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  1. Give Joe B. a break! He's been rooting for this pathetic dumpster fire of a franchise for almost 6 decades. How can you blame him for being driven nuts by this team...
  2. As "acting GM," managed to build a NFC Championship contender in the Cowboys, whom the Jets will be facing in a few weeks: A competent HC... An tough, mobile young QB who's improving... An elite RB... Good Receivers and a HOF TE... An O-Line that's the envy of the league... And a Defense that's aggressive, underrated and really good... And the hapless Jets go through professional, so-called GM's like used Q-Tips... Always in a "re-build," never building a solid foundation... WHY???
  3. Who gets more blame for this steaming pile of horse manure? Douglas or Gase?
  4. And will miss the Browns game... And who knows when he will return... The Jets are truly cursed...
  5. Wow, Kiper's hair is thinning... We're all getting old!
  6. Schiano thanking Belichick... Belichick thanking Schiano... Sounds like a happy ending to me...

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