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  1. 56mehl56

    Why I hate the Dink and Dunk offense

    And that's against the Viking's D. Bowles didn't let Sam throw against Cle , my god we may call 95% runs against Minny.
  2. Do you really think the issue is the quality of our receiving group - because I don't .
  3. The wheels on Todd's bus are coming for Kacy , he's run out OC's to throw under the bus.
  4. The Jets would probably fire Bowles to bring in Jeff Fisher
  5. Yeah but the Rams/Goff got McVay we've got Bowles and if he is fired who'll be the next DC to be named HC.
  6. A record breaking contract for Crowell ??
  7. What fired up the crowd was Mayfield coming into the game.
  8. Who's having a meltdown. I'm speaking my mind your the one who seems to be melting
  9. 56mehl56

    browns fan perspective

    Good post. IMO #7 is where this game was lost, Bowles is either an idiot or is too stubborn to change what is not working.
  10. No its what taking a stand looks like , I 'm sure a snowflake like yourself wouldn't recognize it.
  11. The act that took place IMO was a spontaneous show of emotion from a player who played for the Browns and who was probably lambasted by the fans after the 1st TD. Since it cost his team 15 yds I agree he should be punished by his team/coach but it doesn't need to be stiff. I'd much rather see someone act spontaneously after a TD then have a group of players put on a choreographed performance piece.
  12. But the Steelers tied and the Saints won, sometimes you need to throw the ball downfield even if it results in sacks or turnovers. Problem is Bowles like his predecessors as defenisive minded HC's are deathly afraid of turnovers so they want to win 10-9 defensive battles.
  13. The big thing that killed us was knocking Taylor out of the game. Its the lack or inappropriate adjustments that Bowles and staff made on both sides of the ball that killed us. On D because Mayfield was getting the ball out quickly they stopped playing aggressive and started plying the idiotic 10 yard cushion on D again. In that mode blitzes became easy passes for the Browns. On O in the 1st half they ran right at Garrett who was rushing so hard up field he took himself out of plays. In the 2nd half the Browns adjusted stacking the line but bringing less pressure off the edge., we continued to run the ball out wide . With the few exceptions when they ran up the gut which Powell had a few big runs they played right into Cleveland's hands. They treated that D like it was the 85 Bears which is so Bowlesy.
  14. Football is a contact sport played by grown men, up until recently its always been a game of aggression . Emotions flow over in sport all the time , but I guess in todays' age of participation trophies that is getting stripped out of the game as well. If your so upset by the gross and inappropriate celebration on Thu - that was just a player expressing his frustration over how he was treated by his former team. If you don't like it - turn it off or perhaps the opera is always an option.
  15. Its because we pander to every bleeding heart liberal agenda , people are getting fed up of all the BS. Everyone has to be equal, everyone has to be happy, you can't hurt anyone's feelings - this is not socialism.

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