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  1. If it’s not obvious what JD is doing by now I don’t know what to say. It’s 2021 for JD
  2. You certainly know how to pick em. Thread after thread about how great Adams is and, going back to offseason 2019, how LeVeon Bell would be the Jets and Darnold's savior. Wrong and Wrong.
  3. Sorry, but the dead cap space is irrelevant when the Jets have $81 million in actual cap space. Take a look at the Pats 2020 draft. It is a complete wasteland. That is how franchises start to die. Ask a Jets fan.
  4. Yup. You want a concert - watch a concert. I don't want to watch a 15 minute fake concert as part of a football game. I'd rather watch a dog catching frisbees for 10 minutes. It's all designed to attract the female/non sports fan audience to the game. They know the football fans are already watching.
  5. This is a truly uninspiring list and demonstrates that hiring an assistant is a complete crap shoot. Give me the one proven winner that will be available - Harbaugh. It's a no-brainer. Open the vault and offer him a ton of money and a long term deal. He won 37 games in three years and played in 3 NFC title games in a row with 1 SB appearance with Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick. With Harbaugh and the draft picks and Douglas, I don't see how a college QB would not want to come here. I don't want to try to find the next McVay. The current McVay is not even the next McVay. The shine is off the apple there already.
  6. I truly wish this halftime act crap would just go away. What does this have to do with football? Go to the normal 13 minute halftime. When I go to live concerts, they don't have intermission and play a mini football game. I could care less about this inane part of SB Sunday. It's ridiculous.
  7. I predict the Jets will beat NE in week 17 and it will cost the Jets Lawrence. If I'm Douglass, I'm ordering Gase to sit a ton of starters with "injuries" and start the JV. I would start Morgan at QB under the guise of wanting to see what he has....
  8. The Pats are tanking. Belichick will have the last laugh again when Lawrence or Fields is drafted by the 2-14 Pats while the 2-14 Jets have the 3rd pick and are on the outside looking on by winning two meaningless games to the Pats. Belichick is laughing under that mask. He owns the Jets and will ruin the tank.
  9. A coach's record in college has nothing to do with his ability to coach in the NFL. His prior success with the 49ers - 1 SB appearance and 2 other NFC championship appearances in 4 seasons is 100x more important than what he did against OSU. College is all about recruiting. The NFL is about Xs and Os and systems. He will be the best option out there by a wide margin. People want Bienemy? A coach who is really an assistant OC and who doesn't call his own plays over a coach who averaged 10+ wins a year for a team that was garbage when he was named coach and reverted back to garbage when he left? College and the NFL are two different worlds.
  10. This is the choice if he's available. What makes any other franchise more attractive? He'll have $$$ and a new QB and draft choices. What happened 1 or 3 or 5 or 10 years ago doesn't mean anything when you rebuild. What makes Jacksonville better? Plus he'll get a long term deal with time to turn this around. Why should he have control? He didn't have it in SF and he didn't exactly light the world on fire at Michigan in terms of attracting talent. But he was an out and out winner in SF and he never had a top notch QB. He won with Alex Smith and Kaepernick. He's a proven NFL winner, which is more than you can say about any other likely available candidate. The Johnsons need to pull a 1997 Leon Hess and open the bank for Harbaugh. He would be far and away the #1 candidate.
  11. Except it's not Douglas' decision. He has no power to fire Gase. Gase does not report to Douglas. The Johnsons have to fire him. Hopefully Douglas convinces them Gase has to go and that the next coach should be hired by and report to Douglas.
  12. From your keyboard to God's ears. There is nothing good that can come from winning any games this year except to extend this misery. The only way out is to get the rebuild right with the right coach and roster. Darnold may have gotten screwed by the Jets, but the bottom line is that his rookie contract was wasted already.
  13. I want the Jets to lose every game. The goal is to 1) Get the #1 pick and 2) Get rid of Gase. That's it. I have no love for Le'Veon Bell. Sitting out a season was BS and he played the Jets to get big $ and the Jets were stupid enough to go along. I have no allegiance or loyalty to Bell the player or Bell the person. I have no desire or need to see him embarrass the Jets. Losing games alone will accomplish the goals. This franchise does not need another butt fumble moment. It's time to think about how to turn this around. Let's hope the Johnsons have a Leon Hess 1997 moment and hire a big name coach. For me, the answer is Jim Harbaugh. He is a proven winning NFL coach. He won with Alex Smith and he almost won a SB with Kaepernick. Bell can rot on the bench in KC and get his ring by wearing winning laundry for all I care about him.
  14. He'd have to play the Jets 3-4 times to compile that kind of yardage.
  15. Agreed. I listen to the Fantasy Channel and the NFL Channel. I gave up on WFAN when Francesca went off the rails in 2009 when the Jets made the playoffs. I forgot more football than Beningo and Roberts learned in their lifetimes combined.
  16. How can anybody listen to this crap? I gave up on WFAN 11 years ago in favor of Sirius and it has been great. Plus, who the hell is driving these days and listening to talk radio?
  17. The issue with Darnold is that the Jets have wasted his rookie contract years without being able to determine whether he is a viable starting NFL QB. My guess is that Darnold may be the next Tannehill and will succeed to some degree on another team that has talent but needs a QB (say Indy next year or TB or Chicago).
  18. This board needs to re-read this post every year 2-3 days into free agency instead of the annual "Why haven't we signed anyone?" panic. You don't build an NFL team in free agency. Teams are built in the draft. You can fill a hole in free agency, but can't upgrade a roster. There is a reason most players hit free agency. Except for the rare cap casualties, free agents are another team's trash.
  19. And the anointing he received from the entire NFL community most of which considered him the best QB in that draft class.
  20. I can see that. Or the Bears. They need a 3rd down back and are 4-1. No way the Steelers bring him back after what he did to them. They also don’t need him. The Pats have too many RBs now and Harris and White are better than Bell.
  21. CS is terrible, but the so was the signing. Teams don't want to pay RBs $10 + million. Why would a rebuilding team do that? Jets fans wanted this guy and I have no idea why.
  22. Please. This was a terrible signing. He was on the downside before he got here. It was clear to anybody who looked even a little that he was a product of the Steelers offensive system and the OL. Connor put up better numbers than Bell in 2018 than Bell did in 2017. Bell averaged 4 yards a carry in 2017. There was no way in the world he was going to be successful with the poor OL and the lack of skill players here. Yes the coaches are horrible, but Bell is no longer a talent and hasn't been one in almost 4 seasons.
  23. Next we'll be hearing about how it was a mistake to let Fitzpatrick go, given the game he is having today........

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