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  1. There is no GOAT. There is no need for a GOAT. I don't think you can compare players across eras even if they play the same position. And you can't compare different positions. Brady is one of the best QBs of the past 20 years. Manning is right there with him. So is Rodgers. Brees as well. Who is to say that Manning, Rodgers, or Brees would not have 7 rings if they played for the Pats and Bucs?? How can anyone compare Brady and Manning to Montana /Elway/Marino? Or Unitas. Or Graham. The game has changed so much to favor the QBs and the passing game. How is Brady better than Ji
  2. How does Leroy Butler picking off a pass that never should have been thrown a testament to Brady? I could go on and on. He is fortunate - over and over. He threw a game ending interception vs KC 4 years ago and it was called back because Ford's finger was offsides. Ford had nothing to do with that play and players line up like that 20-30 times a game. How does Brady get credit for that play?
  3. The GOAT is the best player though. He is not the GOAT.He's just been doing it a high level for a long time. He is the GOAT at taking care of his body. That is if it has all been legal, which, given his history, is quite questionable.
  4. I'm saying that the Pats won some based on plays/players that had nothing to do with Brady. It's a complicated team sport with 22 players on the field and 45 players on each team. Brady played less than half of the plays in playoff games and the Super Bowls and many were decided based on plays that had nothing to do with him because he wasn't even on the field. There is an incredibly huge misconception that QBs win and lose games on their own. OL block or miss blocks, RBs hit a hole or don't or fumble, WRs get open or don't or catch or drop the ball. Players break tackles or trip. Then you
  5. How exactly has Brady "revolutionized" the game??? I don't see that at all. He's not Don Coryell or Bill Walsh. Is his longevity amazing? Yes. Is he smart? Yes. What has he changed that everybody is copying? I don't see it.
  6. He did all by himself. Players like Adam Vinitieri, Mike Vrabel, Willie McGinnest, Wes Welker, Julian Edelman etc and Bill Belichick were just along for the ride. Leroy Butler's play was inspired by Brady and Carroll and Bevell calling a pass play - Brady. The Rams forgetting that they had Marshall Faulk on the team was all Brady. Vinitieri winning the first two SBs with kicks were all Brady. The Falcons all time choke job was all Brady. McNabb puking in the huddle - all Brady. John Casey kicking the kickoff out of bounds - Brady. Then we have the AFC title game and playoff issues. T
  7. Fuzzy Thurston won 6 NFL championships and isn't even in the HOF. How can that be? Marv Fleming won 5 Super Bowls. Is the the best TE of all time? Rings don't make a player the best in a TEAM sport.
  8. Well I guess Gronk is tied with Brady as the GOAT. Is he the best TE ever because of the rings? Please.
  9. Comparing Brady to Ruth or Gretzky is a joke. Brady has played for 22 seasons. His career stats are based on longevity. He led the league in passing a few times. He won 3 MVPs. Ruth won the HR title 12 times and hit more HRs than some teams back then (he only won 1 MVP because back then you could only win it once and then were ineligible ). Gretzky won the scoring title 11 times and won 8 MVPs. Michael Jordan won 10 scoring titles and 5 MVPs in 13 seasons. Brady didn't dominate a sport like these other players did. He was in the same class as Manning, Brees and others from the sa
  10. I'll tell you how. If some other team doesn't want to trade up or provide value for trading up. That's how.
  11. This took a lot of effort. I would like to fill in the blanks and correct some points. Phil Iselin was the other owner in the 1970s and he was a tight wad. Because of this, the Jets lost key players like Biggs and Riggins in an era when there was no reason for teams to lose players. The 70s were mainly bad because though because the Jets drafted horribly. Go back and look at the drafts. The team went on the upswing in the late 70s with some great drafts, particularly in the trenches. Klecko, Gastineau, Lyons, Powell, Fields, Ward. Add in some skill players as well - Walker, McNeil,
  12. People are pining for 2015, but seasons like 2015 were extreme disappointments from 97-10.
  13. Here's what I'm getting at. Cultural impact is behavior that significantly influences or impacts a society's norms, values, beliefs, practices, institutions, as well as the way they live, work, socialize, and act. Jordan was purposely apolitical and non-controversial. He did not take any stands or express any position on any societal issues outside of basketball. So, yes - he was famous and people bought his sneakers and wore his jersey and watched him in silly movies so he impacted some aspect of how they lived. But unlike other athletes that waded into key issues of their times, he had ver
  14. What is his cultural impact exactly? Explain it please. Muhammad Ali had an enormous cultural impact. What did Jordan do off the court other than sell sneakers and Doritos???
  15. He had an economic impact. What exactly was his "cultural" impact? Jordan was all about Jordan and $$$. He had no interest in off the court issues.
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