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  1. god you are full of it. You were agreeing with 80 at one point iirc and who got lynched first out of you and me? So you couldnt do that right either. how many times have you broken an arm patting yourself on the back for no good reason?
  2. i think i made up for him pretty well tyvm GFY if it wasnt for that last damned shot... I wasnt thinking you were the gifter BECAUSe i didnt get anything. soooo disappointed in you nyn #sadface ive been cursing that Homelander reveal since the moment you made it. It cost us a kill which wouldve made a lot of difference.
  3. GS was the more obvious target. and frankly I dont give a damn if JC dies. He has done nothing of any use except that mason claim cause i screwed up and used the wrong one. I should have watched him but i put track by mistake
  4. obviously you dont. I left home at 630 this morning. I voted you as soon as I was home and finished work.
  5. well it seems there is an advantage to knee pain. im up at stoopid o'clock when you all are. So I dropped my vote that way to see what reactions I got. Jifs was par for the course. Expect him to blow up after this post. JCs was exactly what I expected. No thinking just come straight at me like he has all game. I was hoping someone would be over eager and show their hand but that was a bust. So im a JOAT. 1 doc 1 track 1 watch. N1 I self protected because of nolders rant and substitution. N2 I tracked 8 0. He went to Spoot Last night I watched Green. Only person who showed up was Jif. I will also say that i didnt believe any of what Jif said last night. The ATE and the come kill me just read fake to me. so like i said Vote Jif
  6. Pot meet kettle. umm wanna try that again? I cant remember the last time i managed to trick nyn. pretty sure its been years tbh
  7. i held off last night because i would have put him at l-1. I asked him to come clean remember? And he answered. I then went to bed thinking about it. my final conclusion is we need to sort it out. We already have one long term vt hanging on that hasn't been completely sorted. I dont want two. It may also give us a new slant when looking at others with his flip confirmed. Basically, for me this is an info lynch. Which i dont particularly like. But i think we need to do it. vote stark
  8. i was more foccused ont he other bits of what you said i guess. shrug
  9. i dont object to a stark lynch but im going to hold off for now cause that would put him at L-1 @Stark id suggest now is the time to lay yourself bare.
  10. already admitted the fact that your annoying me is there. right now? Jif. im biased right now. kdels its making me a little nervous that he is still here but has done relatively little. but thats like zander levels of paranoia if im being honest
  11. what value have you provided? you came in dropped a heavy handed mason hint, that may as well have been a hard claim, argued and voted ape over stupid stuff and pretty much nothing else. Ape covered this but getting a gift does not clear you. Ive been town collecting. Town Nyn, i cannot figure out how people are questioning this. She was super obvious by the time i came in. greenie since his role hint, he has been pretty consistent tone wise and has had 1 or 2 really good posts where you just automatically nod in agreement JC purely because mason. has done nothing to earn a town read Ape came around on him yesterday. still dont like the way he has played flinging crap everywhere and telling people how to play but at least he bothered to think about why i did what i did at EOD and pushed others to think too So for me scum is with in Jif This could just be annoyance with him tbh but i do not have him on my town in my head Barry I too thought he was following nyn and that doppelganger idea gives me pause. Stark Thought he had a good d1 but hasnt really been around or done anything since. the claim doesnt clear him as has been addressed. Kdels dont know what to think here. EOD1 i was believing him as town VT but his lack of involvement has me wondering if he is scum who got lucky and is now laying low cause he knows he wont get lucky twice? I could lynch in any of the first three possible scums kdels i just dunno what i want there. Preference would be Jif cause he has annoyed me and getting him lynched would be satisfying but tbh i dont think it would actually happen at this point Stark would provide the most info considering his claim Barrys been talked about so much yet nothing has happened.
  12. your right i didnt propose it. Why didnt i? Tell me, what happens most of the time when someone proposes no lynch? If your answer doesnt include getting climbed all over by the whole game and quite often lynched for it then your either a liar or inexperienced. You arnt inexperienced. I do not have enuff sway to make that suggestion and live. Blunt truth. But this game has Jordan and Pippin in it!! Surely such great players could look at what I was saying and THINK!. Surely they would see it AND they could survive it! But no that didnt happen. And leaving my vote on Ape was as good as a no lynch. There was no WAY he was actually going to get lynched. If you all backed away from 80/crusher and didnt no lynch you just wouldve lynched someone else then ape. Probably Nyn, Barry or JC. No Lynch wouldve been the best play. Night would have had the same ending. Look at their roles and consider that crusher SAID he would die. There was NO WAY IN THE WORLD Crusher wouldn't be shooting at 80. Now THAT bit?? THAT is hindsight now that we know their roles. So im sorry O Worlds Greatest Scumhunter, that you arnt great enough to have seen what I was seeing, listened to what I was saying and had been smart enuff to follow it!
  13. I read his 3 rules on page 1 and it doesnt say that there. also doesnt say you cant no lynch. Have i missed something? your an idiot.
  14. lol i cant help you with other powers greenie but BPV is Bullet Proof vest Strongman is a kill that can get thru a protect Doc or BPV or even a bodyguard and bulletproof is you can survive a shot. its usually that you can survive 1 shot get shot twice and you dead
  15. So Jif Did night resolve the crusher/80 thing? You're welcome. And btw you didn't HAVE to kill a random townie you could've gone no lynch.
  16. everybody else says its weird i dont think it is shrug. I do acknowledge that i tend to look at things from a different angle to most people i get used for precisely that at work lol and if i was going to really try and insult you that isnt how id do it.
  17. youve played with me enuff you should be used to my weird dice logic. And theres nothing wrong with my logic. And biting on the Ape train? Dude I gave you a GFY vote in response to something you said. I just left it there because you had given me no reason to NOT vote you. To me you were all talk/self aggrandizing and no substance. You now have substance. you still talk crap but you have substance now. Im sure you will be even more annoying now.
  18. because here we have a pretty good idea that it will get sorted for us during night. Thats how these situations tend to play out if you let them go into night. then we make a decision and lynch one, but between scum probably wanting to kill the cc, and town power roles there is usually SOME night result to guide us. Ive explained my thinking above.
  19. i have to go. im going to leave my vote where it is. I cant tell if ape is town or scum tbh like i said hes been confusing. And as I said I would rather let night sort 80/crusher. And I think Kdels just made a good point i hadnt considered. if my meeting finishes early i will try to get back here but i doubt it will happen
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