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  1. so just curious anyone still think its dumb to not just take Mason claims at face value??
  2. Smash 06-24-2020 07:36 AM ET (US) Not Marty IMO and we should role block whomever we are going to kill in case they have a vest or a protection. I think Crusher is scum and I think GATA is scum. My guess on Marty would be Jvill @smash you DO realise you cant RB a vest right??
  3. How could he confirm its true? Im not in a QT with anyone maybe it strikes you that way but its what my pm says. The only way I know shes the pastors wife is because it tells me so. Right now you guys are on a path to mislynch.
  4. your read those words in a QT? Does that PROVE to everyone other then you and gata that you actually did? That you actually ARE?? No it doesnt. Towns generally take masons at their word. if one dies and flips differently then the other is auto lynched. Problem for you is my experience with mason fake claims. I DONT take masons at their word. I will give some benefit of the doubt but I want them verified. Thats not reaching. Im not even calling you scum Im saying I want you verified because you COULD be scum. just like everyone else who isnt verified COULD be scum. and dont think i havent noticed that the idea of being checked really doesnt really sit well with you and gata makes it seem like you have something to hide to me.
  5. ok i can live with that logic. the reason i want one checked is because ive been fooled by a really good mason fake claim by scum and have been sucked in by thinking someone in a qt with me was town when they were not. We were lovers not masons. Hence why I learnt to always ask because he keeps getting the same result. Thats paranoid
  6. Ive gotta start work but just so you all dont get stupid im grace young the pastors wife will check back at lunch
  7. FFS he has a role. Its useless but its a role. Why shouldnt he use it and why is it odd that he used it on Gata? Shes not cleared Allright you two Reasons? and try something other then activity. YOU suggested it?? wanna try that again? Im not totally caught up what catch of jifs?
  8. Why? ive lost track of claims your the claimed mirror? your getting sedated? your lucky they didnt sedate me. honestly it isnt that bad. It hits a certain point of your throat and you just pass out, I actually woke up as it hit the same point on the way out. Your throat will be sore for about 3 days so if you have meetings or such cancel them cause you wont want to talk. You will find out if you have a good gag reflex or not lol
  9. i replaced stark and im not voting anyone atm Why is it a slip?because of source matrial?
  10. i wrote off a bunch of pages probably about 20 but im caught up. And since you bought it up at start of day i havent seen you explain why it doesnt clear people explicitly. Reading thru your replies has made me go ahhh so now i get your point about the factions which is what i was missing. I do disagree tho for 2 reasons 1 it at least partially clears them we know they arnt fbi. 2 and this is totally gaming the mod i will find it weird if there isnt SOME way to mechanically clear those who are not FBI especially with a paranoid lizzie in the game. my skimming and your skimming are probably VERY different. im not DIRECTING anything, just saying what id like to see happen. As for masons neither Gata nor Jets are very experienced are they? let me know if im wrong. They may not realise that the mod actually TELLS you your masons. and that if he doesnt, then you may not be. be clear i wasnt exactly bagging you with the take the lead thing, just noting a tone shift perhaps an attitude shift. And if you want to try and say what im saying then get it right. The masons being viewed and the mod telling them their masons are two different things. Even if they tell me he said they were masons I STILL want one checked because how easy is it for two scum to make that claim and say the mod said so? If you cant see that basic a thing then dont EVER go calling yourself the greatest ever or anything like that again.
  11. im waiting to hear from jif at this point still dont believe the doc claim i think ctm and ape are town
  12. sigh Im from Oz remember?? We sometimes spell Aussie OZZIE especially with dealing wqith americans who cant pronounce the word right
  13. Im part of the Ozzie Team im a mason see how easy that was? Do you believe me because I just gave you a team name and said im a mason? If I get someone else to say that too will you believe them? Can you guarantee we are not scum pulling a gambit?
  14. never assume sometimes people are in a QT with one other person and automatically assume they are masons. Mason is a mod confirmed role if she was NOT specifically told already she should ask
  15. hope you dont think that changes my thinking that you need to be checked also notew that if you are checked and come back town and arnt shot then that gives us 2 more townies confirmed. Question has the mod actually TOLD you you are masons? Actually using the word Mason?
  16. fine. disagree and i dont care WHEN they get checked id just like them checked. Im also probably a minority on that opinion too
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