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  1. Jackson can’t play from behind or throw from the pocket when the D knows he has to pass. He looks terrible tonight. And the way they are running him , he will never last.
  2. Tannehill has 15 completions for 146 yards in 7 quarters in the playoffs. That’s 2 completions for 20:yards a quarter. I’d say there are other reasons Tennesee is winning besides the QB..
  3. Q was a horrible pick. Period. There is no way to put it in a good light. Even if he develops, unless he is Aaron Donald, it was stupid to draft ANOTHER DT with a high pick. He’ll be gone in 4 years, just like the three draftedchigh before him.
  4. Gruden wants a QB who can run and throw long. No way Brady goes there. Arians is too smart and too old himself to give the keys to a fading 43 year old QB.
  5. I think he’s retiring. He fell off a cliff this season. He is too old. I’d be happy to see him n Miami.
  6. I’m not an Allen fan, but this post is ridiculously over the top stupid.
  7. I don't see how you can be a fan of the "team" and take this position. Paying some players more means less for others and a weaker roster and a less competitive team. Revis' constant antics may have helped his personal portfolio and wealth, but they were incredibly harmful to the team. He was not masterful, he was selfish. I don't admire him. I loathe him and how he handled his contracts. I'm in favor of paying players fairly. Not every players who makes the pro bowl needs to be the highest paid player at his position when the contract is up for renewal.
  8. Haven’t been so proud since 2013 when the Jets won 3 of their last 4 to finish 8-8 and save Ryan’s job. It’s about as meaningful as that. These 6 wins will mean nothing in September. Let’s hope Douglas has a good offseason and starts to build a truly competitive team, starting with an offensive line.
  9. Revis? He needed to play at a high level for another 5-6 years to even be considered. And being one of the most selfish players in NFL history knocks him down a few pegs as well. I wouldn’t put him in the HOF let alone this list.
  10. It’s not golf. Football is a team sport, more than QBs by wins and losses and titles is ridiculous. I guess Jim Plunkett and Eli Manning should be on the list? They won 2 SBs each. How about Bob Greise? He won 2 as well.
  11. What about Otto Graham? I’ll bet he’s on the list over Bradshaw, Staubach, or Favre
  12. Seriously? Douglas hasn’t even had one offseason as GM and you want to put a playoff mandate on him?
  13. No. Through PSL’s and high ticket prices, the new stadium priced rabid long time STHs out of the good seats and drove them to the upper deck or away. Then when these fans, who had good seats in Giants Stadium, took seats in the Upper Deck of Met Life, and realized they were too high to see the field, they gave up their seats. The new stadium didn’t reward deserving fans. It rewarded rich fans. I do ok, but Met Life seats comparable to my seats in Giants Stadium would have cost me $7500-10,000 a seat in PSLs and $250-500 a seat per game. That’s absurd. The stadium was not built for the true fan like me who goes to watch the game. Instead, it was built for Club Seat holders and luxury boxes. Now those “fans” spend the game in lounges eating and watching on TV. i was not going from $80 a ticket ( $3200 a season) with a great view of the field to $20-40,000 in PSLs and $10-20,000 a season). And after sitting in good sideline seats on the 30 yard line for 28 years, I was not paying more to move to the end zone. The stadium is not designed and the seats were not priced for deserving and loyal fans.
  14. You are so wrong. In 39 years, I’ve been to over 250 games in three stadiums. For 11 of those seasons (87-97) I traveled from Connecticut and it took 1-2 hours to go and 2-3 to get home. And those were lean years. I tailgated before every game. I went in all kinds of weather. I never ever missed a kickoff and never left a game early. I watched every play and loved being there. I went with with my father, my brother, and lastly with my son who went with me from the time he was 6 until now when he is 25. The family memories are great. I’ve been to other stadiums- Sullivan/Foxboro/Gillette, The Link, M&T Bank. I’ve lost my voice countless times and stood for entire 4tn quarters (Monday Night Miracle comes to mind). I loved going to games......until the new stadium. The experience changed so much and went downhill rapidly with that horrendously designed place. The experience now stinks, from entry into the parking lot with the stupid color parking ticket system that cause every car to check with an attendant 3-4 times before parking ( adding 20 minutes to the drive to a spot), to placing half the fans in nosebleed seats in an upper deck where the first row is higher than the last row in Gianrs Stadium. In Shea and Giants Stadium, the seats were full at kick off. Now the stadium is about 1/4 full at kickoff. Half thevfans leave early. 1/4 to 1/3 are fans of the visiting team . In Shea there were a few thousand at most. In Giants Stadium, the visiting fans had one section. In Giants Stadium, I sat with and around the same people every game and we all became friends. InMet Life, there are different people around me every game. Fans these days have no respect for fellow fans. They stand up in front of you every 2 minutes. In a Giants Stadium or Shea, a fan who did that would be told by dozens of people to sit down so they could see. Idiots today stand up and look backwards waving their arms for people to stand and missing the play on he field. Then these same fans spend half the game buys no food, beer, and peeing, then leave early. Then it takes 30-45 minutes to get out of the lot after the game. It took 5-10 minutes in the old stadium. The whole thing sucks. I’m done. I like love live football, but not in that place.
  15. I didn’t go today, but didn’t sell my tickets. Getting $50 each for $100 tickets will not change my life. After owning seats for 39 years, I will not be renewing next season. The experience went downhill with the new stadium. It stinks. Parking is a nightmare with the color system and the ridiculous traffic patterns. I would not pay the exorbitant prices for PSLs, but the upper deck is too high and far from the field. I was in row 5 of the uppers in Giants Stadium and the seats were great. I’m in row 3 of the uppers and they are too high. There are different people around me every game. The stadium is sterile and ugly with no character. It is not loud. Opposing fans make up at least 25% of the stadium and often more. Nobody has respect for the people around them. The fans in front of me are leaners ( sitting on the edge of their seats blocking my view) , standers ( standing up n the middle of a play blocking my view) or fake fan third down cheer leaders ( arrive late and then stand for every third down then leave early). At his point in my life, I’d rather watch at home. My brother, who has been going with me for 39 years, and my younger son don’t want the seats either. The Jets/Giants built a horrible stadium that caters to non fans who spend the game in clubs eating and watching on TV. Plus they overpriced the seats. The games just are not fun anymore. And I kept my seats through the late 80s- early 90s when the team was just as bad. If the Jets couldn’t keep me as a STH, there are not many others who they will keep. Stub Hub is the main STH now and that is a shame.
  16. Please. After Wilkerson, Richardson, and Williams, drafting another DT ar 3 was a horrible move. His invisible season cemented the error. When you pick that high, you have to draft an impact position- QB, LT, Edge Rusher.
  17. Yeah. The Steelers had that play saved for a 4th and forever with 24 seconds on the clock. Amazingly the play worked just as they drew it up. Ridiculous post.
  18. In his last 7 games , playing with no talent, he has been pretty good. 151 of 244 (63%); 1800 yards; 12 TDS (plus 2 more rushing) 4 int, 1 FL, 7.4 YPA Over 16 games that’s 4100 yards, 27 TDS (4 more rushing) 9 Int 2 FL Imagine if he had an OL, a running game, and talented WRs
  19. Seriously? After Adams was a one man wrecking crew fo r three wins, you think the FO is going to determine whether to trade him based on the performance of the defense that is missing half it’s starters over the last four meaningless games ? Nope. He’s staying unless the Jets are offered a boatload of picks and he should stay.
  20. Do you watch other teams? Myers has been awful, just like he’s been every year but last year. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/seahawks/hes-our-kicker-pete-carroll-shows-support-for-struggling-seahawks-kicker-jason-myers/
  21. That’s idiotic. Met Life is half owned by the Jets. They are not tenants like they were at Shea and Giants Stadium. The new stadium sucks, but it is theirs.
  22. So Gase should be like Trump. Don't watch film or prepare for the next game. Instead, sit in bed until noon eating McDonalds and read this thread, watch Good Morning NFL, and follow Twitter. Got it.

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