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  1. He could use it to remove seagull droppings from his hoopty.
  2. Sure you weren't in Russia 😁
  3. Will Sheldon Silver and the Dolans still be alive then ??
  4. I cannot disagree more with that statement. The numbers of opposing fans gives them a sense of security that they can do and say what they want and if they do get in an altercation - they're not losing season tickets. It's become a real problem.
  5. The chant was great when it was organic and happened in many sections/areas of the stadium. I've met Ed a few times and I think he's a good Jet fan , but when it all revolved around one centerpiece it became too contrived.
  6. Meaning any home game that can fetch above face value on ticket resale.
  7. Nope,money ruins lots of things. PSL's plus the ability to resell tickets at a profit and the ease(online) at which it can be done have changed sports "homefields" forever. Will it be better if the Jets were winners - to a degree , but at the same time winning would drive the profit margin on those wanting to make the almighty $$$. Fans of the Cowboys, Steelers, Packers , Vikings etc... are willing to shell out the $$ to see their team play once or twice a year , back in the day when you had to scalp illegally to make a profit it was much harder for the opposition to get their hands on tickets, Plus Season ticket holders wouldn't sell as readily as you weren't protected by Ticketmaster etc...
  8. If the Jets handed the ball to Bell and he was swarmed in the backfield losing two yards, the Monday morning Qb's would be calling for Gase's head anyway stating everyone knew Bell would get the ball. The real mistake was not passing the Ball on 3rd down.
  9. They should do something similiar to soccer if your team finishes in the bottom 2 they are relegated and must wait 1 or 2 years to get back into the NFL. Use the USFL/XFL or a newly formed league to hold the 6-8 teams that would compete for a spot to ascend up. It would completely eliminate tanking and force owners to be accountable for their messes. Hit them where it hurts take away their earning power and things would get serious pretty quickly.
  10. For comparison sake Burnley has been around since the late 1880's how many championships have they won ?? Liking a team doesn't guarantee you'll see a winning franchise - only 1 team hoists the trophy every year , at least the Jets have 1 , there are other teams that have yet to win.
  11. Yep just ask their die hard fans about Sullivan Stadium, of course they won't know what your talking about because their die hard fans didn't start until post Drew Bledsoe.
  12. Neither did the Pats against the Bills and that's with the added benefit of being allowed to hold on every play.
  13. Who do you think the Eagles would key on for that play - hmm just maybe that HOF RB . You guys act like the Jets are missing out on some great play calls . What do you expect with a paper mache OL and a 3RD string QB. Let's see how many yards James Conner gets on Sunday when the Chargers stack 9 in the box daring their 3rd string QB to pass.
  14. Shouldn't you be lighting yourself on fire and jumping through a table about now.
  15. All that is with the backup QB which is vastly different than your 3rd string. Remember Falk looked Ok against the Browns when Semian went down. When an NFL DC can game plan knowing that will be the starting QB its a different ballgame.

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