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  1. That's true if you are 18 years old. The Jets have had some good QBs since Namath. O'Brien, Testaverde, Pennington. Even Todd had good seasons in 1981 and 82. I don't think the Jets had good QB play since 2004 though. In some ways, I'd rather sign Carr than trade for and pay Rodgers for two seasons. It's less risky and has greater long term upside. It likely won't require a trade and will cost less money, meaning the Jets can put a better team around Carr than Rodgers. And Carr is significantly younger. Rodgers is an old man and is beginning to play like one.
  2. Guaranteed. Like death and taxes. Trade for Rodgers and SB here we come! Easy squeezy. Just ask State Farm. GB wins the SB every year. Wait! What? The only 39 year old QBs to win a SB are Brady and ....Manning in 2016, who had a terrible season and was carried by a great defense after he fell of a cliff in terms of production. When does Rodgers fall of the cliff? Or is he already falling?
  3. Of course the happier fans are those that have the title, but that still doesn't mean that the Rams/Bucs way to get it is superior. The Jets made the playoffs 4 of 6 years in the early 80s and 6 of 9 years in the late 90s and early 2000s. Did that satisfy the fan base? Obviously not. But if it was easy to buy/trade your way to a SB title, everybody would do it. It's not a valid question. I know where the OP wants to go, but many of us on this site do not agree that acquiring Rodgers is the keys to the kingdom. It might be fool's gold and lead to many more years of tearing it down and rebuilding again without hanging the banner. Teams that tried the acquire the vet QB route and failed - Indy, Washington, Denver - are in a Groundhog Day loop with not much season to season success.
  4. That's not an either or question. Consistent winners don't always fall short and all-in teams often do. The right answer is to build a consistent winner that has multiple years in the playoffs giving the team many chances to win a SB. I'd rather have multiple chances to win a prize than one.
  5. And you made it clear you wanted him as QB of the Jets for the next few years. And your unabashed adoration of the guy is puke worthy for a Jets fan. I'm happy he's retired. Can we stop talking about him now? It's insufferable.
  6. I respect his career and I understand the importance of the QB position, thank you. I can also look up his stats on Pro Football Reference, so no need to copy and paste them here. I just do not think he is the best QB of all time. If Manning was on the Pats and Brady on the Colts, Manning would be the one with the rings. Or Drew Brees. Or Marino. Or many other QBs who did not have the supporting cast or unbelievably good luck (plus the cheating) as Brady. Brady had incredible atypical good fortune in virtually every run to his SB appearances. His post season stats are actually no better than many many other HOF QBs. Same with his regular season stats. He wins the longevity award and the good fortune award. He is a clear HOF QB and one of the greatest of all time, but this GOAT stuff is BS in a team sport that has changed dramatically over the years to favor QBs and the passing game. And, he did not win those games, his team did. That's what rubs me the wrong way, this Brady won stuff. How many SBs did Brady win because Vinatieri hit the long winning FG along the way ? How many because the defense made the big play in the game ? How many because the opponent crapped the bed? How many due to cheating?
  7. Brady's teams lost playoff games to many teams with journeyman QBs: Jake Plummer Joe Flacco (twice - at home) Mark Sanchez (at home) Ryan Tannehill (at home) Nick Foles Plus, Peyton Manning is 3-2 vs Brady in playoff games, choker that he is. Brady's Pats did not defeat a team whose QB was a Manning since 2004.
  8. Making lists of the best players in any sport, either within or across eras, is completely subjective and is always opinion. There are no facts that determine who is the best QB in 2022, in the last 10 years, or in NFL history. There are so many variables that go into a QBs stats and a team winning and losing games that stating that any one player is better than another is always without question and undoubtedly opinion. IMO, Brady is not the best QB of all time. He is not even in my top 5. I can provide many facts for that opinion and those facts are no less relevant or accurate than whatever facts those who make those lists you find so important rely on (usually the 7 SB rings and career numbers he accumulated by playing for 23 years).
  9. But but but he drafted Carson Wentz with the #2 pick. Why wasn't he held accountable for this epic fail? Why wasn't he fired for bringing in a small college QB and thinking he was the real deal? You mean a GM can actually, like, improve with time on the job? It's not apparent after three drafts whether he is good or not? I'm so confused.
  10. With all the crap that's posted here, you tell me not to post that I read this as a trade proposal ? Seriously? What is this board? CBS News? I stated I heard/read it. I didn't state it as fact, but said IF it is true, it is too much. That's called an opinion.
  11. This is football, not tennis or boxing or golf. It is a team sport that uses the most players of any team sport. Teams win, not individual players. Brady didn't win 7 SBs - the teams he played for did. Some of the best QBs I have seen had 0 or 1 SB wins because they were on flawed teams. By your reasoning, Marv Fleming was the best TE of all time - the GOAT. He has 4 SB rings, or should I say he won 4 SBs. Take that, Tony Gonzalez, John Mackey, Kellen Winslow.......Charles Haley "won" 5 SBs. Is he the best pass rusher of all time? The GOAT of pass rushers? Are you telling me that Brady's teams had nothing to do with those wins? Coaching, the Pats defense, Adam Vinitieri, the offensive line, special teams, luck, other team's mistakes, and so on contributed nothing? Treating NFL QBs like individual sports performers is a ridiculous take by the sports media and fans.
  12. Mahomes will break every one of Brady's records by his mid 30s.
  13. I read is somewhere in The Athletic. I can't find it now. Still, I wouldn't give a single 1st for him. I don't even want to pay him $60 million standing alone. I think he's declining and is an average QB and doesn't deserve to be paid for past performance.
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