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  1. Really? So after all this time screaming that shes scum and needs lynching shes now in your town pile AND your going to protect her? What caused that change?
  2. Wanna try showing me that I said that? I said it can make sense in a game with a day kill. I never said I accepted your claim. I think your scummy as. After low posters all game until you just want to lynch the doc of all people. I notice you cant keep your word either thought you were not moving off nyn cause you were so sure she was scum? RED Really? Are you just upset cause I didn't say 3rd party or do you really think Town wants to lynch Town and that that is a good thing? Blue Can you read? Apparently not. My point was that he was twisting what was said to him. What was said was scum hunting then suddenly hes saying that what was said was town telling. Their two different things.
  3. i gotta start to work i reckon lynch cTM, ape and JC in that order
  4. a doc and a bodyguard do make sense in a game where theres a day kill. that day kill would probably be why the bodyguard is added as its a fairly weak protection role. dont let them make you emo and throw your game away crush.
  5. thats not what was said in the post this is responding to. Iirc it was hess saying you are not scum hunting in a game where even scum can hunt. twisting of words noted so 1 is omgus 2 2 is crap reasoning "often a scum tactic" 3 is the biggest pile of crap ever. "lets lynch town cause they told us they were going away for a few days. Its ok their just vanilla" Their still town and only scum wants town lynched remember? 4 more omgus with a side of "oohh i gotta respond to this!"
  6. you lot are unbelievable you let a half assed botched mason claim that WERENT masons ride free but you wanna lynch a claimed doc in a game where there is evidence that nks were most likely blocked. un believe able.
  7. right now we dont KNOW there are 2 scum teams. Even if there is We dont KNOW they can both shoot.
  8. reason for protecting hess n2 isnt hard to work out. she protects 80 n1 and theres no kill. she probably did what id do.. n2 you have another claimed role so id be weighing up "will scum shoot 80 again or will they wifom on him being the doc protect again?" Id probably have gone to hess as well. those saying that we should lynch the doc claim are idiots. If she is doc we want her alive. Scum will try to kill her at some point. So it will either get blocked or she will flip doc and we then havent wasted a lynch. If she isnt doc but is scum she wont get shot and we can question later in the game. vote ctm
  9. No he shouldnt say who he protects not yet anyway Were you assigned a protectee or do you choose?
  10. no she generally does not claim at all. and I can think of why she might have changed from 80 to Hess. Cause i mightve done the same.
  11. Have seen both in games before Id suggest you all get off nyn. If you think for a minute you will realize she doesnt fake claim unvote
  12. annoy me and this is what you get. and going me for low post count is a pretty sure fire way to annoy me It could be legit and they STILL wouldnt. She wanted someone to annoy me so she can have a laugh.
  13. you simply started as a gut feel you werent invested you didnt give 2 sh*ts now there was all that bumbling around about your character and then you seemed to get all conciliatory afterwards. but fact is I could have a Cops scum read on you and this lot wouldn't lynch you on anything I say.

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