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  1. 56mehl56

    This will make your day...

    Probably more like green ironed men's suits
  2. 56mehl56

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    We drafted a lot of CB's and Dlinemen - when the highly rated DL produces no pass rush it doesn't matter who the CB's are . Let's see if Williams can generate a pass rush and get value out of guys like Roberts , Jones and Tru. I agree Mac never effectively drafted RB's , as it seems the last 20 years of defensive minded HC's had other plans for the draft.
  3. 56mehl56

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    You can say that about any team who signs high priced FA's , it leaves holes at other positions. Plus IMO the Bowles staff was horrid at developing players .
  4. 56mehl56

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    But I don't think he's angry at all - He's Tom Shane there's a reputation to live up to - he needs to have some form of controversy he can spew nonsensical crap about .
  5. They don't usually jump offside because they forgot the snap count. They jump because of perceived pressure from the D.
  6. Ever heard of a snap count or silent signal . The entire offense knows the snap count , blocking assignments do not not need to be called by the center.
  7. Sure , but if we didn't sign Paradis Harrison or whoever we have play center could do it or it could fall to another lineman, its not like that's this should be the deciding factor here.
  8. Any OLman can do that , it doesn't have to be the Center.
  9. 56mehl56

    Jets in talks with:

    Nope not super just very very interested 😁
  10. 56mehl56

    Jets Full Coaching Staff Announced

    He has pictures of him with the defensive yeti or for us layman - Kacy Rodgers.
  11. I'd love to see how those tv ratings are calculated . Are they based on someone watching a game for 5 minutes and does redzone factor in where people aren't really watching a game just scoring drives. But I'm not going to argue with you , I've been down that path before and it usually results in me banging y head against a wall - unlike Charlie Brown I won;t play this time. Btw - I didn't mean the poster meant the Peanuts character.
  12. The ball is on the 36 yard line . Their tackles are a good yard to yard and a half behind the ball , that's an illegal formation. Section 19 of the Rule Book Definitions Article 2 A Player of Team A is on his line: (c) if he is a non-snapper, his helmet must break the vertical plane that passes through the belt line of the snapper.
  13. No but it happens many times within a game and its rarely ever flagged. It gives their linemen an advantage against speed edge rushers. They are not the only team who does it , I've noticed the Giants and Colts also doing it more than most teams , but the Pats do it by far the most.
  14. If you don't think the interest in NFL football is waning - your delusional. Back when we were teenagers most kids were big time football fans. Today there are many many more teens who have no interest in sports beyond what Lebron or OBJ does. Plus add in all the rules which are making the game just a few steps from two hand touch and the NFL will be losing lots of the diehard fans. When our generation dies off so too will the NFL's stranglehold on the the viewing public.
  15. I described it up above. Its where their guards and tackles are slightly offset from the line giving the appearance of an upside down V .

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