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  1. I personally was just sickened by the seeming sense of glee some took out of Friday nights events . And I know it was a mixed bag with some being sad/disappointed but the narrative by some that good Wilson has an ACL , we'll be better off now. I guess is just got me going a bit. I'm here to talk football and support my team and to escape the negativity of everything going on around us.
  2. Oh - ok now I'm convinced my bad, let me go grab a bag of skittles.
  3. And I didn't claim everyone fits that category , I put it at about 25%. And like I've said before previously , I have no problem debating posters based on their pov's , but its when people speak in absolutes - like they're busts after which you back it down and say one looming .
  4. How many people want after JoeWilly for whatever it is he was doing , even SARi for that matter. Sure it was shtick but so is like 25% of the "negative" posters around here.
  5. Agree with you 100%. And I fully expect fans to have concerns , and to bitch about poor showings and results, its what fans do. But this group has taken miserable to the nth degree.
  6. You read these forums and the take away is the positive "crowd" dominates JN . I want some of what your smokin.
  7. Yeah, when I think of the Coaching Mount Rushmore, I always start with Ryan fricking Day
  8. Or a fan who should be committed. And I don't know Joe Walsh looked like crap , but he can still play a mean guitar .
  9. If the Jets had picked him he would have been labeled a bust after 1 year undoubtedly.
  10. Too much cinnamon, not hot enough, doesn't taste truly Mexican, vendors didn't attend a power 5 food powerhouse.........
  11. Yes from both perspectives either positive or negative. But the negatives are the voices that run rampant and dominate this forum.
  12. Is that Saleh on steroids . I see JtJet beat me to it - nicely done !!
  13. There's a man on then wing of this Jets plane.
  14. He definitely has talent , as other's mentioned the concern about him was attitude and off field type worries.
  15. I know I'm guilty at times , but in essence that's what message boards are all about. I have no problem debating other posters based on my pov or theirs . What I do have a problem with is some posters complaining about everything from the Owner, Stadium(NY v NJ) , GM, QB, concessions , parking lot , churro vendors etc.
  16. Excellent point and taken in context to game situation . Won't stop the armchair QB's from drawing their bust conclusions from that play though.
  17. Last year in TC/pre-season everyone was labeling Chase a bust because he dropped a few passes - what's that teach us all about overreaction.
  18. How was the competition Josh Allen faced in college , And Steve Young Is from some little old school that Oh Yeah - WIlson went to. Competition can be a factor but its not a determining one. Personally I favored Fields in the draft as I just felt he had a better mentality for the NFL game . But we need to give Wilson time , I agree jury is still out , but nowhere near time to abandon ship yet.
  19. No it won't because then there will be real games to worry about that carry much more significance than a preseason game . If we think theres drama now it will get ramped up to 11 Spinal Tap style when that time comes.
  20. Wait , not the great Daemon Deacon slaying Jalen Hurts. There's no way he can stare down receivers - I just can't buy it .
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