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  1. @Nynaeve Do you remember Arsis from DM? or am i mucking up the name?
  2. explain to me how thats different to any other JN game? Walk in front of me hun I will happily do it. Yo crush! sorry for the delay I had to start work. How you been?
  3. so you have a long list of reasons for aJ only 3 for Jif but you go jif? why?
  4. im not sure tbh. I am wondering if AJs fixation with the dandie account and a couple other things are scum aj running diversionary tangents but it also seems too early for him to be doing that. Hed normally be in doing some solid looking scum hunting to establish himself. You are also a DMer. And Im thinking of a name. Will see How about you DO some scum hunting first?
  5. Actually I kinda disagree you DO too heavily really rely on meta but only for players who have been here for donkeys. Ape Crusher etc You rely on it so heavily that you dont scum hunt anymore which is why these games are largely a sh*tshow of abusing each other and chaos. But you dont really bother with meta for newer players that much. And if they try to tell you their meta they get shouted down or lynched. Why obviously? Details plz.
  6. gut read. real vague one tbh. I just feel like I should be voting him.
  7. thats ok AJ I will chaperone them unvote vote Arsis
  8. seems noones noticed i quoted it mysaelf saw it do it and saidf i accepted his answer
  9. and therefore old enought for your testosterone to talk to you properly!
  10. all right I will believe you on that you crappy taste still deserves a vote tho
  11. all you did is quote it tho so i would think that it wouldnt change.
  12. im 45 in July. Age is just a number mostly cause i dont have grey in my hair.....
  13. my god! you are such a baby!! I see you two cutsie little 90s teen dreams and raise you Michelle Pfieffer Kim Basinger Kelly Le Brock and Elle Macherson unvote Vote80 for ignoring my question and because of his crappy crush taste time for the baby to go beddy byes
  14. We are not!! vote nyn for lying and slandering aussies
  15. verb i cant even tell when the deadlines are for me most of the time and im only here now cause im running really late for work
  16. nolders gone and got frustrated and kicked over the game board hes prob town
  17. he should have been lynched days ago so u did it on purpose. i say we lynch pac tomorrow
  18. not really because i have no way of knowing if stark is on AJs team im not scum and i aint no newbie.
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