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  1. So basically, you're saying that Macc managed to screw-up the least when stockpiling interior D-linemen and safeties, the 2 positions that are the least elite and easiest positions to fill... Maybe that's why he didn't manage to screw those positions up as well (although the jury is still out on Q Williams)... This thread reminds me of the old "call from the doctor" joke: "Hi, Mrs. Jones, it's Dr. Smith. I have good news and bad news... The bad news is that you have a massive brain tumor... The good news is that you won't have to deal with it for long because you only have 2 weeks to live..." Great... Please, enough with the positive spin on Macc's tenure... Enough with the silver linings.... The Jets could have had their elite pass rusher for the next decade in Allen or Oliver, but it was too much of a lay-up for him... No elite corner... No elite receiver... No elite offensive tackle... What a disaster...
  2. Are they going to score a TD on every possession? What 70 points?
  3. First the Patriots... Now the Ravens... Why are the Jets always playing a national game against obviously far superior teams? And it seems this way for several seasons now... How about a game against a team the Jets are more evenly matched with? Jet fans have to endure these public embarrassments that are basically over after the first quarter again and again... How much more can we be expected to endure?
  4. There is no way Darnold had a 45 QBR with those stats... There must be an error somewhere...
  5. How can Gase not be fired for losing twice to this terrible team?

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