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  1. The time and effort you put into your very thorough post is very impressive... Too bad you lost me at the title...
  2. He also said that Darnold would be a complete bust... So he may be on to something...
  3. Some say Saleh said "Sammy stays"... Others say Saleh said "Sammy goes"... This tells me Saleh played it just right...
  4. Hey everybody... I'm about to start another"Another Obscure Hint that Deshaun's Coming Thread"... Meet everyone over there in about 30 seconds!
  5. Evan Roberts thinks Watson is coming here, for whatever that's worth... JD...
  6. You're more like Jekyll and Hyde... I think you're more like Hyde... If he was the bad one... (An "Everybody Loves Raymond" reference)...
  7. Hey Robbie, how about how miserable it's been for Jet fans? At least, you were being well compensated for your time...
  8. Jet picks are not Chiefs, Ravens, Steelers 1st round picks... We need to put "Jet 1st Round Picks" into proper perspective... Since 2012: Quinton Coples Dee Milliner Calvin Pryor Leonard Williams Darron Lee Jamal Adams Sam Darnold Quinnen Williams Mekhi Becton... Only 3 remain on the team, two show flashes, but have questions, and one possibly jettisoned soon... I say go for it!
  9. Firsst, the Jets rid themselves of the worst HC in there history... Second, the Jets actually land the hottest HC prospect out there... Since things happen in 3's... Third, they trade for one of the top young QB's in the game... Oh my...
  10. Don't forget about the 1st round pick the Jets will get back when they trade Sam Dar-know... 😃

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