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  1. Potato, Paper , Plastic( though not in NJ ) .
  2. I guess the NFC least is just that.
  3. He had 23 passes thrown his way last season, even if he dropped 20 of them , it would be an incredibly small sample size.
  4. Really wasn't the problem , the problem was being invested in the playbook and not giving his all.
  5. I'd love to see Mims flourish, because 1) It would make this offense a potential upper echelon unit 2) It would be delicious to read all the flip floppers here contending they were always big fans and knew he had potential.
  6. Why. What's the average lifespan of an NFL Dlineman 5-7 years ?
  7. I agree Pinnock looked much more natural at safety than he did at corner. This team is stacking up some nice depth as Elijah Reilly and Kai Nacua looked decent at times as well.
  8. Agree with the premise about trading back, not sure the Jets really need another DT though. They have JFM, Rankins, Marshall, Thomas , Q, Smart , Shepherd.
  9. Don't forget they also have Solomon Thomas as well now.
  10. It was due in part to not having a pass rushing end, and JFM having to play outside. Having Lawson and JJ now allows the Jets to employ JFM, Q, Marshall and Rankins inside exclusively. The D front will be so much better this season.
  11. I'd be happy with any of McBride, Ruckert, Dulcich, Kolar or Woods if they decide to use a pick on a TE , my favorite being Ruckert,
  12. 38 Trade out for a pick in mid/late 50's and a 2022 5th plus a 2023 3rd 50-60 LB Leo Chenal/Chad Muma/Brian Asamoah 101 RB James Cook /Rachad White 111 OL Ed Ingram/CaM Jurgens
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