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  1. Or Sam learning how to play QB for the 3rd time.
  2. Terrance Marshall was tearing apart the SEC without the 5K yard QB before he opted out, no doubt Chase would have continued to prove his worth.
  3. I had a dream about mufflers, woke up feeling exhausted. 😁
  4. Why because he played in an offensive system that was more vertical. The allure of the Shanahan system is that it is easy for QB's with athleticism and mobility , something Fields is IMO far superior to both Darnold and Wilson. Fields can run this system and possesses the arm and accuracy to be a true downfield threat. No doubt in my mind Fields can work in this system.
  5. You need to factor in that the type of offense he played in was a more vertical style passing attack. Its harder to hit guys on the run in that style than if he had 2-3 options near the LOS on each pass attempt.
  6. But you also have to consider how many times he punted per game , its hard to be consistent with that many punt attempts. I agree with the return game , but like the Mann argument , its not like we had many PR chances and when we did it was usually deep in our own end. KR's are going the way of the dodo bird But I thought Ballentine looked decent in the last couple games . The main issue I had was with the Kicker , we need to find a solid placekicker .
  7. I keep seeing this repeated over and over again. tbh from what I read of the offense it is suited to any QB who is athletic and mobile. Hell they are saying it is suited for Darnold so then it obviously is suited for Fields as well.
  8. Exactly, the soft tissue type injuries like hamstring, quad , calf and groin pulls/strains are the things that can be mitigated to some point with proper conditioning . These were the things most impacted by the reduction of in person practice and training.
  9. Yes ,its really bad when any NFL team is missing its 3 stating Receivers. Look at the jags the Browns rolled out against us when their starters had covid.
  10. Mainly because the Texans were behind in every game. The Jets got behind in every game and ran Frank Gore , tells us either how bad Gase was or that he had no faith in Darnold.
  11. I don't see why he wouldn't. There are no hard and fast rules to stick to, If you have a QB that is good at RPO by all means that should be incorporated. They've used RPO's with Garappolo and McVay's offense which is an offshoot of Shanahan's uses RPO's with Goff.
  12. Career Stats See All STATS 2020 2019 2018 CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT LNG RTG 158 225 70.2 2,100 9.3 22 6 65 175.6 238 354 67.2 3,273 9.2 41 3 60 181.4 27 39 69.2 328 8.4 4 0 57 173.7 I think I like these better , especially considering the competition they came against
  13. What I find amusing is that I keep reading how Wilson or even Darnold are perfect fits for the Shanahan system because they are mobile and can throw on the run. A system like this is designed to take the thought process away from a QB so he doesn't have to read defenses like in a traditional offense. It limits the choices and gives them quick options to deliver the ball. And while I don't agree with the assessment the knock on Fields is that he can't read defenses, so why wouldn't this system work for him as well. The system in theory should be a good fit for any QB who is mobile and athletic. I'd much rather take the QB that has proven he can take a hit and has beaten real top notch competition.
  14. Career Stats See All STATS 2020 2019 2018 CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT LNG RTG 247 336 73.5 3,692 11.0 33 3 78 196.4 199 319 62.4 2,382 7.5 11 9 75 130.8 120 182 65.9 1,578 8.7 12 3 70 157.2 I notice you only posted his 2020 stats , 2018 & 2019 were not as good. Was 2020 an outlier ?
  15. We are starting over this season with staff and new playbooks on both sides of the field. IMO there 's no better time to put a promising young rookie in there , to learn and grow lockstep with the entire team.

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