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  1. Right but there's only so much leeway a house can shift spreads to counteract late action pouring in . In that case they essentially have to leave it luck or other means(NBA/NFL refs - cough cough) . Casinos don't profit by relying on luck .
  2. So then why doesn't 10% of the board post the Oline sucks rather than trying to bait others into an argument about Darnold or Gase.
  3. There's being objective and placing blame where it should be - what's going on here is downright trolling at its worst.
  4. No - your not hearing what I'm saying - I know full well what your doing - but your still not funny.
  5. Not blaming Sam , but that endzone pass to Robbie was badly under thrown , Sam get's that pass out further and it may be a different game.
  6. Not sure if your trying to be funny - but if you are ......... it's not working .
  7. On top of that the combo of CBS or Archie and Spiro were way late picking up penalties . The play would be over and then they would say oh there's a flag - at least live at the games you can spot those yourself. And is is just me, but - I cannot stand Archuletta - he's kind of football smart but in a smarmy kind of way.
  8. Oh come on - let's not be reasonable and sensible. Let the trolls enjoy their whine and cheese.
  9. Follow he money and Vegas betting lines , if the money goes heavy on Balt - we have a chance. If the public is scooping up the inflated line for the Jets - expect a blowout.
  10. They did hit a few of those - but the big money must have been on the Jets this week - some very shady penalty calls in that game. The NFL is really starting to bury itself , maybe this year they'll kill off the heel (Brady) in favor of the up and coming wonder boy (L Jax) , they are really just one step away from WWE .
  11. When your Oline looks like a swinging gate , it doesn't matter what you call on offense.
  12. Yeah , we'll just need to draft more Eric Smith's for Jets fans to be truly happy .

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