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  1. From your keyboard to God's ears. There is nothing good that can come from winning any games this year except to extend this misery. The only way out is to get the rebuild right with the right coach and roster. Darnold may have gotten screwed by the Jets, but the bottom line is that his rookie contract was wasted already.
  2. I want the Jets to lose every game. The goal is to 1) Get the #1 pick and 2) Get rid of Gase. That's it. I have no love for Le'Veon Bell. Sitting out a season was BS and he played the Jets to get big $ and the Jets were stupid enough to go along. I have no allegiance or loyalty to Bell the player or Bell the person. I have no desire or need to see him embarrass the Jets. Losing games alone will accomplish the goals. This franchise does not need another butt fumble moment. It's time to think about how to turn this around. Let's hope the Johnsons have a Leon Hess 1997 moment and hire a big name coach. For me, the answer is Jim Harbaugh. He is a proven winning NFL coach. He won with Alex Smith and he almost won a SB with Kaepernick. Bell can rot on the bench in KC and get his ring by wearing winning laundry for all I care about him.
  3. He'd have to play the Jets 3-4 times to compile that kind of yardage.
  4. Agreed. I listen to the Fantasy Channel and the NFL Channel. I gave up on WFAN when Francesca went off the rails in 2009 when the Jets made the playoffs. I forgot more football than Beningo and Roberts learned in their lifetimes combined.
  5. How can anybody listen to this crap? I gave up on WFAN 11 years ago in favor of Sirius and it has been great. Plus, who the hell is driving these days and listening to talk radio?
  6. The issue with Darnold is that the Jets have wasted his rookie contract years without being able to determine whether he is a viable starting NFL QB. My guess is that Darnold may be the next Tannehill and will succeed to some degree on another team that has talent but needs a QB (say Indy next year or TB or Chicago).
  7. This board needs to re-read this post every year 2-3 days into free agency instead of the annual "Why haven't we signed anyone?" panic. You don't build an NFL team in free agency. Teams are built in the draft. You can fill a hole in free agency, but can't upgrade a roster. There is a reason most players hit free agency. Except for the rare cap casualties, free agents are another team's trash.
  8. And the anointing he received from the entire NFL community most of which considered him the best QB in that draft class.
  9. I can see that. Or the Bears. They need a 3rd down back and are 4-1. No way the Steelers bring him back after what he did to them. They also don’t need him. The Pats have too many RBs now and Harris and White are better than Bell.
  10. CS is terrible, but the so was the signing. Teams don't want to pay RBs $10 + million. Why would a rebuilding team do that? Jets fans wanted this guy and I have no idea why.
  11. Please. This was a terrible signing. He was on the downside before he got here. It was clear to anybody who looked even a little that he was a product of the Steelers offensive system and the OL. Connor put up better numbers than Bell in 2018 than Bell did in 2017. Bell averaged 4 yards a carry in 2017. There was no way in the world he was going to be successful with the poor OL and the lack of skill players here. Yes the coaches are horrible, but Bell is no longer a talent and hasn't been one in almost 4 seasons.
  12. Next we'll be hearing about how it was a mistake to let Fitzpatrick go, given the game he is having today........
  13. This. Please stop with this nonsense that the rookie WR flavor of the week would have made all the difference for the Jets. It's absurd and ridiculous. At this point, the only thing to care about is getting the first pick and hiring the right HC for next season.
  14. In this entire article and in the the thread, the only specific player mentioned that should be in a Jets uniform this season is Anderson. Who exactly was Douglas supposed to sign that would have made this team better in the long term this offseason? Robbie Anderson is a marginal #2 starting receiver who is not worth anywhere near the $10 million he sought. We all know Jamal Adams is not the answer. Seattle is winning, but on the arm of Wilson. The defense, particularly the pass defense, is putrid. They made Cam Newton look like Tom Brady in his prime in week 2. The OL looked bad Thursday because they lost 3 starting LTs to injury and played a guard at LT. And how do you blame him for injured rookies who had no injury history as college players. Please. We all knew this was a long rebuild. The 6-2 finish last season was a mirage. As for the running game, the blame falls squarely on Gase and McCagnan. Bell was a horrible signing and anybody with half a brain and eyes could see that he was a product of the OL and system in Pittsburgh. And he is injured as well. Gore tested positive for geritol and, if everything works perfectly for a play, might eek out 7-8 yards max. Why is he even on this team? Play Perine . Ballage was and is one of the worst RBs in the NFL. And whoever the WR that would have been picked in round 4 instead of Morgan was not saving the season either. I think we all know at this point that it is a tank season. Again. This team will not turn around until they hire a coach that can win in the NFL. When the coach is playing for his job every other season, from Ryan, to Bowles, and now Gase, you get meaningless wins and lose out on key draft picks. They need to get the HC hire right in the offseason. Douglas deserves at least 2 more offseason to prove himself. He inherited the worst roster in the NFL in an offseason with a bare free agent cupboard.

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