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  1. Hire Daboll...watch Darnold turn into an all-pro and the Bills fall apart . Trade the pick, if not draft the O-lineman
  2. Hi feet are probably in worse shape then they are telling everyone. This might be his way out.
  3. Its the first thing I look for on this site. Great stuff
  4. face value for tickets ..I'll thrown in the parking pass.. $500
  5. wasn't this the game day program guide?
  6. Obviously this GM does not value the OL like he should. A good OL makes makes all your skilled players better by creating time and space. The team went to 2 AFC championship games behind defense & Brick and Mangold anchoring the OLine. It's irresponsible to have your rookie franchise QB playing behind this current line.
  7. Does anyone have a parking pass for sale for tomorrows game? thanks edit--got one
  8. I just got 2 tickets..way under face value.. I need a parking pass now!
  9. Do you still need tickets to get in? I took my kids a few times and they loved it.
  10. Problem is the Jets draft picks wouldn't stay on the roster long enough to pull it off.
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