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  1. 49 minutes ago, Nynaeve said:

    happy bday 😃

    thanks hun

    7 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

    The sixth day aboard the Minesweeper ship the Dominant was a tense one. All remaining crew members had gathered onto the deck to root out the imposter among them and end this living nightmare one and for all. There was @Drums the young, intrepid novice, eager to be on his first mission, @Jetsfan80, the massive forearmed, arm-wrestling champ, there was the Aussie @Dicetosser, here on special assignment, training with a foreign crew, and finally @GATA the least unassuming member with an undying adherence to cold, calculated logic, facts, and numbers.

    For hours they argued in the blistering sun, and unrelenting heat. More than once, they were close to grabbing Gata and hurling her body off the side of the ship, tethered only by a noose. But her logic was undeniable. Her calculations exact. In a last effort to win her crewmates' support, she declared that SHE was the one endeavoring to keep her fellow crewmates -- her friends -- alive at night... she had protected them for certain death, and, in doing so, bought them this last precious day of life... to give them one final chance to win their lives!

    She cast the blame of their predicament onto the Aussie, before, perhaps, feeling her heart soften, and believing in his innocence, and then, in one final harangue, she demonized and condemned the forearmed champ.

    "What better way to strangle and kill us with, than with those stupidly massive, veiny instruments he calls arms! They are not instruments of love, to be used to grasp his fellow members in loving embrace! No! They are instruments of death! Why else would he train day and night, unceasingly, and with little respite! He is clearly the one who means us harm! It pains me to say, but we must kill the virgin!"

    The Aussie, and the young Drums agreed.

    "Throw 'em on the barbie!" shouted the Aussie.

    "I'll do the honors", Drums volunteered. He grabbed 80, tossing a noose around his head. "You're gonna wish you never stepped foot into my domain, scum", he whispered into 80's ear.

    Then, suddenly, Drums noticed a muffled noise, emanating from his jacket pocket, that is pressed against 80's backside.


    "What the...

    "IT'S A BO--"

    Explosion Clipart Kaboom - Graphic Design, HD Png Download - kindpng

    80 and Drums erupt in a deafening blast and a cloud of red mist and gore.

    Dice, reeling and still dizzy from the ringing in his head, is finally able to pull himself up to his feet.

    "That's it, then. It's over..."

    He takes a moment and sheds a tear for his dear friend Drums, who so bravely gave his life in defense of his crewmen. Gata walks up behind him, draping an arm over his shoulder.

    "Yes. It's over," she whispers tenderly into his ear.

    Still suffering from shock of the blast, Dice doesn't even feel the knife gliding across his throat. He just feels a warm sensation, before shutting his eyes closed... forever.


    Letting Dice's body flop to the deck on its own, Gata takes a step back. A light whirring sound emanates from her head as a small antenna sprouts from her scalp, and her left eye begins to shine bright red.

    *Receiving transmission*

    "Yes... Mission was successful.... Prototype bomb was very effective... Yes... I understand."

    *Ending transmission*

    "Go-go Gata-Copter!", she exclaims, as a small, compact rotor extends from the top of her head.


    Her feet lift off the deck of the deserted and desolate Dominant, and flies off into the setting sun.


    80 -- Vanilla Town has been killed

    Drums -- Explosive Ordnance Defusal Expert has been killed

    Dice -- Vanilla Town has been killed


    Gata --  Scum Goon's (alive) mission was successful

    Crusher -- Scum Goon's (dead) mission was successful

    Ape -- Scum Goon's (dead) mission was successful


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  2. 2 hours ago, GATA said:

    No but it didn't mention a protection for nyns or yours either 

    I think it's honestly up to the mod not all mods reference docs blocking shots 

    like I said if you guys want to lynch me I think we draw I'm not sure but I think it's smarter to keep doc alive 

    you keep saying this   there is no draw  if scum equal town they win is the usual way

    On 7/11/2020 at 7:46 AM, Spoot-Face said:

    Minesweeper Mafia



    It was a bright mid-afternoon day, and the warm, intense rays of the sun that beat down on the deck of the Minesweeper ship "Dominant" were gently assuaged by the cool, wafting breeze of the ocean. The young and mostly inexperienced crew was calm, yet alert. They were on nothing more than a simple training exercise, yet it was one that took them very far away from port, and most importantly of all, very far away from the rest of the fleet.

    "Think we'll find any mines out here?" One, particularly green, crewmen mused.

    "Nah, there aren't any mines out here. They've long been swept up," answered another.

    "Then what are we doing out here?" asked the first again, visibly antsy.

    "Testing some new long-range communications, I heard," interjected a third.

    "It doesn't matter," snapped a higher-ranking seamen, "just do you job."

    "Yes, sir!" the crewmen snapped.

    They continued on with their respective jobs in obedient silence, although not without stealing a few curious glances from each other. Suddenly a small explosion rippled through the ship, jerking the crew hard and spilling seamen all over the deck, and inside the tightly packed vessel.

    "Whoa, that was nuts!" yelled one especially neurotic voice.

    "Status report!" echoed a commanding voice.

    "There was an explosion in the engine room, sir! Crews are putting the fires out as we speak?"

    "What was the cause of it?"

    "I... I don't know, sir. All systems were fine. It didn't appear to be a malfunction of any sort."

    "I want a full inspection and report the second the fires are out. We need to radio this in."

    At that moment a scared looking crewmen came running out onto the deck. "Sir, sir! The radio! The communications are down!"


    "I can't get a message reach the rest of the fleet! The entire system is dead, sir! It happened the same time as the explosion! If you ask me, I think it was sabotage!"




    Player List:

    1. 80
    2. Barry -- Vanilla Town [Secret Bomb Victim] (Lynched D2)
    3. JC -- Vanilla Town (Killed in Explosion D1)
    4. Ballin -- Vanilla Town (Lynched D5)
    5. Jvill -- Vanilla Town [Secret Bomb Victim] (Lynched D1)
    6. Dice
    7. JiF -- Vanilla Town (Killed in Explosion D2)
    8. Gata
    9. Drums
    10. Crusher -- Scum Goon [Bombed] (Lynched D3)
    11. Ape -- Scum Goon (Lynched D4)
    12. CTM -- Vanilla Town (Killed N3)
    13. Smash -- Town Watcher (Killed N1)
    14. Nyn -- Vanilla Town (Killed in Explosion D3)


    Game Index:

    Day 1 Final VC: Page 16

    End of Day 1: Page 17

    End of Night 1: Page 22

    Day 2 Final VC: Page 23

    End of Day 2: Page 24

    End of Night 2: Page 25

    Day 3 Final VC: Page 28

    End of Day 3: Page 28

    End of Night 3: Page 31

    Day 4 Final VC: Page 37

    End of Day 4: Page 38



    On 7/15/2020 at 3:42 AM, Spoot-Face said:

    Final Votecount -- Day 1

    Jvill -- 80, Drums, Dice, Smash, CTM, JiF, Crusher, JC (8)

    Dice -- Nyn, Jvill, (2)

    Barry -- Gata, Ballin (2)

    Drums -- Barry, Ape (2)


    With 14 players alive, it takes 8 to lynch


    On 7/16/2020 at 6:39 AM, Spoot-Face said:

    Final Votecount -- Day 2

    Crusher -- Barry, Drums, Ballin, Nyn (4)

    Barry -- Crusher, 80, Gata, JiF (4)


    With 11 people alive, it takes 6 to lynch.


    On 7/18/2020 at 10:27 AM, Spoot-Face said:

    Final Votecount day 4

    Drums -- Ape (1)

    Ape -- 80, Drums, Dice, Ballin (4)


    With 6 alive it takes 4 to lynch


    @Spoot-Face  you links to the day 2 final vc is wrong.


    So 80 said the bombs didnt always kill the hammer

    the bolded green shows that with the exception of Ape who was disarmed he is wrong.

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    if i was ape  when i made my fake claim id make sure to include my teammate in it so that hopefully town lynches the wrong one of who he named.

    Leaving Gata off was both necessary and would make her look a bit sus.


    Gatas claim was a mess. Which is in keeping with how she claimed masons last game. She doesnt claim well. if she was scum id expect her claim to be more polished and to make more sense. 

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  4. 3 hours ago, GATA said:

    Vote dice 

    i think he’s the right lynch 

    listen worse case scenario I think town draws / it’s end game tonight if you guys lynch me 


    3 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:



    lol we’ve officially taken a turn to Special Town now.

    Framing people with NKs isn’t actually a thing that happens in Mafia. But it IS an easy way to get people tinfoiling, which benefits scum.



    wanna try that again? 

    1 hour ago, Jetsfan80 said:


    Not true, because scum was just as susceptible to the bombs as town was.


    how so? 

    3 hours ago, GATA said:



    not sure this quote is working.  its the ones where shes saying about making it pass tonight and asking drums why he isnt dead.


    @Drums   Im thinking 80


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    1. 80
    2. Barry -- Vanilla Town [Secret Bomb Victim] (Lynched D2)
    3. JC -- Vanilla Town (Killed in Explosion D1)
    4. Ballin -- Vanilla Town (Lynched D5)
    5. Jvill -- Vanilla Town [Secret Bomb Victim] (Lynched D1)
    6. Dice
    7. JiF -- Vanilla Town (Killed in Explosion D2)
    8. Gata
    9. Drums
    10. Crusher -- Scum Goon [Bombed] (Lynched D3)
    11. Ape -- Scum Goon (Lynched D4)
    12. CTM -- Vanilla Town (Killed N3)
    13. Smash -- Town Watcher (Killed N1)
    14. Nyn -- Vanilla Town (Killed in Explosion D3)



    here is my issue


    we lost  3 town to explosions on lynches.

    2 to nks.

    thats 5 townies dead   not lynched but killed. each scum was a bomb and probably knew it. 


    if they could nk every night that 8 townies killed. more then half the game.


    i think they had limited kills. too op otherwise.

  5. On 7/18/2020 at 6:22 AM, Integrity28 said:

    Solid false claim. Word jumble role name is the give-away.

    The actual role is Bomb Detector. It’s me. I’ve targeted 80, Dice, and myself last night, since 80 and Nyn were sussing me. I figured I’d be a good candidate today.

    Early targets were guys who get lynched super easy early in every game, because: logic.

    I won’t move my vote.

    Normally i look at this and think ScumApe is going to put that he cleared one of his buds here.

    but ape is wacked... IYO would he be more likely to list his teammate as being checked, or to leave them off all together? Consider his actions were always gonna look weird when he said himself.

    17 minutes ago, GATA said:

    I was going to take it slow today but I guess scum tried to kill me yesterday 

    why would they kill you and not drums?

    10 minutes ago, GATA said:

    I protected myself 

    there’s been 3 nights there were no deaths why? 

    so ure doc claiming at the last lynch. I too want to know youre actions plz.


    its 630am  here and im leavbing shortly for work but will be able to check in once i get there

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