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  1. IF Jets sign Suh.......

    Its to appease Bowles who won't get a 1st round defensive player who he'd obviously be pushing for.
  2. Josh Rosen Interviewed By Rich Eisen

    Celebrating that the Jets missed out on the best QB in the draft.
  3. In that room which one is the instagram model ??
  4. Jamal Adams Enters Recruiter Mode

    Ouch, as a Jets and LSU fan that hurts , but it is true.
  5. Patsferential treatment

    1 penalty in two playoff games leafing to the SB , You can't tell NE is that disciplined. Their offensive line like most in the NFL hold virtually on every play but somehow they never get called unless its in a blowout game . Same sh*t happened with the Dolphins when Shula was on the competition committee,.
  6. Patsferential treatment

    Keep playing that video and watch Gronk with a massive push off.
  7. Congrats To Bill Belichick

    And won two games they should have lost - Pete Carroll not running beast mode and 28-3 Atlanta
  8. ***The Official Super Bowl Thread***

    And Chung goes down to stop the clock . Cheating bastards.
  9. ***The Official Super Bowl Thread***

    Eagles fans drove to NYC and have Riveron bound and gagged as we post.
  10. ***The Official Super Bowl Thread***

    It certainly got better when it was over.
  11. Which part of it?.. Parcellls was a great coach before the salary cap when the Mara's could buy him all the goods. After the advent of the cap he jumped form bad team to bad team so he could be construed as a white knight , but he could never finish the deal because he couldn't stockpile the roster with all his players , then when the cap got tight he'd bail out for another franchise. Classic POS egomaniac.
  12. Along with the splinters he's getting from sitting on Foxboro pine.
  13. Senior Bowl

    Let's see if I'm getting this right - too bad he's not a safety.