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  1. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Are you still looking forward to the season?

    Without question. The reaction by the national and local media ( and the posters in this forum) to the Jets firing a bad GM in May instead of January has been absurd and ridiculously negative. I still don’t see what the fuss is about. The team on the field is the same and it is improved despite Mac ignoring OL, drafting another DT, and significantly overpaying an aging self absorbed RB and potential locker room cancer. I am looking forward to this season more than many recent seasons when we were badly coached and lacking in talent. I never had less interest In this team than I did in 2017. I just wanted them to lose that season and the CS and FO screwed they upby playing McCown and winning 5 meaningless games, forcing the loss of 3 2nd round picks just to have a shot at a QB. I wasn’t interested much in 2018 either with another undeserved season with Bowles. I wanted no part of Fitz in 16 and saw that train wreck coming. 2012-14 were a mess as well before the season with the Tebow nonsense, Geno Smith, Sanchezsnd a coach who didn’t even know where the offense gamecplanning room was. 2008 was bad too. I had no interest in an aging Favre who was clearly looking for s oath to the Vikings and didn’t want to be here. I hated that season. This is much different. We have a young QB, some young stars, and some new talent. The OL should have been the priority, but that is one reason we are where we are today. I’m willing to give Gase a shot. He’s not going to be the GM . If he forced CJs hand to bring in a GM that is on the same page as him, I give him credit and not blame. To write off this season and this coach over what appears to me to be a logical decision to fire an ineffective GM after free agency and the draft is stupid. You are taking the anti-Jet bait. If Gase realized that he didn’t agree with and couldn’t work with Mac, I support that and applaud the move and so should all of you. If a car keeps breaking down and you decide to hold onto it rather than buy a new car during a sale and a few months later it breaks down again, do you continue driving it until the next sale or buy a new car ASAP? You dump the lemon and buy a new car. The Jets dumped a lemon. The only mistake was holding onto it longer than they should have.
  2. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Gase: Success or Failure?

    At this point I have more faith in Gase than Le’Veon Bell. At least Gase knows where Florham Park is.
  3. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Gase: Success or Failure?

    Reminds me of Bellichick on his way to NE. Who knows?....
  4. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Jets will fail

    Gase is not the GM. You’re all worse than Beningo. And I’m normally pessimistic
  5. Joe Willie White Shoes

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Revi$ loved the Jets so much he either held out or threatened to hold out every single season. He also always wanted to be the top paid CB in football - every season. Sound familiar? I don't want another player like that ever again. I hope Bell goes elsewhere. Spending another $15+ million on a position that is not valued or important in today's NFL is idiotic. Save the money and fill in with second line free agents. Bell is a train wreck.
  6. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Poll: Your guess as to why players won't sign here

    I live less than 10 miles from the Jets facility, which is in Florham Park NJ, and it is nothing remotely like NYC or any suburb close to NYC. NW NJ and Morris County, especially western Morris County, is semi-rural. There are trees, lakes, rivers, bears, foxes, deer, hawks, bald eagles, etc. There are no street lights or sidewalks in many towns . Lots and houses are large. It is no different than any other suburban or rural suburban area in the US. It is not the area around the Jets facility that is turning people away. Morris County is closer to Pennsylvania than it is to NYC.
  7. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Incarcerated Bob Rumor: Matt Paradis close to signing

    Forget Bell. Want to help Darnold succeed? Get him an OL Paradis should be target #1 in free agency. Forget $15 million per for a RB. Overpay for the OL. If Mac lost Paradis because he wouldn’t open the bank and then pays that narcissist ass of a RB a king’s ransom, I’m going to lose it
  8. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Incarcerated Bob Rumor: Matt Paradis close to signing

    Morse signed for $44 million over 4. The Jets just need to pay Paradis to get him. Forget Bell and go after this guy. Without an OL, RB is irrelevant.
  9. Joe Willie White Shoes

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Yup. Michel's total contract value is under $10 million for 4 years and he is 22 years old. I'd sign up for that. How do you even compare that to Bell getting $15 mill per year for 3-4 years at 27 years old? Neither he nor any other RB is worth anywhere near that kind of money. Take money from Bell and give it to Paradis and really upgrade this team where it is most important - OL.
  10. Joe Willie White Shoes

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Happy - very happy to see him go elsewhere. Too much money for a position that just does not have value and where players are always injured ( or will be). Worst contracts in football now are the highly paid RBs - Gurley, Freeman, etc. It's the line and the system, not the player that makes a RB successful in the NFL. I just don't want this guy and his bloated salary/ego anywhere near this locker room. The Texans are a good fit. Go there.
  11. Bell is simply not worth the money he wants or will be paid. He is this season's Kirk Cousins. With what happened to top RBs this season - Gurley, Hunt, Fournette, Gordon, Ajayi, Johnson, Freeman, McKinnon , plus seeing how ineffective David Johnson was on an poor offensive team, plus seeing how effective Connor replaced Bell in Pitt - all signs indicate it is not worth paying a RB big money at all. Pass. Please pass. Take a younger Coleman for 1/5th the price and no locker room headaches.
  12. Agreed. I'd rather stick needles in my eyes than watch that prima donna in a Jets uniform. Let the Giants keep that headache. What has he done for them anyway ? Has he played in a playoff game yet? Is a guy who touches the ball 6 times a game worth all that money? Give me OL and front 7 on D going forward and the rest will fall into place. No Bell, no OBJ, no AB. Just fatties up front and game wreckers on D.
  13. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Was this the worst Super Bowl you’ve ever seen?

    Yes it was the lowest scoring game in SB history. And I think the Rams became the second team ever not to score a TD after the Dolphins in SB VI.
  14. Joe Willie White Shoes

    Was this the worst Super Bowl you’ve ever seen?

    Yup. And I've seen them all. At least the 49ers blowout of the Broncos was a perfect display of offense by the 49ers. This was a game of punts.

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