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  1. One of my favorite players of this draft. Built like the Canadian Rockies. This guy got double-teamed almost every snap. He's a raw piece of clay and he's got this NFL-ready body and explosion, some inside-out versatility and I love his upside. --Mike Mayock
  2. Schitt! Bills or Dolphins are getting Rosen! Ruining my perfect night...
  3. ...Until the dawn of a new age in Jet history! Are you ready?
  4. jetswinbaby!

    Can a #3 overall QB in Rosen

    I'm so confused by this thread... Please, make it stop...
  5. Like Benigno says, hopefully the Jets don't get the guy they are targeting, because they are sure to screw it up...
  6. Save me the trouble of listening... What does he say about the QB the Jets are taking (Mayfield)?
  7. Who is it? Sam Darnold... He is arguably the "crown jewel" of this QB class, and has been since last year's draft... Remember "Suck for Sam"?? The Browns most probably take him at 1... But if not, and they choose Allen instead... There is NO WAY the Giants either do not take Darnold, or trade the pick to a desperate suitor (Bills, Broncos, Dolphins...) for a king's ransom so that they can pick Darnold... The Giants will never allow Darnold to fall to the Jets...
  8. jetswinbaby!

    Josh Allen pro day...today [Friday 3/23]

    I'm no body language expert, but Macc standing with his hands in his pockets, farther away from Allen than the other guys tells me that Macc does not feel the love for this guy... I think he already has his made up his mind on someone else... Rosen? Mayfield?
  9. jetswinbaby!

    Jeremy Bates to be Promoted to OC

    So we shall see if Master Bates can pull it off...
  10. My annual SB party may be a complete bust this year... Large group of friends, who are most of the party, have informed me that if Vikings are out of SB, they will not attend the party... They say that the Vikings are only team left who do not kneel... Is this even true? I don't recall any Patriots or Eagles kneeling tonight... Can I tell my friends they are mistaken?
  11. jetswinbaby!

    Our time is near

    I have just one question... How long has the OP been experiencing wonderful Jet football to be so optimistic? Maybe he is only 12 years old...
  12. jetswinbaby!

    Lamar Jackson declared...

    I'm getting over a bad sinus infection, and now I have this wicked cough... Wake up in the middle of the night, coughing when I put my head down... But, for the life of me, I cannot remember a QB named Tim Cough...
  13. I don't get how Darnold could be available ay 6... Don't Browns and Giants want to draft QB's? So Darnold and Rosen go 1 & 2... Am I missing something?
  14. jetswinbaby!

    ### Jets \ Chargers Game Thread ###

    And now here's where the D will give up...

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