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  1. "Adam Gase makes Todd Bowles look like Paul Brown"... Sad but true...
  2. Basically, the OP makes a prediction where he can't admit being wrong about... If the Jets go 5-0, he's a genius... If the Jets go 1-4 or 0-5, he cites the injury excuse (which is ALWAYS available, this is the NFL after all).... Of course, he ignores that the 49's lost half the team on the field yesterday, and the REPLACEMENTS crushed the hapless Jets... So now we have to hear him forever excusing Gase, since the Jets best player (Adams) was traded...
  3. Is there one? What is it exactly? Why the loyalty? Is it enough of a connection for a aspiring young GM on his first job to tarnish his reputation to continue to support a re-tread HC who is obviously in over his head? Fill me in please...
  4. Our New York Jets... The worst team in football... Go ahead... Prove me wrong... I'm begging you...
  5. What's with Darnold? Can someone catch mono a 2nd time? Travis d'Arnaud is playing better for the Braves than Sam Darnold... Is this the Twilight Zone?
  6. Maybe the Jets don't understand that the taking a knee ends when the game begins...
  7. I don't know this Kristin Cavallari... Is she hot?
  8. And another : 2018- Sam Darnold and Josh McCown
  9. 1988: Ken O'Brien and Pay Ryan 1997: Neil O'Donnell and Glenn Foley
  10. Morgan says he patterns his game after Brett Favre, and the Pats were interested in him... Not such a bad thing... This guy is big, strong, and can really throw it... Not such a bad thing... Just like one of these later round WR's that could have been selected instead of him, Morgan could turn out to be "a diamond in the rough" as well... Not such a bad thing... Darnold has won nothing so far, and Morgan may provide another fresh possibility, no matter how small, in that elusive search to get on a magical carpet ride... Not such a bad thing...
  11. Probable Irish heritage. Can you remember the last time the Jets had 2 Irish QB'S? Good times....
  12. While reveling in the rare Jets post-draft glow of generally positive reviews, I noticed an interesting pattern emerge. Joe Douglas had to choose between two stud Tackles at #11: Becton and Wirfs. He chose Becton, who will now forever be compared with Wirfs going forward. But on these "draft-expert" websites, almost in every case, Wirfs got a higher grade than Becton. About Wirfs: more polished, more NFL ready, played at Iowa (where they manufacture big, mean, powerful OT). About Becton: sky-is-the-limit potential, but some red-flag issues: positive drug test, not as technically sound, possible future weight and conditioning problems. So with Wirfs, lower bust risk. With Becton, higher ceiling. Most grades rewarded Wirfs' lower bust potential over Becton's higher ceiling. It's an interesting debate that Joe D obviously made in Becton's favor. Has me wondering if he should have gone with the less risky Wirfs over Becton.

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