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  1. Dicetosser

    Ninja Turtles Game Signup

    Vote Jif for MOD
  2. Dicetosser

    Ninja Turtles Game Signup

    Its not ME thats the obsessed one its Tanya!! and if i dont play this she will KILL me! IN and requesting Leonardo to make my daughter happy...
  3. youll find out in a minute wont you?
  4. yeah right. i put in that much work analyzing ure votes as scum. i know what jc said. \ and that train materilized in like 3 minutes with people like brick suddenly deciding to be here. i stand by my last post to you
  5. sorry jc but im not dying for you unvote vote jetscode @DPR
  6. and here come the bullsh*t votes. your scum will be in here somewhere
  7. Really?? even bloody jif quoted it!!
  8. did you expect me to move while i was asleep?? and if you BOTHERED TO READ THE ******* THREAD! ud see i voted jif but it hasnt been counted for some reason.
  9. what was that you were saying about a useful vote? ohhhh thats right! youre always useful just cause ure YOU!! YOU dont have to actually DO anything! can we kill this guy now please?
  10. i seriously hate this site mqs...
  11. WTF?? @DPR @Kaylee do we have to unvote or not?
  12. probably cause of what i did regarding you shrug its different for me. but if u think, i should be obvious town
  13. according to the timer link kaylees been putting up we have 1 1/2 hrs....
  14. nobody can clear me the way i think ure meaning. i havent joined any gang.
  15. so the first bit translates to "i havent done anything but i cant come out and say that." as for me being lazy activity wise?? i can only assume you havent read the game vote jif that they dont actually SAY anything. what post of gatas are you talking about?
  16. cause this game has been going for days and i dont remember anything of him before today
  17. really? wanna tell the class what youve done that has been so helpful and valuable?
  18. actually the only reason im really considering you is cause i have hardly any memory of what uve done this game
  19. just go read it ureself. im not restating it so any chance scum missed it is taken away
  20. right. because why?? oh thats right! i said i might vote you! yep thats definetly a scum tell. not...
  21. id rather not repeat it. but he said something others have not sorry but YOU arnt clear so you cant really clear anyone

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