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  1. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Gase Red Flag

    Any coach that played old Frank Gore over Kenyon Drake all season should not get another HC job.
  2. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Jets 2019 opponents Home/away set

    Except the stadium will be half filled with opponents' fans for non-division home games - NYG, Dallas, Pitt and Oakland.
  3. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Jets 2019 opponents Home/away set

    The NFL is not putting two losing teams on Sunday night in week 1. Sorry.
  4. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Bowles gets the axe + Mac stays ***official***

    Seriously? A fired OC?
  5. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Marrone, Rivera, Harbaugh will be back in 2019

    No thanks. One SB with the best QB in football? And that was a miracle run as a 6 seed.
  6. Joe Willie White Shoes

    This was the game the training wheels should have come off

    Yeah. Our 21 year old QB is going to take today’s loss to his grave. He’ll never get over losing this game with so much on the line. That 5th win would have been huge.
  7. Joe Willie White Shoes

    So What Kinda Payday Will It Take To Get Bell?

    D'Angelo Williams, James Connor, and Jaylen Samuels have produced at the same or better lever - running and receiving - as Bell when they replaced him. It's the Steelers OL and offense that leads to that RB production, not Bell. Enough already with the Bell adulation. He is not worth the money. No RB is. Bell will produce as the same level as the current Jets RBs until the OL and WRs are upgraded. Bell is not going to make the OL and WRs better. The Jets need a new offensive minded HC, a new OC with a QB friendly system, a much improved OL, and some better WR talent. Bell would be the last piece of the puzzle and not the first, and even as the last piece, he is not worth anywhere near what he is asking. Gurley could not produce on a terrible Rams offense in 2016 and Johnson was not the same player in Arizona this season. RBs are dependent on the OL and the system. Let someone else overpay for him, please.
  8. Joe Willie White Shoes

    So What Kinda Payday Will It Take To Get Bell?

    SNY's Ralph Vacchiano reports Le'Veon Bell wants to sign with the Colts this offseason. "He has his eyes on the Colts, no doubt about that," a source told Vacchiano. "He sees Andrew Luck and that offense and all that cap room. He wants to go someplace he can win right away." The Jets are expected to make a run at Bell, but the interest may not be mutual. With Marlon Mack and Nyheim Hines both cost controlled, we don't see the Colts as a good fit for Bell, but there's going to be no shortage of suitors this offseason. Bell is targeting $17 million annually. https://www.sny.tv/jets/news/the-jets-may-not-be-leveon-bells-no-1-choice-this-offseason/302124598 He is not coming here unless he gets a ridiculous amount of money and he's not worth it.
  9. Joe Willie White Shoes

    We Need to be Giants fans this weekend

    There are no first round skill players slated to go anywhere close to the early part of the first round. The top rated rated skill player is Marquis Brown - a 5'9"WR and is rated around 25-30. The Jets will either draft a pass rusher or OL. The best scenario would be trade down to a team that wants and needs a QB. The problem with having pick 3 or later is that the teams sitting at 1-2 and don't need QBs will be trade down targets as well. Nobody is trading up for a DT or CB. It's QBs or nothing that early in the draft. In fact, none of the teams in the running for the top pick - Ariz, SF, Oak, NY, need QBs. If Herbert and/or Haskins come out, some of the QB needy teams will be looking to trade up - NYG, Jacksonville, Denver, Wash,
  10. Joe Willie White Shoes

    So What Kinda Payday Will It Take To Get Bell?

    How does that David Johnson signing look with a poor offense? He had a monster year two years ago. Now he's an average running back. Bell will not be worth anything near what he is paid on the Jets unless and until the entire offense is upgraded, from OL to WR. Let someone else overpay.
  11. Bell just stated he wants to play for the Colts and wants to win right away. The Chiefs are another good fit for him. He's not coming here unless the Jets massively overpay. Let him go elsewhere. It's not worth it.
  12. But Le'Veon Bell numbers by any RB running behind the Steelers OL in the Steelers offense happens every time Bell is out, which indicates its the system and not the player.
  13. And every one of those players was a shell of their former selves on their new teams. Pass on Bell. Draft a RB for 5% of the cost and fix the OL.
  14. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Le'Veon Bell? Kareem Hunt?

    How do JAGs like Humphries or Rogers make the Jets better and how is either better than what the Jets already have at WR (which is concededly pedestrian)? Bell and Hunt on the same time is somewhat ridiculous. We can get the same production from Mark Ingram as we can from Bell. Or Tevon Coleman, for that matter.
  15. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Le'Veon Bell? Kareem Hunt?

    Sure. Great point. Let's just ignore that Connor outgained Bell this year, and that D"Angelo Williams produced at the same level as Bell a few years ago. Or that the 3rd string back, Samuels, just gained 142 yards on 19 carries last week and 172 total yards. The Steelers RBs benefit from the OL and the system. Bell is not the reason for the success of the running game, nor is his pass catching ability superior to Connor's or Samuel's. Put Bell on the Jets with the current OL and he is Bilal Powell at 10 times the price. Plus, he has demonstrated that he is a selfish player. We don't need the RB version of Mevi$. That is idiotic. Hunt is clearly better than Ware and has outproduced him with the same team in 2017 and again this year. Paying Bell $14-16 million per is such a waste of money. Get the best OL in free agency and overpay them instead. At least it will make the team better in the short and long run.

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