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  1. yes but did you know id find it for myself? Right so i dont think you will get either ballin or Ape to move. i have a slight paranoia of a drums/ape team but im gonna ignore that on purpose @GATA you around?
  2. you know i disagree with the crusher bit. Ballin i hadnt considered. As for the reveal.... i have problems with both of them. Your claim was better. But the way you say you get results from scenes is wigging me out.
  3. this is why im thinking no lynch let look at numbers for a second. 80 Barry -- Vanilla Town [Secret Bomb Victim] (Lynched D2) JC -- Vanilla Town (Killed in Explosion D1) Ballin Jvill -- Vanilla Town [Secret Bomb Victim] (Lynched D1) Dice JiF -- Vanilla Town (Killed in Explosion D2) Gata Drums Crusher -- Scum Goon [Bombed] (Lynched D3) Ape CTM -- Vanilla Town (Killed N3) Smash -- Town Watcher (Killed N1) Nyn -- Vanilla Town (Killed in Explosion D3) 6 alive. mislynch 5 alive kill 4 alive. i reckon there is only 2 scum total but if there is 3 wed lost at that point.
  4. so if you didnt find bombs on ape why are you sussing him? ok
  5. perfect 80 your thoughts on Drums claim and info? also your thoughts on the idea of no lynch here?
  6. So? I donjt stop to ask on Zander. Sometimes your gut screams at you sometimes its just you knjow that person so well you can tell. that last one is how JNers maker their reads a lot of the time. Explain why you targetted yourself? wtf? OK so this is what I dont get at all. 1st the whole I get my results from the scenes. 2nd do you FIND bombs or defuse them? Cause those scenes dont seem to indicate defusal.
  7. you dont even understand the ""nyn situation" ok fair enuff I saw it in YOUR post not his The tone of these are that of someone just being stubborn and digging his heels in. makes me think of a kid going "no you are" over and over
  8. it works as if he is scum with you he knows to get on the train early to avoid the blow up
  9. yep thats why what you said stands out. Standing over there as town seems to imply he is not on the same side as you this Morning. Catching up
  10. sorry nyn you mean CTM who confirmed scum just casually threw out as scummy after they were in fact lynched? Scum slip? facepalm honestly I think it needs to be between Drums and ballin. Right now im going ballin
  11. It IS D3 and I am already here. for clarity explain what you mean by the red?
  12. no i get why you got on me at first. I even said it was totally valid usually. I thought youd see the truth in my explanation. and the crusher comment just seemed harsher then you usual throw at him. Plus with all the "dont kill me" :I would have killed you anyways: stuff im thinking you 2 might be distancing
  13. your tone and pushing of me as scum feels off. Especially as I am not scum, explained what I was doing and why which I would expect you to be able to see was true. other posts of yours ring true but those dont and i immeadiately didnt like the dont thinks so fatso comment. nor the "dont kill mer" bit.
  14. I wont flip scum Crusher Jif and 80 on both lynches but in different positions which may rule out a role where the next person voting after them sets off a bomb. im thinking its a scum team with both crusher and nyn on it atm. I am umming and ahhing on nyn a bit but something feels off there.
  15. Bite me. Im a frustrated prick not a whiny bitch. get it right.
  16. just like most others on your train. Make sure you go vote them too.
  17. you first. nope. Im Town. red is totally valid usually. But im pretty sick of not being listened to at all, getting mislynched for no reason, and being removed from a game near the end simply because im in australia. So i figure the way I play must just not work here. Probably because i actually try to make sense. So this game, like i said earlier im trying to play JN style. No reasons, no depth, tell eveything that moves to GFY, generally act like a chiled with You first! sort of things. Doesn't change the fact that im Town. Probably doesn't change the fact that I will get mislynched for no reasons. Off my current train nyn is the only one with a reason. And it is a good one, just not for this game. scum post. my vote stays.
  18. more then you understand how to claim when you are a mason. yes he's a lynch virgin. also why not jvill? If you arnt used to me voting in red by now you seriously havent been paying attention. Ive been doing it for a decade so its a habit no my name is Dice. Scumster is someone else. havent had sex since last year have a nap at lunch time currently on weekdays, will have multiple naps on a w/e and im ALWAYS cheeky hun you know that! So I guess i AM playing JN style. OI !!!! I do NOT wobble!
  19. Im trying to play JN style (my style hasnt worked) no decent reasons and telling everyone to GFY so GFY Dont be Jealous Crush. It doesn't suit you
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