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  1. Compared to the production the Jets have gotten from pass rushers since JA , this guy is Reggie White on steroids .
  2. Another guy getting no talk who would a a good day 2/3 pick is Bell from Purdue.
  3. I'm certainly the outlier but I feel Burks is the guy the Jets need. But I'd be ok with Wilson , wouldn't touch London or Williams with a ten foot pole.
  4. Build a defense that can put Tua on his back .
  5. Read the headline and thought you were taking about this https://www.nj.com/marijuana/2022/04/its-official-nj-legal-weed-sales-can-begin-april-21-state-says.html
  6. I also thought Ryan Leaf was the better QB than Peyton. Having watched so many SEC games I was convinced Manning was overhyped because of his bloodlines , boy was I way off on that one.
  7. If I read this message backwards or use a cipher to decrypt it, can I expect to find out it there's a killer insult hidden within . Otherwise huh .
  8. If the Jets had spent big $$ on Golladay, Jackson and Bradberry Jet fans would have stormed Florham park and held JD hostage
  9. I'll go out on a limb and say the Pats will be hard pressed to be double digit favorites in any game this season especially if they face the Lions later in the season. Their schedule is not an easy one this year - 6 division games , Bengals, Ravens, Colts, Bears, Lions at Home, Cards , Browns, Packers, Raiders, Vikes , Steelers on road. Of those games only Lions, Bears possibly Steelers stand out as gimmes.
  10. And just imagine trying to do that drunk. They'd need to install showers at Metlife bathrooms.
  11. And the Jets beat both the Titans and Bengals last year so that means SB this year right. Basing anything off prior years games or results is a smart way to becoming a millionaire - not .
  12. But even with that , it was for the backup role, not to have someone come in and play QB , wasting a season of growth and experience for Zach.
  13. Mac is what he is , he's a good system QB with so-so physical skills. I really don't see him elevating his game beyond what we saw last season. Zach on the other hand still has untapped potential , he can easily ascend and become a star just as easily as he can regress or not develop.
  14. No he didn't. I know you're enamored of the approach KC took with Mahomes , but that situation was so different to the Jets last season. KC had a quality/established Vet(Alex Smith) who was willing to be a mentor to the kid. Plus they had an established HC/staff with Reid and a roster full of offensive weapons. They were able to take a conservative approach with Mahomes. Because the Jets were in essence starting over , new HC/staff/systems new personnel it made absolute sense for Wilson to start from day 1 to learn along with the team. He will be much better for it this season when the Jets have stability/continuity for what seems like the first time in years. Plus add in few more pieces(FA/draft) and this offense may the best we've had in quite awhile.
  15. I agree considering they have a first time HC with a new staff and systems. I wouldn't be surprised at all if we swept the fins this season. Also NE is no longer the juggernaut , could see a potential split of those games.
  16. So now selling point on a player is the stadium they play in . In addition the Jets training facility at Florham Park is top notch and maybe top 10 in the league, If I'm a player I value that more than the place where I spend 8-9 days a year.
  17. Yes we all thought Tom would be looking for the 3 legged receivers .
  18. He's the guy on draft day - when the Washington Commanders pick Phil McCraken raves he's a sleeper #267 on my list of Lbers . Everyone picked is always on his list.
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