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  1. today spoot has got me tilting my head at his posts im trying to wrap my heaD AROUND KDELS AND teh other guy i gave the link too are they newbies?
  2. @Barry McCockinner take note of that word... essentially. in this situation they are NOT auto cleared
  3. https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Portal:Roles memorize this site so?
  4. my vote is staying put he has totwally ignored the fact that i called him defensive let alone my vote
  5. its HOW and WHY you respond well you love me so.... yes?
  6. verbal seems ok but im not a good verbal reader kdels is that a person? or a thing? ive had no idea what their talking about when theyve said kdels stark see above
  7. unvote vote stark really didnt like his "explain|" post. tone was hugely defensive for no real reason
  8. im here caught up last night but was literally only home 20min before bed. only thing i would have said was that the verb train suxed. have u ever thought of actually asking actual game questions, analysing their answers, tone reading? you can lynch scum on purpose d1 but u have to dig something that doesnt happen here
  9. because its blind and stupid on d1 they dont show up and its d2 and u got nothing else worthwhile? fine but d1 is stupid nothing says love like a rope around the neck hey AJ how u been?
  10. FYI mods i work long busy hours now will probably only be able to post at my nights
  11. setting up your future mislynch attempts? sad.
  12. its wednesday here so vote nolder nyn and AJ are town toning wise
  13. @Nolder should be a list of them, some even i havent seen
  14. FYI we send Fosters to you Yanks cause its sh*t.... long live
  15. oh ffs! jifs gonna be soooooo annoying! and worse i gotta lock him in as town! damn you verbal
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