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  1. And people are giving ME sh*t for supposed out of game things building reads? shakes head. Ok so im too late but my evaluation would have been that i think apes liable to make that play too but in a more chaotic way. I was going to leave my vote on dandie. a. Wasnt DM where you first started playing? b shes not lieing. Lying about something like that with a bunch of people in the room who could say otherwise would be beyond Ape level insane. c If you are so dismissive of meta tell me how do you decide to vote someone? what info do you use to decide if they are scum or town? Does nothing they have done in games before, relationships they have/had with you, things like that have absolutely ZERO influence when you read a game? If we both play DPRs game are you going to totally forget everything that I said, that you said this game? The feelings those things caused?
  2. yeah and a lot of it is by you. im going to bed
  3. Oh and Jif? Dont think i missed you twisting what i have said regarding arsis and Dandie.
  4. Do you even read the posts you talk about? Heeres things ive done that are game related the AJ thing? based on something he said IN THIS GAME, Did it relate to something outside of this game? yep but how often do players talk about thing that happened in the past here? I point you to D1 and people talking about DPRs game. The arsis blowup REAL simple he pissed me off. I dont appreciate being called retarded and i let him know about it. Note that with all the aJ stuff I never bought up the back story of what I was thinking in case i had the wrong name. It only got dropped when i blew my stack. But that whole thing is game related because it stemmed from something AJ saaid in game and then was something arsis said IN GAME. Ive given reads based on whats in this game. also game related. There my latest quote of Barrys guess what Jif?? thats also game related! And my vote is based on a vote in this game and my thinking around it. Ive already said its meta heavy and that that meta IS a bit of a guess cause of ID uncertainty but noone on JN EVER gets to bitch about someone using meta to make reads. Oh and guess what? Thats also game related! So what were you bitching about again?
  5. Its mattering to me because im considering something a bit odd and trying to judge if the person doing it would do that. Not knowing makes that really hard. I didnt vote you because you wont confirm your identity. I voted you because I THINK your Cory and that reverse play is something I think he might do here. I dont think hed do it on DM where the cory meta is more established, but here? and especially if people dont absolutely know its him? then all bets are off and gambits could be on. THATS why im voting you. Is it totally meta heavy? yep. is it weird and probably a long shot? probably. But it came to me as soon as I saw your vote and i have learnt from many wrong trivia answers that i should always go with my first thought.
  6. ok so i was right it was nyn This just seems like busy work. It says nothing really. Ok obvious is it? then i say your Cory. Vote Dandie
  7. @A.J. i just say ure answer to nyn @DPR weith the exception that im tossing up Dandie. My problem stems from not knowing for sure who is the player. I THINK 75%ish that its cory. But every now and then he posts uncory like stuff. What im tossing up is whether his vote on you the original one today is reverse psychology. Right now you have to be considered the clearesty player in the game someone even said think it was nyn maybe something along the lines of why would scum vote you considering that fact. Im thinking that might be eXACTLY what happened and exactly WHY it was done. It doesnt help that I just cant get a handle on Drums.
  8. fair enuff well done even tho u probably had inside knowledge I didnt say any of those and i gave reads so everythings copacetic i guess
  9. @DPR 1st well done. I wouldnt have voted stark cause of that claim but well done 2nd i gave reads like 3 pages ago man here]
  10. That argument all started because of a post in THIS game. had other quotes ABOUT dprs stark angle but they got dealt with as i went along.
  11. all that catch up and the lynch is over a;ready. FML
  12. I did a 20+ page catch up before posting and then i posted because the mqs were starting to pile up
  13. Aj Town because of the claim. Intialally i thought he was going off on tangents which is not town AJ. then came what I thought was a lie or at least a slip. But that claim was too detailed to be fake. Nyn Town your being snarky, throwing buffy gifs like their confetti at a wedding and basically not giving a damn and doing your thing. Tones good. Cant say uve really made any cases that stick out in my mind but this game has been so all over the place i can understand that Had JC as town and thought that bomb hint was true as soon as i saw it it just felt true. Scum Arsis. Besides the fact thats hes pissed me off my gut still says vote him and then he probably could have ended AJs train by just saying "I didnt know AJ at DM" or something but didnt. just sat there and played the "i dont gety it" bumpkin. lost track of how many times he has said he hasnt played in 5 years by now. Then hes been all bitchy and snappy at people other then me today. Needs to die. If CTM was lurking during EOD then hang him on principles Nolders done nothing but he will probably flip town just to spite us. DPR i keep going back and forth on. He just seems to be causing chaos everywhere. Im actually thinking 3rd party if anything. Hess other then a few digs at me i know hes said stuff but damned if i can recall anything hes said. Would lynch. You just made my point from when I was talking about JN and meta. None of you pure Jners have a clue as to my meta and havent bothered to learn and ive been showing up here for years. Nyns right. Im more curious why if hes telling the truth scum didnt shoot him. Or AJ or DPR for that matter. Ive heard the "crusher is a hard lynch" but im wondering if it was also that they were scared of running into the doc. Lie/slip slips probably a better word really. Cause you know nyn nol and i are in game so a lie like that is liable to get caught. I was already sus of you, I was sus of Arsis, you say that, Im thinking you knew him = you two on team together sorry I was working. Remember that blowup was daytime for me i was about to start work impossible. im Town
  14. i havent seen it. did a quick check to see how many pages there were when i sat down to start work saw that idiots post and lost it THAT name i remembered its the name of the legit account im not 100% on very sure it started with an A.
  15. **** you dickhead. oh and you answered? Did you point out whether or not you played with aJ? Whether YOU remember HIM? NO so you didnt solve the situation you just sat there and let his train build. As for relevance? Well Ive been nice so far and not gone into details of what im thinking of. Ive also pointed out that i may have names mixed up. but nice isnt for ****heads who call me a retard. Idiots like you should be banned for posts like these. If i have my names right ure a ******* cheat who ran two accounts to win mafia games and got caught. THATS why I think AJ should remember you. so **** you.
  16. no i thought i spotted a lie in a post. Had nothing to do with meta and yet you never bothered to end the argument you just let AJ get run up and played the confused hillbilly actually aj SAID he didnt know him Careful Nyn you know how powerful that phrase is lol Vote Arsis
  17. well seeing as I have TWO daughters yes i guess I am that.
  18. Its right there in my answer DPR im pretty sure arsis played on dm and AJ would know it. Aj said in a post earlier he didnt know arsis the possible fly in the ointment is if i got Arsis name wrong in my head, tho like i said I know that name comes up as a member of DM as of like 10 mins ago. now im off to bed
  19. He's been pretty present and ive liked his tone. He seems invested. quite possibly bad reasoning with a possible hole in it but I think i caught a lie. Im just hoping im not mixing names up cause it was a while ago, but im pretty sure arsis played on DM and so AJ would know him especially if what im thinking is right. I KNOW there is an arsis who is a member of DM right now cause I just checked. Or at least an id with that name popped up when i did a mock PM.
  20. DL is 4am I have no plans to be up that early. I want to lynch either Arsis or AJ. I dont want to lynch nyn or JC. unvote vote AJ night all
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