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  1. Actually I think Atlanta was the team/stadium "caught" doing it. But Seattle with the 12th man crap , they say how loud it is and they pan the crowd and a majority are sitting down not making noise, most teams probably do it to some degree but I suspect Seattle has been doing it for years.
  2. That would be something new for Jet fans - a homefield crowd
  3. You mean like Seattle regularly does.
  4. The irony of this is, part of the reason Moss wasn't drafted was because of an injury to his foot that was revealed at the combine.
  5. While I agree with that statement in general. In this case these morons lost 70K in another card game. People worrying about the economic crisis aren't playing in high stakes Poker games . This is nothing more than thug mentality from young men with money who think they are invincible.
  6. Injury - he was diagnosed with some problem after the Natl Championship game
  7. In no particular order: Bryce Hall or Lamar Jackson at CB Colin Johnson or Gabriel Davis at WR Logan Stenberg at OG Anthony McFarland at RB Cole McDonald at QB
  8. I'm an LSU fan, I really like Jefferson, but his offense was loaded at Oline at QB at Rb and at WR. With the offense LSU ran last year there was no way to cover all of the options , this really skews Jefferson's impressive stats. Mims like Lamb played in the Big12 where it appears Defense is an afterthought. But imo Lamb faced much more double and the other teams top DB then Mims did . Lamb and Hurts were the OU offense. I know in the games I watched, Lamb was blanketed by both a Cb and safety and in the LSU game he was matched against perhaps the best CB in college - Stingley. Will all 3 be quality NFL receivers I believe so, but I feel Lamb has the higher ceiling .
  9. Only in a reverse alphabetical listing .
  10. Jeudy and Ruggs played for a veritable all star team. Oklahoma was carried by Hurts and Lamb. I think Lamb has the higher upside.
  11. I believe lockdown or social distancing is key . Testing everybody solves nothing except wasting critical resources for people who really need testing , People who test negative today can test positive next week w/o having true symptoms. Do we keep retesting endlessly ? Stay away from other people to prevent spread , its the best way to keep this thing from exponentially spreading .
  12. The thing is if the Pats traded for OBJ everyone here would be panicked. Just like how Randy Moss was a cancer and a pariah until the Pats signed him. The guy(OBJ) has talent the question is how much does the current Jets staff want to work with a headcase WR.
  13. What's Andy Dalton got to do with this 😀

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