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  1. And now, "Injured" Wilson.... Zach just doesn't understand the game of football, or at least, has not accepted his role... It is not "Flash and Splash," and looking for the knockout or homerun... It is a game of attrition, where one side eventually wears down the other, breaks their spirit, and imposes its will... He routinely ignores the short pass for the first down, holds the ball, and looks for the "big" play... And gets sacked... And hurt... Belichik understands this, and how is Mac Jones doing?
  2. A trap game implies that the inferior opponent actually has to provide some opposition...
  3. Wasn't Joe Flacco a Jet last season? Wasn't he allowed to just leave? Are we now giving up a pick to get him back? Is Joe Douglas concussed?
  4. "Please don't make me angry... You wouldn't want to see me when I'm angry"...
  5. I have no access to a beach, I have chronic asthma, and no one wants to have sex with me... So I guess I'm f**ked...
  6. I can't remember any others... Maybe they should explore this option again if this continues to be a complete and utter embarassment... It seems as though this "Hire the Hot Coordinator" method is not working... Why not hire a proven winner with some experience on actually running a team?
  7. Saleh has to be the worst HC in the NFL... He is the Jet HC... It's automatic...
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