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  1. Blue reread his posts from today and note i said he came all town leaderish not that he IS a town leader. Yes he does a lot of second guessing but its the tones i read them and literally picture him chest out, pointing like "listen to me!" With the masons like i said id like to see one investigated ive lost a game to a really good fake masons claim that we all just accepted. I dont think any faction is going to kill them they dont need to Gata talks herself in circles and jets isnt around.
  2. Thank god you are gone. ok so heres the thing for me. I agree with Los. But i dont like this coming FROM los. I think its the way he has said it probably. That and he being really new. the Jif thing he came in today all town Leaderish but there have been a couple times ive blinked at what he said because i didnt believe he was that stupid, or why hed say thaT like the whole dont tell your results cause you arent clearing anybody thing. I dont think that los is bussing i dont think he'd know how to do it so scum wouldnt want to out 2 people. Jif bussing is entitrely possible. Id like to see one of them investigated. I dont really believe mason claims anymore.
  3. yes a) I dont like Arsis. I think games would be much more enjoyable without him. b) I dont believe his reveal c) The one thing I DO believe is that he would be one to just self protect all game. explain how he is not clearing anyone please There seemed to be some uncertainty about which you were so i looked them up. Your paranid. So your right your useless or almost so as a cop from Epic Mafia wiki Confused Cop EDIT COMMENTS SHARE Confused Cop is a Village role. It is one of the 6 Cops in the game. Confused Cop • Visits one person every night. • Sided with the village. Contents [show] Abilities Visits one person every night. Receives a report with that person's alignment. Reports will be random. Appears as normal Cop to himself and upon death. Sided with the Village. Your reports have all been the same havent they?
  4. This + because its a PASSIVE role. RBs dont stop passive roles. RB probably does come first. mirror cant reflect unless there is something to reflect. But the RBs role wont work on a mirror. In fact the RB ends up roleblocked because his own action is reflected back to him. You all are assuming lizzie is insane but remember there are other options to explain his result. there is also a way for him to figure out if he IS insane or not
  5. wrong https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Mirror
  6. I dont know this show but what you are saying does make sense, but frankly so does nyns demand for a claim. assuming you are town right now you are a good target for scum. You have basically painted a target on your back at this point, which means Arsis , who i know you lot wont lynch, and making a big assumption he might actually play doc and not just be stupid , has to start guessing about who to protect.
  7. so what? Ive seen HP games where the golden trio were the scum team along with Dumbledore. Mods arnt going to ALWAYS make main characters town precisely BECAUSE character claims can then break the game.
  8. @Barry McCockinner can you add a deadline counter or something? I have no idea what time the dead line is for me
  9. ok im a little confused cause or names who did you claim to be masons with Jets or JetsCODE ? lynch this. hes unreliable and therefore more use dead. at least dead he cant cause mislynches or advocate stupid decisions. Ive played games where docs have done nothing but self protect it doesnt go well for town. stick around and lynch him instead. vote Arsis
  10. wow you just cant manage to not be insulting can you?? No wonder you get banned a lot. I dont play on a phone, so i dont know the mechanics of it. Saying that I find it coincidental that a post by you that is accusing someone of being forced os all bolded but the very next one, within the same MINUTE isnt. Then instead of answering my question with something like "do you know how posting on a phone works" or a kinda mechanical answer you blow a gasket. And you wonder why I always think your scum and want you dead.
  11. and? how does that explain one long post being totally bolded, one talking about looking forced cooincidentally and the other a minute late is not?
  12. this vote feels bad. probably cause its not the first vote. why is one of these bolded and one not?
  13. Hate this. Immeadiate thought was how would you know hes town? myndmeld so? this is JN. How do you get this from Kdels comment? yeah im 4 pages in and I am not liking drums vote Drums
  14. gday all i have not read the game yet. Will try to catch up tonight. Its my work day atm.
  15. Im not rereading this entire thread to find all your mistakes
  16. Youre forgetting something. Didnt DPR say that if you die TWICE your REALLY dead? like out of the game dead? So lets test Apes claim Restore him to the thread then instalynch him. Beat me to it. AVM has doubletalked a few times ive noticed.
  17. goddammit Ive been saying it wrong! not all bad guys are good not all good guys are good either is the correct phrase the "strange things are afoot in gotham" bit doesnt matter really so ive been leaving it out sorry my bad
  18. Its info confirming that Robin for example is not scum this game just because he is a good guy in the batverse and that the joker for eg is not town here just because he is a villian in the batverse. What I wanted to make sure of was that you didnt rely on character names which seemed to be what you were thinking, especially as there is a claimed "Name cop" With my info I do not see why that role would exist or what possible use it could be to town. Would be handy for scum tho
  19. can someone please pass onto Ape the info i was given? Not all bad guys are good. not all good guys are bad. thank you
  20. if you think im going to compliment Arsis yopure crazier then the Joker is. interesting. and your "role" doesnt make sense to me in light of the info I was given when i got put here and that youve tried to ignore or bury two or three times. why would a Toen NAME cop be in a game where apparently bad guys arnt neccesarily good and good guys arnt necessarily bad?
  21. Because Arsis realised someone took it seriously and got scared? or cause his play style is to cause chaos?
  22. I think Arsis and Pac need to be lynched ASAP. Arsis keeps claiming batman he might just be telling the truth you know. Pac if he doesnt know hes town or not and before i hear it im not buying a "I havent read my pm" excuse then hes either a symp and that was him signalling or hes third party so still not town.
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