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  1. cant BELIEVE i talked myself out of Gata TWICE!!! gg Gata gg Drums Ty Spoot sorry town
  2. thanks hun GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. you keep saying this there is no draw if scum equal town they win is the usual way @Spoot-Face you links to the day 2 final vc is wrong. So 80 said the bombs didnt always kill the hammer the bolded green shows that with the exception of Ape who was disarmed he is wrong.
  4. you lot better friggin love me. i just got up at 6am to hook up with you lot on my birthday. lets get this done so i can go back to bed
  5. MY THINKING if i was ape when i made my fake claim id make sure to include my teammate in it so that hopefully town lynches the wrong one of who he named. Leaving Gata off was both necessary and would make her look a bit sus. Gatas claim was a mess. Which is in keeping with how she claimed masons last game. She doesnt claim well. if she was scum id expect her claim to be more polished and to make more sense.
  6. wanna try that again? how so? not sure this quote is working. its the ones where shes saying about making it pass tonight and asking drums why he isnt dead. @Drums Im thinking 80
  7. sorry have been having major IT issues all day catching up
  8. 80 Barry -- Vanilla Town [Secret Bomb Victim] (Lynched D2) JC -- Vanilla Town (Killed in Explosion D1) Ballin -- Vanilla Town (Lynched D5) Jvill -- Vanilla Town [Secret Bomb Victim] (Lynched D1) Dice JiF -- Vanilla Town (Killed in Explosion D2) Gata Drums Crusher -- Scum Goon [Bombed] (Lynched D3) Ape -- Scum Goon (Lynched D4) CTM -- Vanilla Town (Killed N3) Smash -- Town Watcher (Killed N1) Nyn -- Vanilla Town (Killed in Explosion D3) here is my issue we lost 3 town to explosions on lynches. 2 to nks. thats 5 townies dead not lynched but killed. each scum was a bomb and probably knew it. if they could nk every night that 8 townies killed. more then half the game. i think they had limited kills. too op otherwise.
  9. problem is doc isnt terribly convincing especially the whole not tagging them bit on top
  10. Normally i look at this and think ScumApe is going to put that he cleared one of his buds here. but ape is wacked... IYO would he be more likely to list his teammate as being checked, or to leave them off all together? Consider his actions were always gonna look weird when he said himself. why would they kill you and not drums? so ure doc claiming at the last lynch. I too want to know youre actions plz. its 630am here and im leavbing shortly for work but will be able to check in once i get there
  11. this is the one i dont like. Managed to sus BOTH gata and I in one line. scummy as
  12. you two DO realize Im the only one on BOTH of Ape and Drums list right? Im basically clear.
  13. If all it takes to be a Mafia God then you better get in line cause I was doing that way before you youngster
  14. i seriously just breathed a big sigh of relief and put my hand to my head
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