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  1. Im amazed ay how 1 hame a week can stop you lot playing Mafia lol Are the Packers still in?
  2. god you are full of it. You were agreeing with 80 at one point iirc and who got lynched first out of you and me? So you couldnt do that right either. how many times have you broken an arm patting yourself on the back for no good reason?
  3. i think i made up for him pretty well tyvm GFY if it wasnt for that last damned shot... I wasnt thinking you were the gifter BECAUSe i didnt get anything. soooo disappointed in you nyn #sadface ive been cursing that Homelander reveal since the moment you made it. It cost us a kill which wouldve made a lot of difference.
  4. GS was the more obvious target. and frankly I dont give a damn if JC dies. He has done nothing of any use except that mason claim cause i screwed up and used the wrong one. I should have watched him but i put track by mistake
  5. obviously you dont. I left home at 630 this morning. I voted you as soon as I was home and finished work.
  6. well it seems there is an advantage to knee pain. im up at stoopid o'clock when you all are. So I dropped my vote that way to see what reactions I got. Jifs was par for the course. Expect him to blow up after this post. JCs was exactly what I expected. No thinking just come straight at me like he has all game. I was hoping someone would be over eager and show their hand but that was a bust. So im a JOAT. 1 doc 1 track 1 watch. N1 I self protected because of nolders rant and substitution. N2 I tracked 8 0. He went to Spoot Last night I watched Green. Only person who showed up was Jif. I will also say that i didnt believe any of what Jif said last night. The ATE and the come kill me just read fake to me. so like i said Vote Jif
  7. Pot meet kettle. umm wanna try that again? I cant remember the last time i managed to trick nyn. pretty sure its been years tbh
  8. i held off last night because i would have put him at l-1. I asked him to come clean remember? And he answered. I then went to bed thinking about it. my final conclusion is we need to sort it out. We already have one long term vt hanging on that hasn't been completely sorted. I dont want two. It may also give us a new slant when looking at others with his flip confirmed. Basically, for me this is an info lynch. Which i dont particularly like. But i think we need to do it. vote stark
  9. i was more foccused ont he other bits of what you said i guess. shrug
  10. i dont object to a stark lynch but im going to hold off for now cause that would put him at L-1 @Stark id suggest now is the time to lay yourself bare.
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