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  1. I’ve been a Jets fan since the 60s. There was no national football media and fan hatred of the Jets historically. In fact, it was the opposite for the 60s - 90s. It is a fairly recent issue that can be explained with two two word phrases: Rex Ryan Hard Knocks
  2. No team is going to elect this option unless it is late in the game and a defensive stop would not matter. It will only be used by teams who will lose if the other team is in or close to a kneel down situation. There will be no advantage for the defensive team stopping a 4th and 15 other than putting them in the same position had they recovered the onside kick. Take a knee or three and celebrate the victory. This rule proposal is inane. It is horrible. It completely changes the endgame in the favor of the team that is losing after 59 minutes.
  3. These are not the only options. There is no need to sign him to a contract this year when he has 2 years left on his current deal. With it being uncertain they will even play this year, what's the rush to give him $15 million per at this point. Adams either takes a reasonable deal now, or he waits until next year..... With 40 million Americans out of work, holding out because he wants $15 million now instead of the $3.5 million in his signed current deal makes him look horribly selfish. He has no leverage other than a hold out, which only hurts him and the team and accomplishes nothing, ever.
  4. This is a horrible idea. You have to earn possessions in the NFL. You score - you kick. That's the game of football. You don't get to "decide" to keep the ball after scoring. A team that fought all game to build a late lead can have that lead disappear with late game scores and then this gimmick play? At least with an onsides kick, you have to recover the ball to "regain" possession. Add in the horrible defensive pass interference, defensive holding, and roughing the passer calls that are made each game and this has disaster written all over it. Either keep the rule as is, go back to the old onside kick rule, or make it much much harder than 4th and 15 - and a penalty only gives the team another shot at the play, not a first down.
  5. I think it is pretty guaranteed the Jets win a SB during the Manning era if they drafted him #1 in 1997. The Jets had some very good teams in 98,99, 02, 04 09, 10 ....... Manning would have led one or more of those teams to a title. No other move is a surer bet to a title than that, in my opinion.
  6. I think you are giving Belichick too much credit for Brady. Absent the Moe Lewis hit on Bledsoe, I'm not sure Brady ever sees the field as a starting QB in NE. If Belichick though so highly of Brady, he would not wait until round 6. I think the Pats stumbled on Brady.
  7. To this day, Dave Jennings was the best Jets analyst I have ever heard. I used to listen to him on the radio at home games in the stadium and when watching road games on TV.
  8. That was a crushing loss. The Jets took the lead with less than 2 minutes left. Marino burned the Jets when Bud Carson blitzed, hitting Duper for a long TD with very little time left. The Jets win that game, they win the division and then who knows...........The 1985 team was very good . Then again, even with a more successful season, they would have faced the 85 Bears in the SB and that Bears team was one of the 2-3 best I have ever seen if not the best.
  9. To those who claim Namath was overrated, interesting how the NFL films narrator said things such as “this shows how great Namath is” and “ that’s why Namath is the best.” I think those that saw him play are better able to judge him than people who have only followed the NFL from the 80s forward and compare his stats to modern day QBs.
  10. Football is the ultimate team sport. “Brady” didn’t win those SBs. The Patriots did. Should QBs be judged solely by rings? Is Trent Dilfer a better QB than Marino? How differently would Elway be perceived if he didn’t ride a dominant running game to 2 SBs late in his career? I could go on and on
  11. As someone who followed pro football since the 60s, I never considered Fran Tarkenton to by anywhere near an all-time great. How is he anything more than a compiler? He needed an all-time great defense in Minnesota to even play in a playoff game towards the end of his career.
  12. Why is the Pats home game always a prime time game???????
  13. And Sunday night is now the biggest game of the week with the largest TV audience, not Monday night.

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