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  1. Better question is - Who's his sauces - well that would be Captain Morgan
  2. Is that the official start of the 4 a day practices.
  3. After all life is Just a Fantasy .
  4. There was a massive bonfire just a row or two from us in the parking lot. My car smelled like smoke for a week. I remember opening up a beer going to take a leak when I came back the top of my beer was frozen.
  5. C'mon its NJ , Beer and Taylor Ham(Pork Roll)
  6. They do have the same number of career rushing TD's
  7. In a lot of those cases you had an established Vet sitting in the starting role with established coaches and systems. That is not the case with the 2021 Jets. Everyone is starting with a clean slate day one. You can learn all you want in the film room or with a clipboard in your hand , but the true learning experience begins when the live bullets are flying.
  8. What FA QB out there right now would you confidently feel could fit that role. It would have to be someone comfortable with the Shanahan/Lafleur system as I wouldn't think they'd be getting many reps especially after TC/PS . I personally don't see anyone that fits that role and I'd hate the Jets to have to trade assets to acquire a security blanket.
  9. As any starting QB should be . Show me one that doesn't work and I'll show you one that is either gifted athletically or out of the league.
  10. I'm not sure you remember the name Browning Nagle.
  11. For me this season is all about getting Wilson reps in this offense. The more he can get the better. If he struggles let him gain valuable experience by playing through it. If by chance the Jets are at or above 500 at mid-season then perhaps trade for a Vet in case Wilson gets injured, otherwise roll with Morgan/White. If he goes down chances are the season is lost anyways. The kid is the #2 pick in the draft I'm not sure why some people want to handle him like he's a Swavorski crystal egg,
  12. I agree having a vet mentor is not a bad thing , but why does it need to be a roster spot. Why not add another coach to the staff as others have stated before. I personally want this kid getting every snap possible without the distraction of constantly looking over his shoulder .
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