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  1. Especially when the guy hasn't even taken the team into it's 1st TC yet. Yet the people would die for Belicheck easily dismissing the abject failure he was in Cle with probably a better team than Gase had in Mia.
  2. Wait so your pissed off that CJ does nothing but when someone claims he was involved in the FA picks and HC appointment - you say that's worse . What do you want him do ?
  3. 56mehl56

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    Another guy from Penn State - Richie Anderson. Ah didn't see freestater's post he beat me to it.
  4. 56mehl56

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    Absolutely Jim Sweeney was awesome.
  5. 56mehl56

    Gase Speaks

    Bingo people here revere Bill Parcells and he is a noted POS. If he wins fans won't care if he's Jeffrey Dahmer - Of course you wouldn't want to have lunch with him though.
  6. I guess you were on hand for Todd Bowles induction at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The 3 hour documentary on how he taught, developed and got the most out of all his players will be preserved for all as a blueprint on how to coach a football team. Within 10 years the championship trophy will be renamed the Super Bowles Trophy.
  7. For me that's the thing that makes Beli and the Pats great , its the fact that each weeks game plan is targeted at creating mismatches on both sides of the ball. There's no Rex/Bowles approach where they proclaim this what we do - beat us. I trust that Gase/Williams will both be much more imaginative then our previous coaches at creating opponent specific gameplans.
  8. What trick - insite a riot . Reminds of the Disco Demolition Night for the Cleveland Indians Back in the 70's
  9. I was lumping Chris and Woody together there, since the structure (both coach and GM reporting directly to owner) is still intact. Woody's problem is he put too much trust into voices outside the organization, then he showed too much loyalty to the people he hired when they were proven to be incompetent . CJ by firing Bowles/Mac seems to at least be willing to try and right the ship at a faster pace then Woody. Bottom line what do we want out of an owner - to hire qualified people and to spend money. CJ has spent money , let's see who he hires for GM.
  10. That's true but I think we have already seen quite a bit of mismanagement, so it's not just being born into wealth. They've set up a front office and staff situation that isn't working, with multiple iterations, and they haven't changed it. Again not necessarily defending him , but he's been CEO of the Jets since 2017 its not like he's been here a decade making bad decisions. He observed a problem between Mac and the rest of Management and took action on it. You can argue its bad timing I'll argue its probably better .then trying to rush a GM hire and give him only two months to prepare for the draft/FA.
  11. Its awful easy to discredit someone because they've inherited money its another to thing to believe they are idiots because of it. You and I have no clue how much business sense CJ has. Just because he hasn't earned every penny of his wealth doesn't make him unable to learn the football business.
  12. Maybe not, a real idiot would have extended Mac for another 3 years. I sense CJ's training wheels are coming off.

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