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  1. 56mehl56

    Crazy stat Nance just stated

    I'd like to see when in the game those were called. I can't tell you how many times watching a Pats game where its like 1 penalty for them and 5-6 for the opponent. Then in the 4th qtr with a large lead the refs call a few token flags on them to even it up some.
  2. 56mehl56

    It came down to money for McCarthy

    And don't forget Rodgers sat behind Favre , so in his first two years him and McCarthy probably didn't work tons together. I'd give more accolades to his position coaches in that scenario.
  3. 56mehl56

    With Bowles In TB ...

    Tru played for and loved Williams on the Rams. Unless he's injured I expect a marked difference in Tru's play in 2019. It seems like both Williams and Gase adapt their schemes based on their players strengths. This is much different from our past HC/DC's who stayed hard and fast to their schemes.
  4. 56mehl56


    Hence why the Bears and Chargers are sitting home.
  5. should have put a DB on him first.
  6. 56mehl56

    Gase endorsement from Mike Martz

    So what's McCarthy think of Gase, he has plenty of time to offer his opinion
  7. 56mehl56

    Gase endorsement from Mike Martz

    And here we go again with this total BS nonsense.
  8. 56mehl56

    Gase endorsement from Mike Martz

    Holds slightly more credence then the dbatesman endorsement.
  9. 56mehl56

    Bob Raissman on Joe Benigno

    Has nothing to do with age, has more to do with with systems and his unwillingness to adapt. Haven't we seen enough infelxibility from our coach over the past 4 years.
  10. Did you see the quotes from Tru , he loves Williams , played for him with the Rams. Johnson was inexplicably misused in Bowles system. If Williams is hired Tru will turn back into that aggressive press corner he was prior to coming here.
  11. Once again Gase calls the offensive plays as the HC why would Kubiak want to sign on as an OC. As an asst HC maybe, but not as an OC.
  12. 56mehl56

    Jamal Adams is back on twitter

    I wish we could hire IK as a moderator.
  13. I'm mixing up the Kool-Aid as I type this.

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