it certainly pads the stats but doesn't tell the true story on the quality of the player. Bowles fault like most defensive minded coaches is they like to play it conservative and rely on their defenses that approach is counter productive in today's NFL which definitely favors the offense.