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  1. im also not discounting that it can be used as a distraction by you too never happen AJs not much of a busser
  2. ut does matter because i dont appreciate being dissaed like that by some noob. One day you will realise that basic thinking happens in mafia and that an excuse for rudeness is it? nope cause youve all ignored the one ive made and nothing ive seen makes me think stark is town. thats right. and that was at 6am, its now almost 830 PM and ive been home all of 9 minutes. and this is JN where everybodys on when im at work and u can be crap lynched at any time dude what cover am i providing? its bloody obvious im not the cop or i would have had stark strung up by now. they obviously dont want to kill me so im not providing any cover at all am i? ttbh i havent liked what some of the newer peeps top me have been saying but i cant reallyh keep them straight in my head of who is who so cant really vote there. id say verb nolder or hess. verb for crap reason nyn died n1 would kinda be a just in case job nolder cause he just isnt putting in the effort i associate with him but i have a feeling hed probaBLY flip town somehow and hess has been very up and down for me liked him 1st day or so less so as gaME GOES ON BUT IVE NEVER FIGURED OUT HOW TO READ Him so dont have a good baseline to compare to sorry for caps
  3. why not? hess stupidly wants to lynch me and im hardly around due to work so i threw it out. it does no harm cause i think hes scum theres also the fact of 80 not voting him when they were tied. excuse me but how many games/years you been playuing mafia? u just indicated 4 players thats building you were lead train at one point d1 people vote you for like 5 mins then change and u only turn up to defend ureself then bother to post a littler
  4. ud need dmers not sure if verb played during that period or not.
  5. shakes head. 5 scum? So you think theres uneven scum teams? 3 pn 1 2 on the other? why? Reasons in one place on your suspects? no he knew i was ready to turn on HIM. my question about why he wasnt voting stark would be a dead give away. He knows that the wrong answer to that and I would have instavoted him and started making noise. for background AJ is an expert Dice ready. At one time AJ Yates and I were SO good at reading each other it kinda became unfair. AJ literally changed his game to break that. I didnt change anything. I SHOULD have really gotten onto him earlier when he didnt have a clear read on me. He and prob Nyn should have D1 really. As for stark dont you find it interesting how his train builds but then always just melts away? I seriously think he is scum hence why im on him all game. noone else seems like they will actually lynch him for some unknown reason but i stick to my reads. Something thats really a novl approach on JN should be obvious by now that im not dead cause scum dont view me as a threat. Even more interesting if Stark was town why not shoot me to try and set him up? or the other way around? Stark HAS to be scum me? Hardclaim Vanilla even though I know it will do no good.
  6. 00t0hats ok his actual post does the same thing really lol
  7. I know people give CTM a lot of crap for his modding but thats gotta be a quintessential mod post lol tells you something without really telling very much. lmao Nice @CTM
  8. IT HAS 3 MASONS AND 2 SCUM TEAMS!!! Im wondering if vanilla game doesnt mean what i thought it meant here
  9. i think AJ got on stark more yesterday because he knew i was getting ready to go at him. Easiest way to put me off is side with me for a while and allow the time dif to do the rest of the work. I still think Stark is scum. Mechanics question. With a 22 player game 3? masons (i assume backup mason gets activated after a death or something) and 2 scum teams is it likely there is a cop in game? (take ctm style into account) If so should the cop claim now and lay out their views? particularly if they have a number of towns? NOTE IF YOU ARE THE COP DO NOT CLAIM UNTIL THIS QUESTION HAS BEEN SETTLED!! VOTE STARK
  10. oops i was thinkung beaver got the name wrong
  11. fair enuff. i can follow that as i found it weird him being so coherent. and truly? thats such a nolder thought lol
  12. WHY are u sus of ape Nol? reasons/ ezamples pls dont need quotes just thoughts
  13. i previously gave thoughts on nyn and aj and nolder. verb i think town but the nyn death makes me sus. am also aware that its easy to set him up that way tho pac has done nothing imo the other new ones like brick and jvil? no idea tbh
  14. up until the 80 fight i was surprised at how coherent Ape was. I put him as town by the eod 1 i totally tuned out the fight with 80 cause it was just u sux! no u do! i dont know the timing but i know i thought it weird people didnt pull off 80 after his dummy spit post, but I do get why ape got drawn in. What I want to see is him be like d1 coherent. hess... he said somethings in a way i really liked. his tone was just good early. i dont hasve such a good handle on him right now cause ive been in perpetual catch up the last 2 rl days. summarise your thoughts for me will you? in my head all i have on u is incoherency day 1 smf i havent shaken it
  15. goddamit @Stark my original thought is that ure scum. youve been defensive, ure scum bro outted you by not being normal, your now getting frantic cause ure scum qt is starting to echo emptily. Also Dont put words in my mouth. i didnt tell AJ to do anything or that hed be wrong on u two games in a row. How can I do that? I wasnt in the last game and the only thing i know is that nyn won and was scum and that my daughters pissed cause i missed a turtles themed game. Stick to what I do say even tho it wont help you. @verb in the post i quoted above isnt that a bit of a stretch?
  16. im not Zander and hes not Len. sigh @CTM Im voting Stark btw.... its a bad thing if ure not hunting scum as well. And I know you know that.
  17. seems like u dont have original thoughts. ure just reititerating things others have said. feels like ure getting frantic whats up? good role the scum team cant afford to lose now?
  18. exactly. theres no logical reason for him to not vote stark if stark is anything other then scum ive offered 2 town reads and 1 scum read. few other comments here and there. I was actually surprised he had doubts at one point. i removed a bit from this post so noone could think i was leading anyone to an answer. VOTE STARK
  19. i DID say plausible... 1 on d1? 80?? gimme a break. ure stretching here he had an easy out 2 all goes out the window as soon as he flips scum 3 no he just made himself stand out MORE by doing this 4 on day ONE? nope wifom goes out of control. plus if he had voted stark this being jn there would have been plenty of wifom anyways sorry to burst ure bubble hess but a) scum DO do that and b) its not like youre all that, with an aura that scares people from voting you you all are forgetting that the simplest answer is most often the correct one. Stark should be hanging by now
  20. im not fully caught up but hes been doing absolutely nothing. I seriously cant remember any actual game related posts of his. could be scum could be town. probably worth lynching either way as he has had a lot of people talk about him thats how i play. i find what i think is scum and i dont move without a VERY good reason. those being a PR action that i can trust or if i absolutely HAVE to consolidate for a lynch to happen. answer me this hess 80 was scum. His and Starks trains were tied right? half the game was voting one of them. WHY DOESNT HE VOTE STARK WHEN HE MOVES HIS VOTE?? answer me that with a realistic, plausible answer other then they are scum buddies? and consider he could have voted there citing survival as a reason and it would have been a reasonable acceptable game move.
  21. so im like 3rd scum feel to you?? yet i dont think uve spoken to me all game so how am i scummish?
  22. @ape can u explain to me why, if you WANT to read 80s move as bussing, then why dont you? i dont get why looking at this people arnt lynching stark. normal move especially for scum where the other lead is a townie would have been 80 voting stark for self preservation and making him the lead train. instead he goes elsewhere that doesnt even tie the lead train. How does that not become Stark = scum?
  23. im in colour dumb scum play is going 100% Town on a teammate if they flip your often next. unless its me and zander like, you should leave some wriggle room only other place id be willing to vote today but id rather see stark swing
  24. uve been defensive, your tone has sucked, you ignored me yet called out others for the same thing and i dont think 80 knew you were town amd was trying to set you up.
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