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  1. Pass. Let him be somebody else’s problem. Anderson stretches the field and has his own off the field issues. The Jets don’t need another downfield receiver with tons of baggage.
  2. Who cares? It has nothing to do with the actual games on the field. It is meaningless.
  3. It’s Directv that has Sunday Ticket, not Dish. I gladly subscribe. Best thing on TV to have every NFL game every Sunday.
  4. Without this video I never would have known about all those offseason moves or that Darnold and Anderson are back. Thanks for that.
  5. Klecko had 21 sacks as DE in ‘81. He was in the running for DPOY. Paul Zimmerman from SI named him his DPOY when SI meant something. I remember that year vividly. He was completely dominant. He was tossing OL around like rag dolls. Klecko was the engine that made the Sack Exchange exchange go. He injured his knee in 82 and moved inside after that. He moved to NT in 85 when the Jets went to a 3-4 and made the Pro Bowl again. Dwight Stephenson, Dolphins HOF center, also repeatedly says Klecko is a HOFer. So does Anthony Munoz.
  6. You have to look at the ratings team by team and player by player to see how absurd they are. For example, Zeke Elliot somehow got a 73 while a Frank Gorevwas in the 80s. At that point I stopped reading the ratings or giving any credence to them.
  7. Weeb because won the big one, probably would have repeated in 69 if thecJets dont lose a squeaker vs eventual champs Chiefs in the playoffs and had a champion caliber team in 71 if Namath doesn’t go down in preseason. Michaels - turned the franchise completely around from doormats to SB contender. Shula’s cheating robbed him of one SB and the Jets likely play in and maybe win a SB in the Mid 80’s in if he isn’t wrongly fired. Ran cricles around paranoid pick your nose Walton Ryan- for two years of magic. Rest of career stunk because he didn’t know where the offense game plan room was. Edwards- 3 playoff seasons in 5 years. If Penny doesn’t hurt his shoulder vs Buffalo in 04, this team could been a perennial playoff team through the mid 90s. Conservative play caliing and bend and then break defense got him fired. Parcells. Great coach who lifted this team from the ashes, but too many mistakes. Lost win and in game in 97 vs Lions by out coaching himself. Got 2 seed in 98 because of Testeverde helmet TD vs Seattle. Laid a complete egg vs Denver in 98 title game with 6 turnovers and 3 points from high powered offense. 10-0 halftime lead was a mirage. Than had no backup QB for championship caliber team in 99. Left in 2000 why? Did not deliver on his promise to bring title. Failure to leave in 2000 forced Belichick out and then left team in cap hell. Back coaching after claiming he was done. Oh- a horrible GM. Mangini- 08 was a horrible stretch run. Favre should never have been on the team and then not on the field last 5 games. Obviously used the Jets to get to Minny and selfishness of streak cost thecJets a playoff spot. Last 5 games were awful culminating with Pennington’s revenge win in Meadowlands vs a “ I couldn’t give a sh*t Favre.” He let that happen. 06 was unexpected. 07 was a Pennington injury. Walton- had Sb caliber rosters but found away to underachieve. Missed playoffs in 83 with very good team(season filled with horrible blown lead losses), 84 (after strong start) 87, 88. Should have won division in 85, but lost 2-3 games should won nad crapped bed at home in wild card playoff vs Pats. Horrible collapse in 86 capped with horrible collapse in playoff vs Cleveland where he coached a gutless game. Paranoid demotivating coach. Groh- turned 7-2 start to 9-7 disaster. Loss to Lions at home in week 15/16 inexcusable. Loss to Baltimore in win and in game might be worst regular season loss ever. 500 yards of offense and 14-0 lead with team driving for another score .....Baltimore won game on interception and punt returns. Carroll. Never got the chance after fake spike game despite obvious potential Coslet. Four years of mediocrity including an 8-8 played season. Rest are disasters with Kotite leading the pack as worst. Holtz was a joke. Winner was a loser. Bowles was clueles. Shipp and Holovak were interims. Baugh and Turner were before my time.
  8. Not funny either. It shows the selfishness and immaturity of posters. Foles’ wife has a serious medical condition and she could be extremely ill. Let’s show some compassion and not worry about where a thread should be like located.
  9. Without question. The reaction by the national and local media ( and the posters in this forum) to the Jets firing a bad GM in May instead of January has been absurd and ridiculously negative. I still don’t see what the fuss is about. The team on the field is the same and it is improved despite Mac ignoring OL, drafting another DT, and significantly overpaying an aging self absorbed RB and potential locker room cancer. I am looking forward to this season more than many recent seasons when we were badly coached and lacking in talent. I never had less interest In this team than I did in 2017. I just wanted them to lose that season and the CS and FO screwed they upby playing McCown and winning 5 meaningless games, forcing the loss of 3 2nd round picks just to have a shot at a QB. I wasn’t interested much in 2018 either with another undeserved season with Bowles. I wanted no part of Fitz in 16 and saw that train wreck coming. 2012-14 were a mess as well before the season with the Tebow nonsense, Geno Smith, Sanchezsnd a coach who didn’t even know where the offense gamecplanning room was. 2008 was bad too. I had no interest in an aging Favre who was clearly looking for s oath to the Vikings and didn’t want to be here. I hated that season. This is much different. We have a young QB, some young stars, and some new talent. The OL should have been the priority, but that is one reason we are where we are today. I’m willing to give Gase a shot. He’s not going to be the GM . If he forced CJs hand to bring in a GM that is on the same page as him, I give him credit and not blame. To write off this season and this coach over what appears to me to be a logical decision to fire an ineffective GM after free agency and the draft is stupid. You are taking the anti-Jet bait. If Gase realized that he didn’t agree with and couldn’t work with Mac, I support that and applaud the move and so should all of you. If a car keeps breaking down and you decide to hold onto it rather than buy a new car during a sale and a few months later it breaks down again, do you continue driving it until the next sale or buy a new car ASAP? You dump the lemon and buy a new car. The Jets dumped a lemon. The only mistake was holding onto it longer than they should have.
  10. At this point I have more faith in Gase than Le’Veon Bell. At least Gase knows where Florham Park is.
  11. Reminds me of Bellichick on his way to NE. Who knows?....
  12. Gase is not the GM. You’re all worse than Beningo. And I’m normally pessimistic

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