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  1. Jamal Adams is mic'd up

    Each with a 32 inch rear projection TV
  2. Jamal Adams is mic'd up

    Perhaps the football 101 class .
  3. Another reckoning

    Please , any coach worth their pay knows an opponents schemes and tendencies. There are some here who think Westhoff walks on water, if he's so good why was he never an NFL HC ??
  4. Or better yet Minka Fitzpatrick
  5. If I felt that Hack and Petty were truly being evaluated by the CS then I'd share your sentiments. I have no reason to believe that this is truly happening though.
  6. No problem with the 1st statement. For the second , how do we, the media or the NYJ know if Petty or Hack can be the answer. With the new CBA these guys aren't getting tons of practice reps, they need a chance and with Bowles they have no shot at earning one. If they clearly feel that they're not the answer then like someone else said cut both of them in the offseason and end the charade that there is competition and just hand the franchise keys to a 39 year journeyman once again.
  7. Not in Alabama, Pizza Hut is way better than Ray's or was that Ray-Bob's
  8. I read that and cracked up , fully understanding the player's name is White.
  9. The Giants beat Denver in Denver , that's how bad they've really been.
  10. Denver right now is a dumpster fire.
  11. What if Geno does well ?

    While the Giants and Eli had magical playoff runs , it took a missed in the grasp call and a once in a lifetime catch to win the 1st. The second was aided by an Edleman/Brady wide open miss which rarely happens and I hate the Pats. Do I think McCown could have done the same things - not entirely , he is clearly a notch down as a QB , but he would have had success with those Giants teams - he's had decent success with a team everyone was quoting as the worst ever offensively in PS. Bottom line its been proven that you need a good/great QB to win consistently in this league. But very few QB's can carry a team dereft of talent and its clear Eli is not one of them. A great guy with the fortune of being on quality teams , but listening to Giant fans this week you would have thought the Pope was benched.
  12. What if Geno does well ?

    So basically what this says is if a team surrounds a QB with a quality Oline , good skill position players and a stellar D they can be successful. Eli is as much a benificiary of these things as past Jet QB's were hampered by the lack of talent around them. Eli is no Rodgers or Brady , BigBen or even his older brother , he couldn't carry a team on his back and the past few years prove that. He was a good QB surrounded by a good supporting cast.
  13. F'kn mercenary , overated egotistical coach.
  14. What if Geno does well ?

    Its amazing how people can be rational and understand this when its for another team. If he was the Jets QB we'd be hearing what's his problem he's got no weaponzz dohh , he sucks , blah blah blah.