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  1. You were right. York had a tremendous impact on the game. Just not the way you expected.
  2. Hall is averaging a yard more per touch than Carter. I don't see how anyone can think Carter is the better back right now, and Carter is very good. Hall is a beast.
  3. I have no idea what you are watching. Carter is a good back, but Hall is bigger , faster and stronger and has better vision. Hall is special and deserves more than 7 carries.
  4. How do we know if "you are right" about Wilson if he doesn't play?????????? Players don't learn by watching. They learn by playing. It's not 1980 and Wilson is not a rookie anymore. He needs to play.
  5. Without the Cleveland brain fart on their last TD drive, the busted coverage on Davis after that , and the onside kick recovery, the lasting memory of Flacco in this game would have been missing a wide open Corey Davis on the biggest 3rd down play in the game with just under 3 minutes left.
  6. Really . How about you join your buddy TN Jet and enjoy a very entertaining and inspiring win
  7. You are showing your true colors. You don’t care about the win. You care about being right and winning the internet. You are trolling. Are you happy about the win? At all?
  8. That's the crux of the debate isn't it? It was obviously a close call either way because there is no agreement.
  9. Here is the rule from the NFL rule book ARTICLE 3. COMPLETED OR INTERCEPTED PASS A player who makes a catch may advance the ball. A forward pass is complete (by the offense) or intercepted (by the defense) in the field of play, at the sideline, or in the end zone if a player, who is inbounds: (a) secures control of the ball in his hands or arms prior to the ball touching the ground; and (b) touches the ground inbounds with both feet or with any part of his body other than his hands; and (c) after (a) and (b) have been fulfilled, performs any act common to the game (e.g., tuck the ball away, extend it forward, take an additional step, turn upfield, or avoid or ward off an opponent), or he maintains control of the ball long enough to do so. Notes: Movement of the ball does not automatically result in loss of control. If a player, who satisfied (a) and (b), but has not satisfied (c), contacts the ground and loses control of the ball, it is an incomplete pass if the ball hits the ground before he regains control, or if he regains control out of bounds. Samuel did not secure and maintain control of the ball prior to the ball touching the ground. He lost control of the ball and it hit the ground before he regained control.
  10. A player must secure the ball before it hits the ground. The issue was whether Samuel maintained possession (hands control the ball) or whether the ball hit the ground and the ground assisted him. When he hit the ground, the ball hits the ground as well and moves. That's a trap, not a catch. There's nothing resembling a "fumble" here at all. The "football move" applies only after the player catches the ball with both feet on the ground.
  11. He's calling out the defensive formation - identifying the Mike LB.
  12. ?? You mean the interception that clearly hit the ground while Samuel's hands were not under the ball?
  13. That's fine if it's logical and related to the thread. But here it's "Did you see how XX player on another team did YYY? " "Yes. Becton is lazy and Wilson stinks." "What's the weather for the game tomorrow? " " Looks good. Saleh is worse than Gase."
  14. When did Becton actually lack effort on the field? This play has nothing at all to do with Becton. Why does every single thread on this site turn into a critique of Wilson or Becton or Saleh no matter how unrelated it may be?
  15. What does tonight's game have to do with Wilson? Nothing. Your statement is purely and unnecessarily gratuitous.
  16. Never like Fitz until a few minutes ago when I read this article. New found respect. He is so right. In all the years I was a STH for the Jets (and watching on TV) it was clear that Brady never had the class to stay on the field after a game his team lost. He would sprint to the locker room like Usain Bolt. What a POS. https://nypost.com/2022/09/15/ryan-fitzpatrick-says-tom-brady-showed-him-zero-respect/
  17. I thought many here thought that consistency on short kicks is why Piniero should have been kept. All I can say is cue the woulda shoulda couldas if he kicks a couple of FGs tonight.
  18. I'm not defending the Jets. I'm criticizing the Fat Man. I stopped listening to him 13 years ago because it was horrible. 3 hours a day dissecting who should be the back up second baseman for the Yankees and who should be the Mets 3rd LH relief pitcher. And then a 10 minute rant on some team other than the Yanks or Giants just to get a rise. He became a joke and remains one. He's an arrogant blowhard. That is my point. He's a caricature of himself.
  19. Yup. He's an all-time great after hitting that one long big FG in his first game. What if he shanks an XP this week? I love how Jets fans look around the league, find the best absolute example of the issue on the table across 31 other teams, and say the Jets were stupid for not doing the same. If JD drafted a PK in the 4th round, the fan base would have gone nuts.
  20. He was knowledgeable and influential in the 90s. Since 2009 he has been an old cranky blowhard who has very little knowledge.
  21. He will tell you that too. He won a SB with the Giants, remember? He's a blowhard who lost relevance about 15 years ago. He spent 75% of his time talking about the Yankees, 15% about the Giants 5% on the Knicks and the other 5% bashing the Jets and Mets. He knew college hoops back in the 80s. Now he is an old man fighting to stay relevant.
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