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  1. and yes i am purposely leaving what DPR said out
  2. ive been focusing on this thread and am doing a catch up in the game thread. saw tthis WRONG. I was black and I was Town. Seems obvious Red is when someone has used an action to take out that person Black is a lynch I dont buy this from crusher at this point
  3. did you miss my post about why i dont thionk they need fake claims? basically if not all bad guys are good and not all good guys are bad they dont NEED fake claims except for the Bat. heads up i dont know when this post is ure time but thats 3am for. you WONT get an answer then Arsis as scum im not caught up but can follow the jif for safety SMC
  4. youve been jumping all over her all game and your now whinging cause she snapped at you? get real This is at least the second time he has said he is Batman. LYNCH HIM!
  5. i agree. i was told i was lynched, that i could post here and only here basically
  6. smash im only here for like 5 more mins if you want anything then i gotta start work
  7. I very well might have done that on a gut read. giving me a dayshot is very dangerous yes. tho of course everyone will say they were town I think i did because I was NOT told that i can get back into the main thread.
  8. not fully caught up but need to speak to these Nyn is TowenI believe and I will explain why below agree with the blue disagree with the red I received info when I was sent here not all bad guys are good not all good guys are bad. so imo that nullifies the argument made (I think by Arsis?) that nyn is scum because she claimed ROBIN. I think it means that batman is scum and at least one of his teammates (if he has multiple) is a character that is a Bad guy So whoever Batman picked he got the Penguin for example cause that happened to be Xs character. I think this plus her fessing up about her action immediately clears nyn. This also makes me think there arnt safe claims because a) would make giving me this info useless and b) theres still plenty of plausible deniability in the bad guy claims the only one who might need a safe claim is batman himself
  9. Yeah expecting me to turn up at 2am is a bit much. Especially as the whole damned DL didnt exist until after Id gone to bed I think its 2. And I voted and would have doubledowned on arsis for reasons. He seems to want the thread distracted. thats good for scum not town. then he claimed to be batman. Same as claiming scum. I will pretty much always vote that and have played a game where someone claimed a scum RB in their first post guess what they flipped? even AFTER someone else ALSO flipped it? So I dont discount that people are telling the truth with stuff like that. Plus I would be quite happy to be rid of him.
  10. Arsis wants distractions and chaos that benefits scum not Town unvote vote Arsis
  11. i had it right in my head then. Batman is bad. therefore Vote Jif
  12. im starting work so my brain is mush which one jif or 80 alweays says their batman?
  13. I was going to ask if you ever have reasons for your votes. Then I saw your next post about me and i realized you DO have reasons their just really REALLY dumb ones. GFY
  14. FTR i wouldnt have lynched you but would have wanted you to shoot where the clear townies said. IMO that was the better play then Hess' supposed "right play"
  15. SMC 05-06-2020 07:28 PM ET (US) Thanks, 80 BTW, Dicetosser, who's a total dramatist, is raising hell in his PM because I replaced him. I was polite and thanked him for his participation. LOL your goddammed right i gave you drama. who the **** pms a player everyone knows is on he other side of the world at their 4am asking if they want to continue and then replaces them sometime within a 4 hour window and before they can even reply to you? Thats deadset stupid. and unfair. Then you replace in a player who hasnt been keeping up with a 150ish page game. Stupid. Why hadnt I posted in a couple of days? cause they were pushing thru lynches while i was at work so all my catch up was meaningless and NOONE was around at the time i was. So despite a really intriguing game you mod decisions imo suck.
  16. give me a break. DPR was clearly town and wasnt gonna get lynched today. Dumb shot. The only good thing is you did it during day and so didnt possibly cause a waste of a view.
  17. took all lunch but im caught up. Betting i will be 20 pages behind again by 5pm tho
  18. Oh dont worry Im MORE then happy to vote you for that claim. am i the only one who reads the Red and hears the translation of " have to check if CTM want me to bus him" Vote Jif
  19. i might as well put you on ignore. You completely ignore my questions that I asked to try and figure out how your dumb ass plays and just go for an insult while repeating yourself. i was simply trying to find out how the hell he makes decisions. Im a gut and meta player you know that. That info answers one of those for me. I wasnt giving "ridiculous reasons" i was asking pretty fair questions considering the topic he has just kept repeating at me. thank you for your faith faith in my abilities. But your right that I wouldnt have killed crusher. ok can we not do the stoopid town v town schtick plz? The results that AJ gave out dont clear him of themselves but considering AJ claimed D1 it makes sense to me that AVM would have been poking at him D2 on if he thought AJs claim was bogus. He wouldnt even NEED to investigate him and wouldnt have to claim to poke at AJ. for me today its Barry Drums or CTM. Vote Barry
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