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  1. So Gase should be like Trump. Don't watch film or prepare for the next game. Instead, sit in bed until noon eating McDonalds and read this thread, watch Good Morning NFL, and follow Twitter. Got it.
  2. He's far more accurate. End of discussion.
  3. Take a chill pill. Darnold will be back next week. And with the way the OL is playing, I'm kind of glad he wasn't out there running for his life.
  4. And he did it all by himself? I can make a list a mile long why Brady is not the best QB. With the constant cheating, the ridiculous calls in their favor in numerous AFC title games and the absurd gifts they were give by Seattle and Atlanta, I'm not sure he doesn't win only 1 or none.
  5. I thought it was a team sport. Plus all those SB appearances were tainted and in many, Brady was not the reason for the win.
  6. Myers was a terrible kicker in 2016 and 2017. He didn’t deserve top dollar based on one outlier season. That said, they should have brought in better kickers to replace him.
  7. Last year 48-17 week 1 on the road. 4-12 record 2014 week 1 win. 4-12 record 2012 wee1 48-24 week 1 win over Buffalo. O under Sparano looks great. 6-10 record with putrid offense. 2011 open 2-0 . Crap the bed late in season to finish 8-8 2010- lose opener to Baltimore . Finish 11-5 and lose AFC title game 2001 lose week 1 at home vs Colts 45-24. Finish 10-6 and in playoffs 1998 start 0-2 and 2-3. Finish 12-4 and lose AFC title game. 1985 lose week 1 31-0. Finish 11-5 and in playoffs 1981 start 0-3. Finish 10-5-1 in playoffs Let the season play out. I think this is a 6-8 win team at best, loss today was brutal, roster has many holes, but it’s one week. The NFL preseason is ridiculous now. The team had little to no preparation except against themselves.
  8. And you can tell he stared down one receiver how? Were you on the field and able to see his eyes? I call total BS
  9. He wasn’t bad today considering the lack of time and the horrible game plan. No turnovers.
  10. Criticizing the defense in this game is a joke. The team had four turnovers in the first half and hecoffensecturned that into zero points. Then Mosley gets injured. After that the defense was not the same. Gase ran a pop gun offense today. 4 yards per attempt in today’s NFL is horrible. And the kicker contributed as well.
  11. Enough with the Rex crap. The team was bad from 2011 on and the offense was putrid. If he is so wonderful, why has he gone three years without another coaching job?
  12. Meanwhile Josh Allen is reportedly tearing it up for Jacksonville. He was the pick. Sometimes need and position importance has to take priority over BPA. The Jets did not need another DT.
  13. Crucial pre season game? No such thing. Not even close. Week 1 is all that matters. Preseason games become more meaningless every season.

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