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  1. your right. You experience in general and with Nyn in particular is limited. Yet you dont want to listen to those WITH that experience. Anf then you do this. unvote Vote Geenseed
  2. can u just put a countdown timer? even just seeing how many hours are left is a big help
  3. Nolder is a liar. I have nothing against Bacon. I love Bacon. It was the RIVER of grease i didnt like. A bit of grease? ok. but this was WAAAAYYY too much Vote Nolder
  4. Congrats but honestly 205 seems pretty good. I just translated my weight into pounds and got 242 so..
  5. try that again A Peloton is a whole bunch of cyclists in a race
  6. No we just send our worst beer to America. I went to a dodgers v Australia game here and went and looked at the american food Now I like bacon. And they had great big SLABS of it. But there was literally a RIVER of grease on them. I swear i put on 10kgs just looking at it.
  7. unvote you lot eat the grossest foods so I am never taking food suggestions from you
  8. For i can't read u so never trust u but I don't hate u
  9. I was surprised you even TRIED to convince me otherwise lol
  10. the above was NEVER gonna happen. Put me and Nyn in that same situation with almost anyone (crushers probably the only other or zander if nyn wants to bust my balls) and we will fall in line together every time. @Barry McCockinner feedback for you my role was kinda useless. it could clear me late game but thats all. would be better and more in theme with mailman if i am passing on a message from a PR i think
  11. Barry McCockinner 05-20-2021 02:34 PM ET (US) I think nyn probably wins this. Her decision to tell everyone she was the one who was bombed and survived should make dice vote JiF.
  12. you seriously think I am going to choose you over my nyn?? Dream on and die vote Jif
  13. feels stupid. your voting an un ccd tracker?
  14. id rather vote jetscode myself nyn, tho i am not arguing your assertion about 80 not scum hunting. But I didnt like the swing to greenpea or whatever his name is getting lynched. First Beaver gets blown up when on JC then that. not taking it as a cooinkydink Vote Jetscode
  15. jvill nailed this answer. I think scum control the trigger. The defuser could cause them a surprise in that they press the trigger and it gooes POOF! All in all looking at these posts it feels over done. as for the double down if i didnt explain he'd be all over me for not explaining.
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