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  1. Wow, Kiper's hair is thinning... We're all getting old!
  2. Schiano thanking Belichick... Belichick thanking Schiano... Sounds like a happy ending to me...
  3. Who are the Dolphins pursuing? Are they even interviewing anyone? Why haven't we heard anyone they are hot for? Just 3 jobs left... Jets, Bengals and Dolphins... Bengals... whatever... But I don't trust Tanny and the Dolphins... Are they pursuing a "mystery" candidate? Are the Jets looking at the same "mystery" guy? Could there be some behind the scenes negotiating between Jets and Dolphins going on with the Ravens for John Harbaugh?
  4. How is Wikipedia saying that Rhule is currently the HC of the Jets? It's very strange...
  5. How can I change my name to "JetsRhulebaby!"?
  6. Yes... And you obviously have such a highly evolved one that we need you to judge the quality of each new post... It is so important that the threads be protected!
  7. Oh... I forgot... This is brain surgery after all...
  8. Must admit, it does sound catchy! I have a feeling we better get used to it...
  9. Watching this game today will be so strange... Our HC, walking the sideline, coaching his final game... Dead man walking... Bittersweet... Bowles needed to go, but... 4 more years as Jet fans down the drain... It's a little early, but I think I need a drink...
  10. What the F is that siren going off every 5 seconds?
  11. and now the Rodger's dagger... todd blows another one...
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