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  1. Most interceptions in first two games by a rookie QB in last 40 years: Peyton Manning -6 Trevor Lawrence - 5 Zach Wilson - 5 Matthew Stafford - 5 Randall Cunningham -5 The panic and ridiculous impatience on the this board is really absurd.
  2. Or maybe 3 seasons ? 5 games is nothing. Rookie top pick QBs get 3 seasons. Relax and buckle up. It's a long ride.
  3. Thanks for the link. Great read. The article is spot on on how the season should be viewed and judged.
  4. So if they start 1-5 and finish with 5-7 wins, the season was out of control? really?? I'd prefer a strong finish to a strong start and a weak finish.
  5. My God, it just never ends. Becton and AVT are both busts based on yesterday?? This board is unreadable today.
  6. The 2020 Browns got blown out week 1. What did that mean for the 2020 season? One game.............. If the Jets pulled that game out yesterday by recovering the insides kick and scoring a last second TD( it was only a 1 score game), would that have changed everyone's view??
  7. Yup. 16 teams are headed for the SB and the other 16 teams are toast.
  8. Except the Pats have better personnel just about everywhere else, so what does it really tell us? These pronouncements about the importance of this game or that are ridiculous. The NE game will tell us about as much as the Carolina game - that this team needs to grow and improve. It's not a litmus test game. Unreal.
  9. Stop. Sam Darnold beat the Bills in 2019 and look what they became in 2020. The Darnold Jets won some games in the prior 3 seasons against some good teams. Anecdotal comments based on one game are just ridiculous.
  10. This was always a 4-7 win team this season.What exactly does "out of control" mean? I know you want to hang Douglas in effigy and start with the billboards and plane messages, but this is year 1 (game 1) of a 2-3 year rebuild. Right now, the Jets are the 2019 Browns.
  11. Yes they are bad, but we knew that before yesterday. Anybody who had high expectations for this team was misguided.
  12. I JusT CaT't BeliEVe HoW soFt And inJurY PrONe hE iS.
  13. Here is how important week 1 is in the NFL. In 2020, Tampa Bay lost and Jacksonville won. In three of the last 4 seasons that the Jets advanced to the AFC Championship Game, the Jets lost in week 1. I'm not saying the Jets are a playoff team (or are even close), but the season is a marathon and not a sprint and this team can look very different in December. Let's step away from the ledge and reserve judgement on, well just about everything, until the team plays a significant amount of games this season.
  14. Did you even watch the play where he was injured? How is that possibly 1)Becton's fault or 2) Any indication that he is injury prone? A Carolina Panther defender beat an interior Jets lineman and fell/was pushed onto the back of Becton's legs. There is not an OL in the NFL that does not get injured on that play. As for last year's injuries, that falls squarely on Gase. Becton entered the Raiders game with a sore shoulder. For some reason that I still do not understand, he dressed but did not start. Either he was healthy enough to play and start, or he should have been inactive. When th
  15. I watched every pass as well and I came to a different conclusion. The pressure came from the right side of the line on most pass attempts (from 53 and 43 - Reddick and Burns) . In addition, there was some inside pressure as well, which did not enable Wilson to step up. Becton was not that bad. AVT got pushed around quite a bit. He looked like a player who had missed camp. But Becton playing ok does not fit the agenda of the SOJ "chicken little" chronic complainers - that JD is a bad GM and/or Wilson is inferior to Darnold and/or Saleh/Lafleur can't coach. These people would have us chang
  16. I do not want the Jets to use another first round draft pick on a tight end again, ever. Pass on tight ends in the first round. Just about every current top TE was drafted in the 3rd round or later.
  17. Bell has not looked good in over 4 seasons now, not just lost year. He's cooked.
  18. I would be surprised if Adams gets a single carry. He is behind Coleman, Johnson, Carter, and Perine. He may not even dress.
  19. Can we just not overreact if the Jets lose on Sunday to the Panthers? That is all I want . I think this franchise is pointed in the right direction and am optimistic that the right HC is in place, the CS is solid, the front office is competent and knowledgeable, they have a potential franchise QB, and the roster is much improved. The outcome of game 1 on Sunday has no impact on any of the above. This is a 2-3 year project and not a one week job. The game on Sunday is virtually irrelevant to the a rebuild that will involve 30-50 games. And the opponent is just as irrelevant. A loss do
  20. Hot take - Bell can't run for anyone. I expect that Latavius Murray will be the lead back in Baltimore in a few days. Bell is done. Murray/Tyson Williams back field. With Bell/Freeman as insurance.
  21. How is the impact of this injury any different for the Ravens? Injuries impact the NFL teams as well as fantasy football and fantasy football players don't have the same monetary investment. Injuries are a big part of football, both real and fake football.
  22. A coach can’t challenge PI calls any more. They changed the rule
  23. It helps when the refs give you every call in the last two minutes. Holding penalties vs Dallas and no call on the obvious OPI by Godwin
  24. He just picked the same teams to make the playoffs as did in 2020. There is about 40-50% turnover of playoff teams each year in the NFL. His picks are ridiculously chalky and then for good measure, one of the three teams he picks to make the playoffs this year that did not last year is his beloved Pats.
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