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  1. Not that , it's the Fitz cycle. When he's not the unquestioned starter(Tua) he lights it up, once he's made the fulltime starter he blows chunks. Its been alternating good/bad Fitz throughout his career.
  2. I thought he was pretty good in that 70's show 😄
  3. No trust me Jets fans would have bitched and moaned he's a turnover machine and would have labeled him a bust year 1 . It's what they do best
  4. It really depends on the player. Someone like a Watkins who is currently a #3 in KC might want to come here and get out of the shadow of Tyreek Hill. Anyone who just wants to win probably won't come here , someone just looking for a payday might.
  5. Just like we don't know yet if Sam will be a top or bottom tier QB this season. Stats can be twisted any way to prove a point . Take away fantasy football and a majority of these stats wouldn't even exist.
  6. Nope game situation, winning , trailing by how much, TOP , injuries, weather etc... Simply saying against top or bottom D's doesn't suffice . For example you can say he lost against two top D's this year Buffalo and Sf w/o context you don't know SF played w/o Sherman and lost both Bosa and Thomas in game.
  7. Lots of teams do that , Saints , Steelers, Pats , Chargers. It only looks bad when you don't convert 3rd downs.
  8. Stats w/o context are simply numbers. Without knowing each game situation those numbers are meaningless.
  9. When your down 17 in the 2nd half you have to throw, let's see their early game plan w/o some of their better weapons.
  10. Yeah if they ever expand into Europe it will create a whole new scheduling nightmare for 31 teams , as we all know Kraft and the Pats will get preferential scheduling.
  11. So that's begs the question why haven't they then ? My guess is its a CBA stance where the players don't want to extend the season any more w/o further compensation. If they eliminate the PS games forever or cut them back to 2 ,your suggestion may fall into place.
  12. Giants just lost their best playmaker on O - Barkley, and are w/o Shepard this next game let's see how that effects them .
  13. I agree , while the ACC is a power 5 conference , Lawrence hasn't played a killer schedule as starter. While he's not the reason LSU won the title game last year he certainly didn't flourish against an NFL stacked roster. I'm a little leery about him being touted the next great one.

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