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  1. It's so easy to poke holes in a 1-4 team, but it's quite a bit harder to come up with the fix. So you think you know and knew that Wilson would fail. So if you're such the QB guru, who should the Jets have drafted in 2022 if they kept Darnold and drafted other positions in 2021? Who meets your standards based on your review of the college games so far? What QBs coming out in 2022 are not going to be franchise QBs? Let's see how you do in predicting NFL success from your basement on the internet. Shocking that you are not working in the personnel office of an NFL team with your abilities
  2. So you've been sitting on this post for a year and a half? How did the Jets miss out on Khalil Herbert? Or KJ Osborne? Or some other guy who had a break out game this week....... These "I told you so posts" are ridiculous.
  3. What would that mean exactly if Darnold is not the future QB of the Jets going forward (had the Jets kept him)? A 6-8 win season and drafting who at QB in the 2022 draft? What if the top QBs go before that? Why was taking Wilson a bad gamble, but drafting QB whoever in 2022 at pick 10-20 is the smart move? When and how do the Jets obtain a franchise QB in the future? It's not like going shopping for something you need. The shelves are not stocked with franchise QBs. When a team has a top 5 pick and there are QBs on the board, you draft one because you may not get the chance again. Or did
  4. Yes. The entire game. Lawrence did not throw a game-winning TD pass. He threw a TD pass to Marvin Jones in the 3rd quarter that was a well thrown ball, but Jones made a great catch. I've seen many TD passes like that one every week. It was not a once in a lifetime throw as stated in your post. And it did not win the game. It gave the Jaguars a 17-13 lead in the 3rd quarter.
  5. The Bears offense has been an absolute train wreck this season and Fields has looked absolutely awful. Are you watching the games? Nagy may not last the season. And the Bears have a much better roster. Fields and the Bears have just marginalized Alan Robinson who is one of the best receivers in the NFL and until this season appeared QB proof.
  6. You said a few posts earlier that Douglas should be fired for tying Wilson to a young inexperienced OC. Jet Nut merely pointed out that Douglas also hired an experienced QB coach (passing coordinator) to develop Wilson. He was just illustrating why your conclusion was wrong without ascribing anything more to Knapp. By the way, Knapp was highly regarded. Sorry the Knapp hiring doesn't fit your narrative.
  7. What about Knapp? How is that Douglas' fault? The plan was for Knapp to coach Wilson.
  8. You are a piece of work. I never said I was satisfied with 4 wins and I have nothing to do with the culture in Florham Park. I’m not part of the team. It is you who and those like you who contribute to the SOJF mentality. Every game is a referendum. Fire everyone after 5 games. The past is prescient. 7-9 seasons are celebrated. Unbelievable. I just want to play the remaining 12 games before I judge the season. And I don’t celebrate Gase, the worst coach in Jets history. And I want the Jets to build a perennial winning team, not have an occasional wild card playoff team. And I don’t pa
  9. 4 wins is progress when the Jets won 2 in 2020. Why does the Gase fan boy club completely dismiss last season's complete disaster? We didn't go from 2019 to this season. There was a 2020 season and it was horrific.
  10. Namath pre-injury was the perfect QB. If I were building a QB, the only things I would swap out from the professional Namath are his knees and his lifestyle (which kind of made him who he was, but cut short his career and led to some issues with dedication). But his arm, head, competitiveness all were unbelievable.
  11. He should have thought of all of this before his traffic incident. His value took a major hit the past two weeks. In any event, I trade him for whatever he brings back now. He's not worth the franchise tag amount at all and will be lucky to get a decent 1 year prove it deal from another team after this injury plagued year coupled with a likely suspension. Bye bye.
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