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  1. Terrell Davis was a 6th round pick.
  2. He didn't beat me in the 98 AFC Championship game. I didn't suit up that day. And this means what for the 2021 season??
  3. At what? Tennis? Golf? It's a team sport. OSU beat Clemson and Fields outplayed Lawrence in that game. Which means what?
  4. And you can tell this how? I've been watching football long enough to know now that I have no idea which drafted players will succeed and which will bust. NFL scouts get it wrong, so with all due respect, I don't put much stock in what some guy on a team forum thinks.
  5. I think the Jets pay good money to coaches to teach the players the system they are coaching. Do we have a back up for every position to teach every player "the system?" Is there a back up punter to teach the punter the system too? There is a HC, and OC and a QB coach to teach Wilson or whoever. The back up QBs job is to be the back up, not teach or coach.Favre wouldn't Rodgers the time of day and Rodgers turned out ok. Montana and Young were competitors and they both made the HOF. This back up as a QB mentor is complete BS. And I wouldn't want Hoyer teaching my starting QB anything.
  6. Enjoy the season. You have already written it off. What’s the point of you following this team? So you can complain and then claim you were right?That’s sad.
  7. No there's not. This teacher is called a "coach." I never understood this old back up/mentor crap. That's the job of the QB coach. And the Jets are not competing for a SB, so there is no need to spend $ on an experienced top flight back up, nor is there incentive for such a back up to come here. McCown was supposedly a great mentor and here we are drafting another young QB.
  8. 8 pages on a 4th round pick that is an incomplete. The draft can't get here soon enough. Want to talk a mistake? How about Bowles playing McCown in 2017 after the Jets were clearly tanking and winning 5 games for no good reason? That forced the Jets to trade 3 twos to get in position to draft a QB - turned into Darnold. Those picks all worked out for the Colts. Does Darnold have a different career path if the Jets picked 2nd in 2018 and drafted OL with the three picks they gave away by winning meaningless games with a veteran QB after trading/cutting Mangold, Revis, Marshall, D
  9. The jersey issue is simple. Never buy a jersey of an active player. Go with a retired player. You can't go wrong. I've had season tix since 1980 - giving them up this year (long story), but I got 40 years out of Namath jerseys with the occasional Martin and Chrebet. Pick you favorite former Jets player's jersey and sleep like a baby.
  10. So it's a year later. What do you want? To fire JD? What's the point? If Morgan is the back up QB this season or next, it's not a bad pick. If he's not, JD whiffed on the pick. So now what? Of all the things that led this team to 2-14 and in this rebuild, that pick is in the 100s on the list and for people to blame, JD is at the bottom of the list as well.
  11. Ertz is done. No thanks. If he wasn't done, he'd be in the Eagles' plans. It's a young man's league and Ertz is old and broken down.
  12. So after the past 2 GMs have completely blown entire drafts for the previous decade , we are quibbling with one 4th round pick made by our current GM in his first NFL draft? This board is exhausting. Nobody is ever pleased or patient for any reasonable amount of time. Every player and GM and coach has to be perfect or its roll out the billboards and airplane signs time. Yet players like Darnold get a three year pass because he "never had a chance." It's no win around here. How about we let the new GM and the CS and the about to be new players have some time to grow and build a per
  13. I can't wait until April 29 and these threads are gone. Trade up ? For Pitts? Seriously ? Not happening in a million years. If anything, I could Douglas trading down from 23/34 for more picks to fill the holes on this team.
  14. And Favre threw how many TDS for the Jets after 2008? Zilch, zippo, zero. He used the Jets to get to Minnesota. That’s it. The Jets were a one night stand for Favre when he wanted to marry the Vikings after his divorce from GB. And in the end, it wasn’t a very good night for the Jets.
  15. I'm not reliving this or debating this again. Favre wouldn't sit when/if he got hurt so he could keep his beloved streak alive, and other than good games against NE, Tenn, and Ariz, he stunk. Pennington outplayed him and it's not even close. And why didn't Favre stay another season or two?
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